A quick post

I need a little more sleep before heading out to work today.

Only a few key things to mention.

Late last night, S*mon P* rkes sent out an alert to all country and regional CC coordinators. It had something to do with potential military activities, communication disruptions and any curfews that may arise. Clearly something is brewing worldwide.

Lanzhou, in China, issues a total lockdown based on 4 “new” C*vid cases…. so that’s interesting.

“Nancy Drew” had footage yesterday of really tall (20 feet high?) new fencing going up around US Capitol that appears to be bullet proof(!!).

Europol made some very high-value arrests on the Dark Web. Drugs, guns, etc.

And in FL, DeSantis is offering $5000 to any un- va x ed police offers who lost their jobs in other States, if they want to move to FL and work there.

Shari Raye intel and news:

Nancy Drew:

Okay, that’s it for now!

I love you guys. See ya!

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