Break-Neck Speed!

Wow, gang.

Starting our 5th day into Red October and things couldn’t be happening more quickly — and 99% of it, all good.

The comms coming from President Trump (also known as 45 if you’re new to this), and Dan Scavino are never-ending right now.

(Answer: the military).

“So much FAKE talk about the Government’s Document Hoax Case against me, and the Unwarranted, Unnecessary, and possibly Illegal Raid on Mar-a-Lago, a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment. There were no leaks until the documents were given, and now the FBI seems unable, according to reports, to count what they have, a mess. This is not a criminal case, and wasn’t for Obama, Bill Clinton, Bush I, Bush II, or even for Crooked’s deleting 33,000 Emails AFTER getting a Subpoena. Read “Socks Case.””


In the financial world, everything is collapsing — or should I say, going into bankruptcy?? (myself includeed!!!) Wait for the trickle-down of bankrupted Blackrock, gang, since they own everything.

Do not miss this update from SGAnon, who goes into great detail about the expected bankruptcy of MacDonalds, and their satanic connection to Disney and Epstein Island. (If this is new to you, you need a strong stomach for this one.) (Where did all the bodies of the dead children go? Micky Ds “happy meals”)

Goodbye McDonalds | “Russian” Sub Goes Missing | 45 Comms Highlighting W. / HW / Clinton / Obama (1 hr):


And don’t forget that Q predicted all this Red October stuff — as well as the “Hunt For Red October” stuff involving “missing Russian nuclear submarines”, etc. — years ago.

So we are on course. Don’t panic.

From Simon Parkes, yesterday & today:

Russian Nuclear Submarine Missing From Russian Port…

Nuclear weapon capable Russian submarine has gone missing from Russian port

The submarine which is rumoured to have a doomsday weapon onboard is feared by NATO.”

“We Were Warned…

“Putin May Test Underwater Nuke…

Putin may test underwater nuke 150 times stronger than Hiroshima bomb near Ukrainian border…”


However, don’t forget– if you have been following people like Phil, or GoodLionTV and Nick Alvear’s incredible films, and also other Truthers working hard to uncover the truth about history, you’ll know that we should be skeptical about what really happened to Hiroshima and Nagasaki… (and the capabilities of “fire bombing” vs. the actual capabilities of “nuclear bombs”.)


From the Gateway Pundit:

“BREAKING: ICAN Wins Lawsuit Forcing CDC to Turn Over V-SAFE Covid Vaccine Injury Data – Shows 7.7% Seek Medical Care After Vaccination and 25% Have Serious Side Effects

Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN)  just recently won a major lawsuit brought against the CDC, requiring the agency to turn over its V-safe COVID Vaccine Injury Data.

In order to collect health evaluations following vaccination against COVID-19, the CDC developed a tool called V-safe that runs on smartphones. Over 10 million participants signed up and submitted their health data. […]

[full article here]


I loved this from Phil yesterday:


Also posted to his channel yesterday:

“The Deep State has had a REALLY bad afternoon, folks….

Elon closes Twitter deal (just in time for mid-terms, mind you.)

Trump goes to SCOTUS for Emergency Ruling on MAL docs (Clarence Thomas oversees that district in FL, btw 😉).

Eugene Yu gets a ride to the slammer.

But nothing is happening, right? yawn

Enjoy the show. 🍿🍿🍿”


“Tesla: The Lost Interview With Nikola Tesla” (video here)


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

We Own The Science“ – World Economic Forum – Tackling Disinformation #SDIM22

Sustainable Development Impact Meetings 2022

Melissa Fleming
Under-Secretary for Global Communications, United Nations

Melissa Fleming says “we own the science”
To tackle “desinformation” they partnered up with google.”


Dr. Reiner Fuellmich on Cafe Locked Out

My Great friend Gadi had the great honour to interview a giant of the movement, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich.

We did have some tech issues but we persevered.

The interview was recorded in Warrnambool at The Cally Hotel.” (1 hr 15 mins):


Awaken with JP: Is this Really Happening? News Update! (16 mins):


I don’t support the “me, too” revolution, but I do support women’s rights to dress however they want to, and everyone’s right to follow whichever religion their heart calls them toward, so I’m not in favor of dictators.

And yet — Of interest… A color revolution, destabilization psyop?

americaneveryman: “A widely released video from Iran shows Mahsa Amini was not beaten at all before her collapse in an Iranian courtroom and neither were the several women who were also detained and transported in the same van. This story is a fabricated narrative to serve an agenda just like the story of a capitol police officer being bludgeoned to death by protesters on 1/6.”



And I am going to end it here today, gang.

There is just so much being pushed out to us by White Hats right now that it is hard to digest it all.

Stay alert. Enjoy your Wednesday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting!

I love you guys. See ya!


RIP Beautiful Loretta Lynn!

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