OKay, Almost Too intense

I don’t know if you guys can feel it where you are, but here, the energy, the intensity, is off the charts. I can barely function this morning.

I’m hearing that Q F S , and all spiritual aspects connected to that, are officially in play. And this appears to be an intergalactic thing, gang. It really does.

Although I can’t expain it.

I can’t really post today because my energy is just completely disoriented. But I did want to at least post here and remind everyone to stay alert, to stay positive, to find those higher frequencies and stay dialed into them, even though I get the impression it might get hard to do that.

But on we go, right? w w g o w g a

Thanks for visiting. I leave you with something very inspiring. It only takes 2 minutes SO LISTEN TO IT!!

I love you guys. Hang in there! See ya!

4 thoughts on “OKay, Almost Too intense”

  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you for Prepare Ye! As I head off to work with the little ones it is the precise salve my soul was thirsting. I am happy you are honoring self care. The notes you play on this blog are poignant, but so much mores with the pauses in between.Thank you again! Embrace your pauses! ❤️

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