The Winds of Change Have Shifted!

Wow, gang. I don’t know about you, but all I’m really able to focus on right now is the rigged election and hoping that it’s true that, sometime this month, the US Supreme Court is going to rule that the election was a fraud. And then order special elections in the key battleground states.

To me, that is the only issue right now.

I realize that there are still thousands of people the world over, still contending with the poisonous fake vaccines and what it has done to their bodies. Or grieving for their family members, who died from the vax. Including very young children and even babies.

I realize that all this is terrible, but I’ve been posting here about the vaccines being bioweapons since the Autumn of 2020, when Dr. Northrop first sent out her alarming video. There is only so much of that I can keep posting, almost 2 years later.

And all the nefarious ways that Ukraine is continuing to lie about what is actually going on over there, etc. Or that the Biden Admin is fake, along with several other Administrations, the world over.

I just can’t keep posting about that stuff. If we know, we know.

What Elon is doing re: Twitter, is changing everything. It’s also getting ready to pave the way for everyone to find out the truth about the election fraud if SCOTUS does rule on it. I think that is a genius move, but there is only so much I can post about Elon, as well. Too much of it is just conjecture at this stage.

And I thought it was kind of interesting that, yesterday, when I heard that (the very fake) Lori Lightfoot was calling on the LGBTQ+ community to fight back against the reversal of Roe vs Wade, I found myself feeling that it was right to call upon people to fight. I don’t believe that it’s the actual Lori Lightfoot, gang. I honestly think she was already taken out for High Treason. She was a horrific human being. But isn’t this country built on the liberty to fight for what you believe in? Not that I want to see riots. Or Antifa. Or BLM. But the abortion issue is always going to bring everyone to loggerheads. So why the hue & cry from Conservatives that “she” called on her community to fight?

I get it — it’s a set up. The LGBTQ+ community has been completely infiltrated and is no longer what it once was. It has a weaponized agenda now. I get it.

And I also get it that what has been happening to fetuses the world over is an almost unimaginable atrocity. The idea that it “needs oversight” is almost a ridiculous understatement.

Still, Conservatives acting like this is simply a done deal once SCOTUS reverses Roe vs Wade is just, in my opinion, a really juvenile way of looking at a truly explosive issue. And the bottom line is that the Constitution is there to protect everyone’s right to express themselves (Antifa riots aside).

And I’m also alarmed by how they are turning Margaret Sanger into a one-dimensional person of evil intentions. I understand what Planned Parenthood has become and it needs to be wiped off planet Earth (assuming we are a “planet” and not just some flat thing). Yet Sanger did risk life, limb, and her own liberty to help women, over 100 years ago, understand about birth control. About how to have sex without getting pregnant. She was instrumental in teaching women how their bodies worked.

Why are we trying to erase that part of it? Not all women want to have babies or get married or live “traditional” lives.

I disagree with how the Conservatives are attempting to make all these important issues one-dimensional in order to highlight the atrocities that have gone on under the infiltrated government– including Dems and Republicans, both.

Anyway. I find myself pulling away from so many people I used to follow because I find their oppressiveness oppressive.

So. That said.

Restored Republic had some very interesting things to say about Pakistan, Afghanistan, poppies and the heroin trade, and — YES! — what the heck is going on in China!

It begins around the last 15 minutes or so.

Restored Republic news update (32 mins):


Methinks it’s time for Bono on deck…

From catturd:

“Why does Bono – lead singer of an overrated band with musicians so poor, they can’t even play a guitar solo – think he’s Mother Teresa and some sort of holy spokesman for the rest of us?

That dude makes my skin crawl – wish he’d just STFU already.”

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”


Another timely reminder — think about this, gang. Just effing think about this.

From Julian Assange Wiki:

“Imagine this – posted in 1896 and we’re paying for power in 2022.. Tesla is rolling in his grave.

Free energy has been suppressed because it would create freedom for all humanity.”


And from QTSR:

“In deep discussions with Mil. INTEL source (s)…

“WWG1WGA” is a Military protocol that pertains to Cheyenne mountain…( Where Tesla created a time traveling machine connected to Inner ground zero energy//)/ > the looking glass is only looking into the future past and present…. But the Real Tesla machine is time traveling connected to ground zero energy that connects to the stratosphere and universal energy…..///
The connection between TESLA.. TRUMP ( John G. TRUMP)////

John G. Trump connection to TESLA is deeper than reported and worked in the same field and were just minutes apart ( same neighborhood) living and working in the same field….

///According to MIT, Prof Trump focused on high voltage phenomena, electron acceleration and the interaction of radiation with living and non-living matter. He also designed X-ray generators…..///

From insiders.. The Philadelphia experiment connects Tesla/Trump in the creation of the time traveling program….( But not revealed by MSM)///

WWG1WGA is a military protocol to activate the TESLA time Machines under Cheyenne mountains that has been locked down since 2016 under the order of TRUMP ….

The Switzerland particle accelerator machine in ( CERN)
Was a failure… And could not produce enough energy to create the Worm holes….//TESLA work was stolen by the DEEP state after his death and[ they] tried creating the time machine of his stolen blue prints of the machine..( which was created but FAILED)///)) the failure was due to inside placed White HATS who deliberately sabotage the CERN PROJECTS..
… in 2017 … The control of CERN came under U.S. Military white HATS CONTROL<

_ now the WWG1WGA all protocol had been initiated.. IN CERN – CHEYENNE MOUNTAINS.

The WWG1WGA protocol refers to HUMANS on earth traveling into the NEXT dimension as one….



Phil will be doing a livestream tonight, mostly on buying silver. Check his channel for details later. If you can’t access his channel, look for Phil Godlewski on Dlive or rumble and follow him. You’ll get updates whenever he goes live.


Okay. Other than that.

Don’t forget! Today is the day!!

Find a screening near you!


And that is it for today. Have a good Wednesday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting, gang. I hope you are finding things that interest you, excite you, propel you deeper into your own being.

I love you guys. See ya!!

Awesome breakfast-listening music! This is an incredible song from the 1930s. Enjoy!


Abraham Hicks 2022 ~ Start Believing in Yourself a Little More (13 mins):

This was awesome! I almost understand some of this stuff now… (also, BEWARE of following fake telegram channels for Mel Carmine. They are FULL of hackers and scams!! Safer to follow on YT and Rumble, for now)

Nicholas Veniamin chats with Mel Carmine about QFS Reset (41 mins):

The Historical Jesus and Early Islam: Some Remarkable Comparisons (12 mins):

X22 Report: Pieces Have Been Moved Into Place, Treason Doesn’t Pay Well In The End (54 mins):

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