Ready, Set, Go!

Wow, gang. The news couldn’t be better — even though some of it, well we don’t actually know what it is yet, we only know that something great is coming before next weekend. (Intel from Phil.)

Phil lost power during that last part of his livestream, but he did do about an hour. Among other intel, he said:

“King” Charles was, indeed, executed a while ago. He is gone, baby, gone, and they are scrambling to get a new “King” as well as have — what? Another huge funeral???

I guess we’ll see!

Phil’s REPLAY– Batter Up! (1 hr):


SGAnon also had some great intel last night!

Part of his audiocast goes into the tons of comms posted by Trump to Truth Social yesterday. And also some really happy comms from Dan Scavino — most noteably, the comm he posted around 1AM this morning:


Wow! All-out Q happiness!! Okay!

Also, SGAnon announces that the US Supreme Court (SCOTUS) CANCELS the midterm elections!! (As Phil has been predicting, btw).
Here is the audio file, #16–

Supreme Court Cancels USA Midterm Elections | 45 & Scavino Pointing us to US Military Domestic Ops (32 mins):


And Elon had a SCOTUS comm yesterday, too. Copied to Phil’s channel:


And there’s also this, because if you don’t know this stuff, you really, really need to. Personally, I eat only superfoods, superfruits, supergreens, and all of it non-GMO and/or Organic. I am a pain in the ass to dine with, but I am really, really healthy, folks.



And great news from Chris Sky (link includes video):

“From Berlin Germany! As of THIS MOMENT. I just got the call that I have BEATEN EVERY. SINGLE. CHARGE. from Alberta. And there were A LOT. This is because we NEVER STOP FIGHTING. and ALWAYS do whats RIGHT!”


Ye: This is when my connection with Obama ‘faded’ (9 mins):


As you probably already know, the markets crashed again yesterday.

Hang tight, gang. Have cash at home, just to be safe. And any and all threats of “nuclear war” are false — don’t panic!

That’s it for right now. I gotta scoot !!

Enjoy your Saturday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!!

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