A Quick Saturday Upload!

Hi, gang. I will try to do a regular post later today.

Meanwhile, I wanted to re-post two important  P * trio t str ee t fighter videos that were re-located to rum ble dot com last night, so that you can still access them here.

Below: With Dr  sh er r y t en pen ny (1 hr 34 mins):

Below: with bi sh op l arry g ait ers (2 hrs 23 mins):

The video directly below echoes what dr sh err y t en penny and dr c hri s t ia ne north rup and other doctors are saying about the dangerous transmission of n a n o fibers from the vaxed to the un vaxed and the damage it is doing to child-bearing-age women and men, and particularly to pregnant women.

Doctors are now starting policies of refusing to allow vaxed patients into their offices if the doctors also treat pregnant women in that office.

We even have doctors here out in the Hinterlands who are starting to have this policy: If you’ve been vaxed, you can’t come in.

I understand that this is truly serious and that this is necessary in order to try to stop all the horrible miscarriages.

Still, I want to make it totally clear here that even while others are saying that it is too late to save those who have been vaxed; that they had access to all the research we had access to and they chose to remain ignorant, etc.; I refuse to subscribe to that kind of thinking.

There are g en e de c ode’s bathing protocols to try. (See my post from yesterday. And since I live in the country and have easy access to alfalfa pellets, which is used for feeding horses; yesterday I purchased a large supply of all things needed for that bath in the event anyone I know in the cities who have already been vaxed needs supplies. It cost me less than $60 for a very large amount of everything.)

At the very least, people can drink food-grade diatomaceous earth and activated charcoal — 1 teaspoon in 16 ounces of purified water.

And there has also been intel from Ch * r lie W * rd that the U S military is involved in developing a process to reverse all the vax damage that has been done.

Most importantly, there is the power of our own minds and our ability to reach very high thought-wave frequencies — through victorious prayer, visualization, meditation; however you define it for yourself.

This collective mind power is what will ensure that we save as many people as we can, worldwide.

In my opinion, wh ere w e g o one w e go all does not mean we, in turn, choose to ignore the people who chose ignorance of the vaxes and that we just move on without them.

I know that not everyone will be saved. Fallout of war. Etc. Still. I’m not in a rush to give up on ANYONE. Even those really fucking annoying people who are so proud of their vaxes… (The vax ‘s ability to block Chromosome 8 is the scariest concept I have ever encountered in my life. Chromosome 8 enables us to connect to our divinity, to our concept of God. Vaxed people are literally losing their connection to their own souls through the blocking of Chromosome 8.)

We cannot simply walk away from these people and say that they are on their own, until we have tried every avenue.

Very good news remains afoot this week regarding Q F S. Stay mindful of markets crashing, though.

Also — LOTS of great research has been recently done on the amino acid L-Lysine, gang. 500 mg. a day is extremely beneficial in fighting all viruses (and even cancer). So try to get that into your current immunity-boosting regime ASAP.

Which reminds me: “the truth about cancer” documentary is continuing with daily installments until April 29th and it is INCREDIBLE!! You must watch it:

The truth about cancer. us

All right. Gotta scoot. I love you guys. See ya.

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