Saw This and had to Post It

I’m still sick, gang, but feeling a lot better. I’ve been in bed all day.

Tomorrow, I will write a regular post.

Meanwhile, I saw this just now in Bluewater’s Bitchute comments section and had to share!!


I do not think we will have an EBS as the CABAL has surrendered. On October 2 at 10:10AM ..B*den will be removed September 17th a Peace Treaty was signed Globally Tr***p was chosen as the person to head all the countries but he does answer to someone else….A Benevolent Being October is the great Reveal…..The Implementation. The Military will step in for the days of darkness to go from the Bankrupt US CORP to a REPUBLIC. Bitcoin which crashed 90% on Monday despite all the lies by the bankers will go up and then will crash for good. XRP is the future and get into a blockchain. Get your money out of the banks. The Black Swan Event will be worldwide to get the sheeple to wake up. The Freemasons and all the secret societies will be going down. There have been many ar re sts since September 11 and are being brought to GITMO……they even changed the Plane handles to Qanon and the Cabal are pissed.”

You can find it posted underneath this short video:

Also, this was great! Mel K and Jason [17] (1 hr):

Okay. Thanks, gang. I’ll be back tomorrow!!

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