Have They Done It At Last?

Have they made the news so dire  that now I don’t even want to get out of bed?

[UPDATE: I am hearing that Gene de  c  o d e ‘s bathing protocol will work for second hand exposure, too. Also -you CAN use alfalfa pellets in the bath. 1 cup. It does not need to be in hay form!!! Listen to Dr. Nor th rop’s video down below for all details.]

If you caught any of Dr. Sherry Tenpenny’s talks yesterday (one is below), the new opinion on the m R N As is not just that it’s sexually transmitted from one vaxed person to a non- vaxed person,  but the nano fibers, or nano particles, can transport from a vaxed person to a non-vaxed person without any physical contact at all.

If you have seen any of those videos that show the P C R c*vid tests up close — how those fibers on the Q-tips actually reach out to living things like twigs and (sadly) a pig’ s brain from the butcher shop — these are the same nano fibers in the m R N As. Just really frightening.

Apparently, vaxed teachers are transferring nano particles to their young un-vaxed students and causing uncontrollable  nosebleeds in the children . And un-vaxed women among vaxed office workers are getting severe menstrual bleeding problems, or just getting very sick, in general. Just horrible stuff is happening to non- vaxed people now, too..

So this is not some stronger variant of C* vid coming from vaxed people, it is the m R N A itself escaping from vaxed bodies and invading new healthy hosts.

Seriously. This is the time for our highest frequency prayers, gang. We must visualize a positive outcome to all of these nightmares. It is truly dire.

We can not let this become about the non-vaxed shunning the vaxed. Or worse, become like in some horrible movie – killing them outright to save ourselves.

The alternative doctors are recommending we maintain our high immunity-boosting regiments, even though flu season is basically over.

So stick to your vitamins and supplements regime. And don’t forget to keep detoxing from heavy metals, gang.

Not only does the D S  intend to wipe out the elderly with the m R N As, and ensure that the younger vaxed generation is sterile and cannot conceive new life to replace those who will apparently die in droves from these fake vaxes, they have also figured out how to kill those of us who resist taking vaxes  at all.

On a brighter note — do not forget that you can watch Ty and Charlene Bollingers’ incredible new doc on the natural cures for cancer. It is streaming now.  Visit:


All right. I’ll close this. And think about getting out of bed. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.

Below is P * trio t str ee t fi ghter and Dr Sherry Ten p e n y (1 hr 34 mins):

Also: Nich olas Ven i a min talks to Dr. Northrop talk about the same thing and she has ALL details about using Gene’s protocol for bathing (1 hr):

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