Interesting… no?

This just in from S*mon P *rkes:

“All commercial flights cancelled in / out of Washington DC Monday 11th”

I wonder why that is??

And just before this, he re-posted from “shellshQck“:

“…for all those who bash us for telling you to stock up, and say “we’re tired of hearing to stock up, w’eve been hearing that for months now.”

“Here’s your proof. If you need it in plain sight, Here you go.

“Green arrows are cargo ships, red are oil/fuel tankers. There is no shortage of anything. The only “shortage” is the amount of ships being allowed to offload their goods onshore.

“I’m sure anyone who lives near the coast can verify the number of cargo ships sitting on the shoreline.

“Stocking up means buy it, and don’t touch it until you NEED IT. Whether that means freezing it, and/or buying non perishables.

“The supply [fake] crisis will hit hard this winter. Globally. Have enough food, toiletries, hygiene products, and water to take care of your family for a few weeks at minimum.

“Better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it. 💡

2 thoughts on “Interesting… no?”

  1. My husband has always had a habit of buying paper products when they are on a good sale. We could probably outlast a couple of more pandemics, toilet paper wise. Most shortages are government or corporate driven in my mind – except for the obvious hoarding episodes that have happening in the past couple of years.

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