Interesting update!

From SGAnon on Truth Social — new update from Q:

“Straight from the BOSS —> Your. Vote. Matters.

Do NOT fail to exercise it if we go all of the way to 11/8 ((fascinating that the new Drop Timestamp contains “11.8”)

What if Brazil was the blueprint? You MUST vote.
Not by mail.
Not absentee (unless required).


Where We Go One We Go All!!!”

I guess we all saw this coming. I spent part of my morning researching who I was going to vote for on Tuesday….


SGAnon also posted this — something else we all saw coming a mile away:

The Brazilian Ministry of Defense has declared the 2022 election fraudulent.
Military arrest warrants are now being issued for the Supreme Federal Court, the Supreme Electoral Court, and the National Congress.
The Brazilian civilian government has been SUSPENDED until the Emergency situation has resolved.”


And since we could be looking at some form of Martial Law directly after Nov. 8th, I went back to the store very early this morning to try to stock up on food (mostly for the many cats around here). SGAnon posted this yesterday:

“What have we here”


And now, he just posted this:

“QDrop 4959 —> 11/6/2022 (today). Timestamp: 11:18:56

Think Mirror:

Fun facts:
>Code 11 is used in US hospitals when a patient is being transferred for “National Assignment” (typically being removed from the building, but not discharged from care)

>Code 11 is also used by US FD’s to signal “Dispatch Support” for large, dynamic emergencies

>Police codes beginning w/ “11” signal the need for SWAT teams (Special Weapons And Tactics)

>Chapter 11 LOW Manual: Military Occupation”


Phil has been unusally silent for 2 days, Only some ads and a couple of posts about silver & gold, but nothing more than that.

Anyway. That’s it for now, gang.

I love you. See ya!

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