After My Walk!

Hello again!

Since it is SO beautiful out today, I took another walk over to the cemetery. I tried to take better photos this time.

These are a couple of the founders of this town, along with Eliza, one of the wives that I mentioned the other day,  who all feature largely  in my novel-in-progress Down to the Meadows of Sleep: The Hurley Falls Mystery.

If you’re not familiar with this particular title, all of the dead residents of the cemetery (the founders) are alive & well in the town’s afterlife and they try to help the people who are currently alive & living in the town solve a murder.

I’m on my kitchen porch, blogging on my phone, so here’s hoping the photos post correctly!!

(PS: Cold weather is coming back tomorrow, so I’m going to really try to enjoy this beautiful evening. See ya! I love you guys!)

John Wimmer, one of the founders of the town, with a whole lot of the beautiful town behind him there! Those will all be green cornfields soon enough!
Eliza, Sam’s much younger wife. She died at age 36 — in my novel, they were eternally in love with each other, which is why she only outlived hm by 13 years.
A better shot of Sam’s crypt than the one I took the other day. He was the main founder and the man my town is named after.
Another shot of Sam’s crypt, along with my lovely shadow!!

9 thoughts on “After My Walk!”

      1. i am stoked to meet someone who shared the same thoughts and curiosity in reading epitaphs and imagine the past.. I thought I am being weird and haven’t really talked about it to my friends as they might think I am being weird but hey, thanks! I found you. But I no longer do that anymore since I realised it can be dangerous especially when you walk alone and who knows there are some psycho lurking around the area.. gosh!

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