For some reason, the first page locked up on me, so rather than lose the whole thing, here is Part 2:

From Dr. Re i ner Fuell mich:

“2nd session of the Grand Jury Proceedings
Court of Public Opinion

Expert and impacted parties interviews start today!

🕕 Start: FEB 12 – 6:00 p.m. CET

A group of intern. attorneys and a judge are conducting a criminal investigation modeled on the grand jury proceedings to present to the public all available evidence of past crimes against humanity related to Covid-19 of the “leaders, organizers, instigators, and accomplices” who assisted in the formulation and execution of a common plan for a pandemic. This investigation is of the people, by the people, and for the people, so YOU can be part of the jury.

By presenting a complete picture of the factual situation, including the geopolitical and historical background, the trial aims to raise awareness of the collapse of the current hijacked system and its institutions.”

And also:

Luc Montagnier has died at the age of 89

The French virologist and Nobel laureate distinguished himself in the last years of his life by providing a reasoned and unsparing critique of the “vaccines” used against SARS-CoV-2, which he described as a danger to humanity.
We ➥ spoke with Luc Montagnier in our 12th Ad-Hoc in June 2021 .

We extend our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families.🕯Who worked so hard in life, who so fulfilled his duty and always gave his best, to us remains a light forever.”


More progress in Canada.

From RT News:

“❗️Manitoba drops vaccine passports & mask mandates as Freedom Convoy protests intensify

The province joins three others in dropping Covid protocols amid increasing pressure from anti-restriction protesters. (TNC)

Beginning March 1 the province intends to remove vaccine mandates and on March 15 masking requirements will be dropped too.

“I want to thank Manitobans who have made personal, professional and financial sacrifices over the past two years,” Premier Heather Stefanson said.

Anyone else to thank… or maybe just a honk, honk?”


From Cod e mon key z:

“Went down to the southern border wall today.

There were controlled fires next to the wall.

Met up with Butterfly from BORDERWARSAZ and helped resupply her camp with humanitarian aid for the kids who are trafficked across the border.[…]

[…]Today I saw the giant sections cut out of our border that are being used by drug smugglers and human traffickers to bring illicit goods and children through our border.

Apparently the Army Corps of Engineers create the holes to deal with flood waters.

There should be border patrol or citizens down here lighting up the hole (with lights) to prevent the trafficking through the area.

If you want a congressman who is devoted to FINISHING THE WALL, please donate to my campaign so I can get into office and push legislation to finish the wall.”[…]


Are you available to guard one of the multiple holes on our border wall for Valentines Day?

You can be a citizen guard and help save children from being trafficked.

Please contact Butterfly at @BORDERWARSAZ if you are available:


From Don al d J Tr **p:

“Even more Voter Fraud was just discovered in Wisconsin. It shows the Election was Rigged and Stolen. A hearing this week revealed at least 50,000 illegal phantom votes were cast in the 2020 Presidential Election, which is more than twice the “victory” margin. Incredible problems were also uncovered within Wisconsin’s voter rolls, including an apartment building with 102 percent turnout rate (not possible), 113 ballots cast from an address where no one lives, 3,713 “voters” registered to U.S. Post Offices, and 625,000 dead people on Wisconsin’s voter rolls. In addition, 46,000 votes were cast on Nov. 3rd based on voter information that was never verified by the state. This is on top of massive ballot harvesting, rigged “indefinitely confined” votes, the Wisconsin Election Commission instructing election officials to break the law, Zuckerberg drop boxes, etc. So who in Wisconsin is leading the charge to decertify this fraudulent Election? It’s time for RINOs to step forward and save our Country!”


Some seriously bad news. (Watch the brief announcement):

From Whiplash347:

Australian Prime Minister SCOTT MORRISON accused of child trafficking.” [video footage here]


A great comm from D an S c av ino on Instagram early this morning (eyes on Tr **p):


More tragic news.

From the Epoch Times:

Bodycam Footage Shows Capitol Police Striking Unconscious Trump Supporter Who Died on Jan. 6

Heavily redacted bodycam videos from the West Terrace tunnel on Jan. 6, 2021, provide a glimpse into conditions at the time Rosanne Boyland lay unconscious—including the sound of her being beaten with a large wooden stick by police.

Several bodycam videos obtained by The Epoch Times have much of the screen blurred out by authorities, but key audio and video clues back up witness statements and other videos previously released by the U.S. Department of Justice.

A 39-second video clip from the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department shows the gloved hand of Officer Lila Morris picking up a long stick that was lying alongside an unconscious Rosanne Boyland, and then striking the prone woman multiple times. The sound of the stick making contact with Boyland’s body is clearly audible.”

[full article and video footage here]


Okay, this next part is really creepy since, during this incredible freezing ice spell we’ve had here in Ohio, while Lake Erie was frozen, at least one earthquake happened under that enormous lake, which borders Cleveland, Ohio (my hometown). Lake Erie is one of the Great Lakes.

From Whiplash347:


I’ve been researching Racine, WI for over a year now, and it is a massive Rabbit Hole.

Racine means “root”
Lines up with the Orion Belt
Underwater pyramids in Lake Michigan

Racine, WI is the HUB for all their deeds.
Paul Ryan’s District
The Great Lakes have an underwater tunnel system that travel to and from Finger Lakes to Racine.
Children are trafficked and brought in from the Finger Lakes area and are moved silently.
Note: H*nter B* den’s Finger Lakes Tattoo.

All roads lead to Racine.
Including Coronavirus, Vaccines, Election, Pyramids, Orion Belt, Quantum Computing, Pedophilia, Trafficking, Foxconn.”



Last but not least! Johnny Depp announced on Instagram yesterday:

Trailer for Minamata:


And that is it for now, gang!!

I hope you have a great Saturday, wherever you are in the world.

I have today off, but as luck would have it, my food stamps get loaded onto my card today, so I must drive all the way back into the town where I work to go to the market.

Also, as luck would have it, my paycheck came through today, too, and so I must go all the way back to the store where I work to buy the stuff (organic superfoods) I couldn’t afford to buy at work yesterday…. oh well.

It could be so much worse…..

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!

My breakfast-listening music from this morning! Back to Buddy Holly! “Rave On” from 1958. Play it super LOUD and enjoy!!


Restored Republic news update (17 mins):

Footage from Canberra (2 mins):

Ni ch o las V en iamin: K e vin Spacey’s brother outs Spacey as a p e do (1 hr 13 mins):


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