A Wee Bit out of Commission!

Yes, I caught “a cold.” I’m resasonably certain this happened because everything that happened on Friday left me wanting to scream and break things and lose my mind…

Instead, I repressed those urges and caught ” a cold”.

it’s really mild when I’m sitting or standing up, but it’s the kind of thing that the moment my head hit the pillow last night, I was suddenly coughing my head off, all night long. So I got very little sleep. I’m going to go back to bed until I absolutely have to get out of it to go off to work.

I had a great phone call with my lawyer from Legal Aid yesterday and I feel confident that this nightmare is almost over. But I do have to make a court appearance, by myself, next week.

Anyway, I’m not posting much today.

I just wanted you to know that Phil is planning to have a pre-recorded “live” this evening — on Rumble and Locals, only. Check his channel later for the time:

“I have major intel to drop.

I will be posting a LIVE for tomorrow night, but it will be recorded and uploaded to both Locals and Rumble.

Stay tuned for a time announcement for the upload.”


And SGAnon uploaded a new audio file last night, #28:

“SGAnon discloses information related to the US Supreme Court, the US CIA (SWZ arm), the Chinese military and the patriots in China, as well as updates with Russia, Turkey, the Middle East, and Ukraine.

This war is global. The true crime against humanity will bring the whole house of cards down.


US Mil Communicating with Supreme Court | CIA Assets Arriving in China | Trust the Plan (48 mins):

He also posted this on Truth Social yesterday:

“Q asked “what’s coded in your DNA”?


This is what is coded in your DNA”


And that’s it for today, gang. I’m going back to bed.

Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting!

I love you guys. See ya!

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