Monday Continues…

Well, we finally turned in the final working draft of the play. Yay. What a relief…

Not much news to report — on the surface, anyway.

If you can make time to watch the video below, please do it. It is incredibly eye-opening.

From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

Hostile takeover through corporatism?

In this episode of ☀️ICIC – International Crimes Investigative Committee, Alex Thomson (former British GCHQ officer, partner agency of NSA) and Rodney Atkinson (political and economic commentator, journalist and author) report on the diverse and subtle tools of corporatism used by so-called elite groups, mostly super-rich NGOs and business corporations. This enables them to surreptitiously infiltrate the economy and politics in order to expand their influence at all levels.” (1 hr 39 mins):


I loved this!

If you listened to Derek Johnson’s breakdown of all the many, many comms in Trumnp’s speech last Tuesday, this will make you smile. (Yesterday, I posted the chat with Derek Johnson, Mahoney, Simon Parkes, and Charlie Ward.)

From Derek Johnson:

“No coincidence 😎

“America’s Comeback starts right now!” – CIC Trump, November 15 & 18, 2022. 🇺🇸”


SGAnon is planning to have that new audio file (#27) uploaded tonight. You can watch for it on rumble.


Restored Repubic Special Report (8 mins):


Phil has been very quiet today. He was hoping to try to do a livestream tonight, but still no word on that. But keep checking…




And that is kind of it for today, gang.

I hope you’ve had a great Monday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!

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