Just A Happy Little Update Before Dinner

Hi gang, I just wanted to share a few items.

From Phil :

“The entire Covid parade is burning down to the ground.”

Who would have thought? I guess HIM (notice the date?? How uncanny!):

Also, Phil is hinting that California will be next to decertify, which means the entire rigged election game will be up. California has 55 electoral votes:


Apparently Canada is still not awake yet – from Breaking 911:

NEW: Proposed bill (C-36) would punish Canadians who are suspected of having the INTENT to post “hate speech” online”


More from Phil:

“The lies continue.”

From RT News around noon today:

“⚡️Russia-Ukraine Negotiations Round 2: Parties agree on humanitarian corridors

The organization and creation of humanitarian corridors will be established, with a third round of talks planned for as soon as possible. (Ukrainian Presidential Office)

The Kiev side added it didn’t get the expected results from Thursday’s negotiations, but a temporary ceasefire will allow civilians to leave.”


From Pepe Lives Matter — more on Pompeo and Taiwan, continuing the pineapple theme:

Pompeo received a medal from the president of Taiwan and was honored during his visit.
Interesting note: Pompeo said he looks forward to interacting with “locals” in the next few days.
Gotta wonder what else he might be doing.
Guess what they gave him as a present?
Another box of dried pineapples.
The same gift that Pompeo displayed in his “checkmate” picture in 2021.


In case you have never heard this before — the whole Challenger explosion from the 1980s was a hoax and none of the astronauts died.

From General Patton17:

“Question Everything!”

Forgot to post this from Whiplash347 the other day — a different hoax about someone who didn’t die? Decode:

“Princess Diana back in Kensington Palace? “…. yet to be seen in public – until now.” 😏”

And on that happy note, have a good evening everybody!! I’m off to make some dinner.

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