Unbelievably Beautiful Saturday in the Hinterlands

Sorry I’m late. It’s an incredibly beautiful morning and I wanted to go out and run some errands.

The news is slim, as usual.

From AFLDs yesterday–

An announcement that “the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that Calvary Chapel, a church in San Jose, California, that refused to close during the pandemic will not be required to pay more than $200,000 in fines that were imputed against them. “

This is considered a “massive victory” because:

…”other public places such as grocery stores were not held to the same restrictions in California as places of worship. “

Since the pandemic was a scam from start to finish, I find this to be kind of a “small victory” overall. But I guess we need even the tiny victories these days.


From Q the Storm yesterday — a rather large victory, in my opinion:

Supreme Court ruling hardly anyone noticed that Robert F. Kennedy Jnr won the case against all the pharmaceutical lobbyists.

In the ruling, the supreme court confirms that the damage caused by Covid mRNA gene therapies is irreparable. As the Supreme Court is the highest court in the United States there are no further appeals and the appeals have been exhausted.

Nuremburg Code is now Valid.
Well Done Robert F. Kennedy Jnr
Once again the truth prevails.”


Get ready for the next MSM narrative!

From DC Clothesline:

TRUMP TRAP SPRUNG: Media FLIPS, sets stage to blame Trump for widespread vaccine injuries and deaths

[…] Now that hundreds of thousands of Americans are dead from the vaccines — with millions injured — the “Trump trap” is being sprung. Under the direction of the intelligence script writers, of course, the left-wing media is now reporting that Trump pressured the FDA into authorizing the deadly vaccines as part of a political ploy to win the 2020 election. […]”

[full article here]


On a similar note —

From Q the Storm:

“Theres a feeling in the air like many top right wing Influencers/Pundits/Journalists/Politicians etc, are gearing up to Turn on President Trump. Alex Jones was the indicator.

They will use the Pandemic as their “in” while conviently forgetting that Trump didnt thrust this upon us, his enemies did (see Event201)
And sometimes during crisis there are no right answers, only mitigating damage…

Whoever turns on Trump will reveal themselves as a deep state plant.

We’ve watched them reveal themselves in waves. Each year there’s a new group who’ve clearly gotten their orders to blow their cover and try and sway as many of their followers as possible.

The final wave is coming. With some of the biggest names in the business. They have no choice. The fact that they held Alex Jones back for this long means they didn’t want to burn these assets. But we’ve grown regardless. It’s their only hope. Don’t fall for it.”


“You only know what HCQ is BECAUSE of Trump. You only were skeptical of the mRNA shot BECAUSE of the Truth movement his Q Team spawned. If not for these things we would’ve all gotten it like we get a tetanus shot.

Think Logically.”


Several from Phil:

“Time is running out for [them].

The day of reckoning is within sight.

Don’t give up. The best is yet to come.”

“So many people are going to apologize to me, or be forced to disappear from their previously anonymous usernames.

So many people are going to have to apoligize to YOU, both online as well as within your families.

You will forever be looked at as the “smart, awake” Aunt, Uncle, Dad, Mom, Cousin, Brother, or Sister.

All of your insults will be vindicated. All of the whispers will be silenced.

Do NOT miss my Live on Sunday.”


“The We The Media folks are about to have a very, very rude awakening.

Stay tuned.”


A reminder from SecretHistory:

By discovering wireless electricity, any scientist would rob the world oligarchy of money. No need for oil, wood, coal, gas, expensive hydro and power plants – a single receiver can infinitely create energy virtually out of thin air.

Financial magnate Morgan instantly stopped funding Nikola Tesla’s experiments when he came up with wireless power transmission and extraction of energy “out of nowhere” – from the world’s ether. After that, no one helped Tesla financially.”


Days of AIDS returning! This type of propoganda really makes me sick, gang.

From Q the Storm:


From Mark Steele UK — this happened yesterday:

“💥💥Newcastle Rebels on Roundabouts💥💥 are out again with the yellow boards this Friday 26th August. Meet 4pm St James Boulevard Newcastle. outside holiday Inn opposite powerhouse. we will stand 4-6pm We will be standing up for freedom, giving out Light Papers and raising awareness of technoratic totalitarian adgena. All welome 🙋‍♀🙋 come in person or drive by support too📣📣 good chance of drinks after in pub or park 💥💥💥”


Check out this GREAT video. It’s from a couple weeks ago. I love it, but you gotta watch the whole thing: “Drank the Kool Aid, went to Heaven”

Tony Lin: Shocking Data From UK – Office For National Statistics ( 8 mins):


Tomorrow on Sound Health Radio:


An interesting question from Q the Storm:

“What kind of government tells farmers NOT to farm? Who tells cops NOT to arrest criminals, and district attorneys NOT to prosecute them? We have a border, but we’re NOT allowed to protect it.

We have 535 members of Congress, but most of them are NOT patriotic. We even have a President who was NOT elected. The saddest part? We have citizens who are NOT interested in doing anything about it.”


From Yellow Vest Ireland:


“The responsibility for the state to do the job they were elected in to do rests entirely upon the shoulders of the We The People. Despite the steady decline of our society as a whole the many continued on regardless without statement or protest. The many blindly focused on their own affairs and desires superceding the plight of all and any other and their desolate existence. Those that simply put did not care unless it was a happening to them personally, with compassion for all other diminishing over time. The burying of their heads in the sand as the suffering of a nation continued to spiral out of control preferring ignorance over having to take responsibility.
Due to the people’s lack of intervention into the affairs of a corrupted state the state itself having no opposition was able to take advantage and do to Ireland what it has done to date. Not content in stripping every natural resource from under our noses, robbing the Irish people of 64 billion to bail out the banks in 2008 (The same banks that evicted and are continuing to evict vunerable from their homes nationwide), refusing to accept and fight for the 16 plus billion owed by apple in back taxes, the squandering of the tax payers trough for the most expensive building in the world in the form of a hospital that’s still not completed after so many years and so on and so on and so on. Too much to write which says a lot about the corruption that’s rife in Dail Eireann and still the many do nothing with the refusal to take responsibility. So many equally responsible for Irelands decay as they sit on the fence and do absolutely nothing. Their silence in part the reason for what could become a tyrannical existence for the people of Ireland. Their silence consensual for all and any legislative dictates Government wishes to dream up in the future. A silence that will ultimately lead to the demise of Ireland and its people.
It’s at this critical point in our history were silence is a non option with Ireland in desperate need of the will of its people. The will to remain a sovereign state free to choose our own destiny. The will to attend to the needs of so many suffering nationwide. The will to eliminate all and any corruption across all governing sectors including the puppeteers and their hidden hands. The will to be free of tyrannical dictatorship with our rights God given never to be taken. The will to have an Ireland that benefits the lives of every man, woman and child.
This by no means is an impossibility quite the opposite In fact one just needs to get off the fence and rise from their silence.”


And from Chris Sky in Canada:



Don’t forget! Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds will be in London tomorrow!! Then in Spain on September 2nd! Buy tickets here!

Nick Cave in Paris last night!


And that is it for now, gang.

Enjoy your Saturday, wherever you are in the world!!

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!!

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