Just Another Day In Infamy, Folks?

Three earthquakes in the world today over 7+ on the richter scale, with one in New Zealand at 8.1, with a tsunami heading for them. People are being evacuated.

P  u t  in declares that R us  s  ia is free from R  o tsch i ld -controlled U  S  Dollar.

Tr**p was in Switzerland yesterday, signing the NESARA/GESARA into motion.

Breathe.  Sit back. Watch. We shall see, gang.

2 thoughts on “Just Another Day In Infamy, Folks?”

  1. We are in a Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) plus a rapid magnetic pole excursion the media is not telling you about.

    The GSM’ s are accompanied by earthquakes probably due to increased cosmic ray penetration into the MAGMA

    Buy more popcorn.

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