Try To make It A Good Day

I don’t know about you, gang, but around here, I’m seeing more people flying the dyed black U S flag (shown above — “we will fight you to the death and take no prisoners”);

And tattered flags of the US Confederacy are flying again around here:

And the “FUCK B*DEN” flag — you might want to read the fine print on that one:

And it is just really starting to feel like regular, small town Americans — also known for owning plenty of guns and voting for Tr **p — are getting ready to kill someone/anyone.

The “civil war” that the fake b * den in the fake W H was supposed to help us avoid? It’s starting to feel like its no longer working; that the charade is overstaying its welcome.

Even though everything that’s coming out of the various State v* te audits shows Tr ***p won, and that should be good news, the news seems pretty dire out there this morning.

Mostly, troops massing, all over the world, as the war gets more complicated; and now the M S M, at least, wants to arrest Tr **p (it’s hard to tell who actually thinks he can get arrested and for what, but it’s all over the fake news.)

(I am sick of fake fucking news on all sides, gang. I really am. If everyone is going to kill each other anyway, just tell us what the fuck is really happening.) (And along those lines: Prepare for the fake Pope to die from complications with Alzheimer’s really soon. And NO!!— this is not the actual Pope, who was executed for atrocious crimes against humanity, like, a year ago, or something like that….)

Please remember that I can no longer embed any videos shown on r u m b le. We the People News (aka “Mary”) always has great updates throughout the day, but I can no longer embed them here. You can always visit her rum ble page here, though. (I think I’ve found everyone else’s videos now on Bitchute now.)

I’m going to stop listening to j u an s a vin interviews, gang. I used to really, really enjoy his intel and his take on what was happening behind the scenes. But now, he always seems to be focused on scare tactics — how dire everything is, how many more months still lay ahead of us, which will be the worst yet, and how we can’t see the big picture of what’s really happening with all the dark players who are still out there at large in the world, wreaking havoc; or how B * den is fake but he’s still the president — what the fuck is that supposed to mean, right?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t need to hear that — from someone who is also out there promoting a new film and the second edition of his best-selling book, while I’m trying to figure out how the fuck I’m going to buy a week’s worth of groceries today with $23 (in food stamps, no less).

You know? (And that doesn’t count the constant phone calls from companies wondering if I forgot to pay my bill this month, or that I’m 2 months behind… No, I didn’t forget. In fact, I so much “didn’t forget” that it’s all I can do to get a decent night’s sleep anymore.)

I need to listen to people who tell the truth about the current situation but who also always give me a reason to hope. Because hope is the one thing that helps us soar above the depression, the fear, the confusion — the awfulness. Hope can even be more uplifting than faith because faith is sort of an arduous full-time job, you know?

That said, I’m posting the interview from yesterday between j u an o sa vin and dav id n * no rod ri guez for you to listen to if you so desire, but I, personally, didn’t enjoy it; it fucked up my evening. And from now on, I’ll rely on other podcasters’ recaps of what juan o s a vin said, and not listen to the interview itself.

It is hard enough to find my way through each day. (My co-workers presented me with a fake vax ID card yesterday. They each had one. And they thought I would want one, too. And I was like, “No. I’m not getting the va c c ine, and I’m not gonna pretend I got it, either. I don’t care if this means I have to give up traveling for the rest of my life, I’m not getting that va c c ine.” I don’t care if they want to do it — are doing it; I’m against that v ax and everything it stands for. All those people it has already killed or permanently damaged; all those unborn babies it miscarried and then all those devastated mothers who didn’t know what the fuck they were doing by getting that v ax, or the newborns that then died because the mothers got vaxed after they gave birth but passed the vax on through their breast milk and killed their own babies.

And I asked my [17]-following friend at work: “Are you guys gonna use your fake v a x ID cards to come visit me at the FEMA camp when I’m the only one left who didn’t get the v a c c ine???”

She thought that was funny.

It is funny, but it’s also not. That fake vax card means —what? You can get on a plane and go hang out someplace fun??? I can’t help it; I have to stand in some sort of weird solidarity with these people, especially these young mothers, who were too stupid to not get that m R N A. (They were “stupid” because the c i a , M i 6 , m o s s ad, and all the rest of the d**p st* te players made certain they were “too stupid”.)


So prepare for the Super Full Moon and the eclipse today. This specific eclipse/super moon apparently has not been seen since the times when Rome itself fell. So that is adding to the dire energy around the globe today I’m sure.

Find something that gives you comfort, gang, and focus on that today, okay? If you can make it through this day feeling encouraged, dodging the deadly bullet of the vax, the laced p c r test, the spike proteins shedding off of others who are “too stupid” — then we’re gonna call this a really good day!

I leave you with the videos I found most interesting yesterday, along with the aforementioned interview.

Okay. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: D a v id N * no Ro d ri guez and J u an O S a vin (52 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine: A really great one! (20 mins):

Below: I really liked this, but it was too short! What lies beneath the Vatican? Fascinating and sadly evil. Jesus would definitely not dig this.(16 mins):

Below: More Red Pills for America from Tucker (2 mins):

Below: More red pills from M SM: the vax is child-homicide (39 seconds) :

Below: I really enjoyed this decode of the old Wizard of Oz movie! Wow. Nicholas Ven i a min and Matthew Brient (1 hr 12 mins):

Below: X *2 R* port (49 mins):

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