Your Guess Is As Good As Mine, Pt. 2

Honestly, gang. The news is elusive, even though it’s extremely noisy….

Probably the most interesting thing — to me, anyway — was Bolsonaro’s speech yesterday (12/9).

You can read it in translation at the Brazilian Report, and also see some very brief video footage of the crowd. Meanwhile, here is a translation of part of his speech:

“🛑 Bolsonaro Speech Today 🛑 PT.4

I’ve been silent for 40 days.

It hurts in the soul, I’ve always been a happy person among you.

Even risking my life.

We hold back a lot, we sacrifice.

I rarely had a moment of joy, on vacation, but I understand that everything I did was for my country, for my homeland.


Even with war, with crisis, with a pandemic, we overcome challenges.

The economy is there… Generating jobs, and Brazil is ready to take a leap.

And what happened? Something happened that we did not expect under normal conditions.

I have never seen people in the world go to the streets for a president to stay.

I’ve only seen people in the world take to the streets to remove the president.


When asked: does power emanate from the people?

I answer: it depends on whom the people elect.

Because if the people elect Fidel, as in Cuba, the people would be in communism…

Nothing is lost!

The end point is only with death.





From Real Raw News:

White Hat Military Installations DESTROY Vaccine-Contaminated Blood Stockpiles

After the House voted 350-80 in favor of repealing Lloyd Austin’s unconstitutional Covid-19 vaccine mandate for all armed forces members, the White Hat partition of the U.S. military took it a step further by destroying blood donations taken from vaccinated servicemembers.

They say empirical evidence proves beyond all doubt that although donors might not present vaccine-related side effects, recipients of tainted plasma have had adverse reactions, including sudden death, to contaminated blood. […]”

[full article here]


From Chris Sky:

“Grant Wahl (yes the guy in the rainbow shirt denied entry to world cup) dies suddenly while covering world cup. 👍”



Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema leaves Democratic Party, registers as independent

Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema has left the Democratic Party and registered as an independent. Sinema, in a Friday op-ed in the Arizona Republic, cited increasingly partisan interests and radicalization of both political parties as the reason for her departure.


And Phil is up to something new & interesting — capturing screen images of the trolls that are harrassing him!

Also, he posted a couple of brief videos explaining the 5, and also dropping some comms. View them here.


I have no clue if this is accurate or not, but someone texted it to me last night. I’ll share it, just in case:

“Trump is arrested on Dec. 19th, released by military on the 20th. From the 20th – 22nd, military begins massive arrests”


That’s really kind of it for now, gang.

I have some mixed feelings about following SGAnon too closely right now. His posts on Brazil seem to have been way off. And some other intel recently was refuted by Phil, so I’m just going to sort of hold back and see what might or might not develop there.


On Monday December 12th in Tamworth, you can still get tickets to see Nick Cave & Warren Ellis on their CARNAGE tour of Australia. The tour is almost over and the rest of it is sold out. (Buy Tamworth tickets here]


And that is it, gang.

Enjoy your Saturday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting!

I love you guys. See ya!

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