A Quick Monday Post

Okay, well, the Internet on my laptop is out so I’m posting from my phone, which is a colossal pain — but there wasn’t much I was going to post today, anyway.

The main news was that Phil went live last night. It wasn’t working on rumble, so you can only watch the replay on D-Live for the next 72 hours.

He deconstructed the fake State of the Union address and if you have no stomach for that, fast forward to the 1 hour 24 minute mark and get his intel on the current timeline.

He basically says that Putin has accomplished what he needed to do in Ukraine, so that should be over either this week or next, then Xi goes in to liberate Taiwan. Meanwhile, the States here should start decertifying the election. And depending on what the Supreme Court does, we either proceed smoothly or go into Martial Law. Either way, the fake Biden will be gone and Trump presents his PEAD as a President in Exile and should be “back” by summertime, NESARA begins, and then Trump’s re- inauguration happening in January at the usual date.

There is a chance that the US will ”invade” Israel to liberate the people there after Xi is done in Taiwan, but it depends on if there is any Deep State left in Israel or not.

I had heard something similar would happen in Australia, too, but I’m not hearing that anymore, so we’ll see.

But it is all looking really, really good gang so hang in there!!!

Here, it is now relentlessly raining, which means 3 buckets to catch all the water from the leaking roof. But the good news is that in 4 weeks, I submit my application for early retirement, which means that between retiring and still working at my job, I will finally be able to afford to live again!!!!! Yay!!!! And get a new roof!!!!!!

So. Let’s all just hang in there, gang. Better days are on their way.

Yesterday, I made a mistake re: Nick Cave & Warren Ellis— they had already played Austin on Saturday. But they will be in LA beginning March 9th. You can buy tickets at nickcave.com

Okay. That’s it.

Have a great Monday, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys, see ya!!

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