A lovely Sunday evening Update

Okay, so the rainy and cold day did finally turn into a lovely evening, and it looks like tomorrow will feel like the actual holiday it’s meant to feel like. We shall see!

Mostly, I’m stopping in to let readers of my erotica know that, as promised, since I won’t be publishing a 4th installment of The Muse Revisited, three of the stories that were to be included in it have been returned to the vault (links above, if you’re on your computer):

  • Ribbon of Darkness (novella, 2005)
  • “Necessary to her Good” (2006)
  • “Asleep in the Dream of Life” (2005)

If you are new to this blog, however, readers are strongly cautioned. (In sort of like a huge way.) (Because they are graphic.)


I had a great day. Chatted on the phone with Val in Brooklyn for over 2 hours!! How did that happen?! I was just lying around on the bed, talking on the phone. A rainy day outside my window. It was actually really nice and an unexpected way to spend the day.

There was not too much to catch up on today, podcast/broadcast-wise. Although I did listen to a recent-ish interview with Jessie Czebotar and she is claiming that Johnny Depp (and Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry, of the Hollywood Vampires, among other rockers) are actually literally vampires.

And it was incredibly disgusting– what she claims they do to young women.

So if you are keeping score:

1.) Johnny Depp is a victim of MK Ultra mind control, which is why he got so many tattoos and behaved disgracefully on live television (drunk — this was many years ago).

2.) And why g e n e de c ode claims that Johnny Depp “ate his own dogs” because a movie studio told him to (in Australia).

3.) He was also arrested for high treason in the U K (a few years ago, for publicly claiming he wanted to assassinate Tr **p and explaining, from the stage at that music festival that I can’t remember the name of right now, how he would do it). (He was then “let go” on the grounds that “everyone talks about wanting to assassinate the pre s i d e nt”.)

4.) He was an a d re n o chr ome dri nker, who was recently exe c ut ed on Git mo.

5.) He is also alive & well and “in hiding” from the d ** p st * te and giving evidence ….

(BTW, Czebotar claims that those v am pire s are not really drinking “blood,” but, alas, a d r e n o ch ro me.) (And also BTW, if you are still using g ** gle for some inexplicable reason, get rid of that Chrome browser. Its the namesake of something really, really sick.)

So, alas, the puzzle continues. Johnny Depp’s very recent lawsuit, which he has brought against the American Civil Liberties Union, is either just a false-flag psy-op type thing, where they want the public to believe he is still alive but is not, or it is perfectly legal in the United States to be convicted of one or more of the above crimes and atrocities, be ex e cut e d or awaiting same on git mo, and still bring lawsuits against the ACLU…

As with everything else imaginable, gang, only time will tell!

Okay! Have a lovely evening, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I leave you with a song that a very dear friend/soulmate of mine, from a long, long time ago, used to love. A guy who loved music, and books, and cats, and smoking weed now and then and looking up at the stars, and going fucking nuts every once in a while, too… (See you in the afterlife, sweet baby; this one’s for you.)

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