Have A Blessed Good Friday, Wherever You Are!!

Well, as luck would have it, my laptop decided it needed to restart and update, and it is taking 12 billion hours!!! So I’m posting this from my phone, which is a colossal pain.

However, there really wasn’t any news, aside from the Elon Musk-Twitter thing.

Al Waleed, the Saudi Sheik who was the one who rejected Elon’s bid, is allegedly Obama’s cousin(?). Also, he allegedly might still be under house arrest due to having been arrested in 2017 on corruption charges(?).

Everyone is now expecting Elon to pull some sort of staggering rabbit out if his hat — we shall see!

Other news — we can forget about DuckDuckGo now. They are completely compromised.

And that was basically it, gang. Oh — also, we’re supposed to expect some sort of stomach-turning, horrible reveal from the Laptop from Hell.

Other than that—

My job interview went very well. Don’t know yet if I’ll be hired, but the good news is that new hires don’t start until next weekend!! So I still have the entire Easter weekend off. I got a ton of housecleaning done yesterday. I have a little more to do today, and then I am planning on having a very peaceful Good Friday. I hope you do, too— if you celebrate it.

Okay. That’s it for now. This phone is making me crazy!!!

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys!! See ya!!

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