The Game Continues…

Okay, sort of frustrating, gang.

Early yesterday morning, SGAnon announced something really important that he was going to reveal in a new audio file last night, and then — lo & behold!– he had another one of those “family emergency” type things that kept him from releasing his intel.

Hmmm…. (If you’re keeping track: when SGAnon can’t or won’t go public with something, it always seems as if someone in his family “gets sick” or needs him “to be a dad”. When it’s Phil who can’t go public with intel, he either “gets a very bad cold” or he gets a phone call at the last minute and then his whole conversation abruptly changes midstream.)

However, this one thing was posted to SGAnon’s Truth Social channel that I found interesting– tracking notable resignations since 2017. Take a look. Some of them are quite interesting:

Notable Resignations WorldWide


Phil did a sort of unexpected livestream last night at 8PM. What it was really all about is your best guess.

In my opinion, it was weird as fuck.

Surely, I am not the only person who remembers late November, early December of 2020, when intel was coming out about Italy and Mi6/UK, Obama & the CIA, Mosad, & Italy’s military satellite and their involvement in the rigged US election, and how Space Force & the NSA were monitoring it all by satellite.

And then the US Military going in to Frankfurt, Germany and grabbing that Dominion server in a firefight with the CIA; a firefight that left Gina Haspel either dead, or arrested and then executed for High Treason…

So Phil’s live last night left me wondering, you know — where’s the big news here? We’ve known for 2 years that they could & did track all this stuff before. This is so weird.

And then, as soon as he was finally getting to something that sounded of real importance, he got one of his infamous “phone calls” that he had to take off-camera, and when he came back — lo & behodl! — he began talking about something else.

If you missed his livestream, here is the replay (1 hr 40 mins):


SGAnon did have an interesting short video post on rumble yesterday–

Flags Mean Things | They Have Hidden in Plain Sight Because We were Never Taught These Things (1 min 26 seconds):


The rest of it, gang — I just don’t know. It seems like the White Hats are working overtime to get as much chaos into the public arena as they possibly can. Just unbelievable noise & chaos. And that old reliable trick : “don’t look here, look over there.”

Why?” is a question I don’t have the answer to, but you can bet that all of this “red wave/red ripple,” “everyone’s cheating so go out and vote/oops! everyone cheated,” DeSantis vs. Trump, and all this other garbage is going on for a REASON.

Today is Veteran’s Day here in the US, and this is the day that, allegedly, the military would be stepping in PUBLICLY and questioning the authenticty of the Midterm election results. We’ll have to see. Something tells me the game plan has seriously shifted around, but I have no clue why — since the intel we rely on is nowhere to be found. Are there really that many black hats still out & about, eluding arrest??

Who knows. Well, some people know, but I’m not one of them.

So. That’s it for now. By some miracle, I have all of today off! So if anything of interest comes up, I’ll be back to post it on the blog.

Meanwhile, Honda called and said my brand new car was delivered! I’m picking it up in the morning. It is going to look like this!

Rather masculine and grown up, isn’t it? Not at all like me…. We’ll see if it does what my current Honda Civic does — meaning, always goes 95 MPH on the deserted highways of Muskingum County but instictively knows when to warn me that the Sheriff is lurking!!


Thanks for visiting, gang. Hang in there.

I love you guys. See ya!


The new Bruce Springsteen album was officialy released today: Only the Strong Survive. (It is all cover versions of soul classics.) I have not stopped playing “Nightshift” all morning.

I love his version of this, and all the memories of NYC in 1985 that spring up inside my head while I listen to it. I was moved to tears a few times, as I drank my coffee, stood at my bedroom window and stared out at the rain in the still-dark world outside. (Gang, my memories of NYC in the 1980s are really something. I feel so honored to have lived there during those truly intense times. Good/bad/shocking and just FULL of life. Sadly, that NYC is no longer there and never will be.)

Anyway. I posted this before, but here it is again! Enjoy. See ya!

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