Quick Thursday Update

Okay, gang, the main thing I’m seeing that we want to pay attention to is the upcoming rebranding of Monkeypox by the WHO into a name that sounds scarier, in order to create fear, more lockdowns, and more pushes for vaccines.

Chris Sky has a quick video warning HERE.

From Code Monkey Z (Ron Watkins):

“Watch the Chinese puppet organization WHO use the guise of racism to rebrand monkeypox with an intimidating name.

Their end goal is to control the world with fears of another pandemic, and “monkeypox” is not scary enough.”


Please keep in mind, gang, that “monkeypox” is fake — in that it is a side-effect of the vaccine, and is thought to actually be shingles. It is in no way a pandemic.


More from Chris Sky in Canada:

“Take advantage of your temporary freedom. Travel. Get your mental health optimal. Enjoy and value your freedom so when they come to take it again in the fall you can JUSTSAYNO. Furthermore. YOU CAN JUST SAY NO to the ARRIVECAN BULLSH*T and there is NOTHING THEY CAN DO. Know your rights protect your rights. Or they will take your rights!”


From Intel Slava Z:

“🇷🇺🇺🇦 The CAA of the Kharkiv region presented a new symbolism of the liberated territories of Kharkiv.”

“🇷🇺🇺🇦 The CAA of Free Zaporozhye informs that all children born in the region after February 24 automatically become citizens of Russia. The same will happen in the Kherson region.

It is also worth noting that marriages in the territory of the Kherson region and Zaporozhye are now registered in accordance with Russian, and not Ukrainian, legislation.”

“🇷🇺🇸🇾⚡️Deputy Sablin said that during a meeting with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, he said that he would instruct the Syrian Foreign Ministry to start preparing the official recognition of the DPR and LPR.”


From Aquila:


US led coalition have successfully carried out a Canary operation which led to the capture of 1 High ranking ISIS member, in Northern Syria.

The operation was carried out in the early hours of the morning at least 6 -7 US coalition helicopters were used in the raid, the raid was carried out in Turkish occupied village of Al-Humayrah, west of Jarabalus.

US jets Provided Air Cover but did not conduct any Airstrikes.

Following the entry of coalition forces there ensued a Gunfight which resulted in the capture of 1 high ranking ISIS member.”

“👀 US has sent a indirect warning to Turkey by carrying out this raid in Northern Syria in a village occupied by Turkish forces, saying that Turkey continues to harbor ISIS leaders.

Also look very carefully at the wordings in the statement issued by the coalition, work closely with our partners, “The Syrian Democratic Forces” ( The Kurds )

Turkey is hell bent to start a 4th operation in Northern Syria and supposedly liberate key city’s controlled by the Kurds, a US ally.

It will be a spectacle to watch if Turkey gives the go ahead to start the operation in Northern Syria in the coming days.”


From Reiner Fuellmich:

“In Part 2, Dr. Judy Mikovits moderates the Dr. Reiner Fuellmich interview as he continues to speak the truth in love, regarding the crimes against humanity committed by Fauci, Collins, Redfield, Birx etc.”

Crimes Against Humanity | Part 2 | Liberty Station Ep 65 (1 hr):


From il donaldo trumpo:



And that’s it for now, gang!! See ya!!

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