Some Decoding Occurred!

Not by me, of course. But this was in Phil’s private chat, done by Greg Edwards (I posted the link to this video yesterday):

“Ok guys I’m only a third of the way through the video. Reason being I have been interrupted with at least 300 requests for information. I love you all, but this is crazy lol. Ok here’s what I have so far!

Congested area- a lot going on behind the scenes. We are starting to see some of it.

Rubber meets the road- this is a moment of truth message.

Ice caps not melting- tensions and temperatures rising.

King comes bearing down- Antichrist? Not entirely sure about this one.

Long walkway to in-home treatment- possible false flag. Stay home!

Windmill of activity- purposeful truth through the lens.

Mickey Mouse Sleepers and Comfort Keepers- black hats being unsuccessful with their plan and patriots staying home to avoid disaster and disruption.

Bear witness to motor oil- Existence of the TRUTH!

88-4.0319 there’s plenty of different companies that are hiring- Nesara/Gesara

If you could say it 5 times fast then jump up and down- emotional roller coaster, be cool as a cucumber.

Waterfalls in the desert- rise in wealth.

Never sand in the ocean- no more pain and suffering.

No more doubles goods- no more inflation.

Same as no orange balls on the line- no more markers!

There’s the first third of the video! More to come Phamily! I’m taking a break and will be back later to give more information of my opinion on Phil’s decoded message. Remember guys and gals, Phil is a genius! This is not easy.Ok Phamily! Here’s part 2 of my decoding. I hope you all enjoy and add input if you have ideas of your own. God bless WWG1WGA!!!!

Here’s the other two-thirds Phamily. Love to all!!!

Manufactured rogue agents among the wilderness- Trump’s return is going to take the entire world by storm!

Just like it was before, it shall be before- Trump’s first term

Time is bendable, money is not- blue to red. We lost a lot after Trump. Biden has crippled most of us, but not all. Gesara/Nesara

If we were all serpents, none of us would be rabbits- there’s still some good left in people.

When will there ever be a time where .4 is not equal to 7- no turning back! It’s now or never!

The bridge of faith 315 218 have all the same relevance as the White House on the prairie- This has everything to do with the Biden regime and child sex trafficking. Are they being taken down for crimes against humanity?

None though shall ever mitigate the defeat that lies ahead in the jungle- bringing Griner home instead of Whalen.

So, with all that said, it is now amended. For he whoeth drilled a hole, has he not been forsaken- Everything will be fixed and returned to the way it was under Trump.

The express care that’s needed to facilitate the real estate among us all. The timing for Gesara/Neara.

The mutation part was a tough one!- ???

After all travel is wealth and wealth is like grass in a pond- time is money and money is worth protecting. Silver, gold, 401k to silver and gold.

Watering of the land is far more important than the bickering at a dinner table- spreading and sharing the wealth is more important than bragging about your own wealth.

These things are important to remember because Sunday mornings.- what do many Christians do on Sunday mornings. Give, spread love, etc.

Many say the sky is falling- don’t believe everything you hear, bs, etc.

Others say monopoly is the greatest billboard- fake news

They’re wrong! Yet everyone is right. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and beliefs.

The champagne glasses smoking- the fire is underway! The WH have had enough!

Whether or not the extinguisher flies has become destitute for emergency sake- there’s no more smoke to put out the fire.

Upon that I give Ye much breaks for all of the eternal coverage beneath the bumper, because it matters. Anywhere! It matters. Ye has exposed much of them underneath the surface, as has Musk! I believe Phil is yielding and letting the master plan unfold.

Green, blue, yellow, red, I think that is enough to be said! It’s go time ladies and gentlemen! We didn’t start the fire. Sing it!

Much love to all my Phil Phamily! God bless! WWG1WGA”


Also, in case you don’t follow Phil’s telegram channel, a very good friend and colleague of his, Milo Holznagel, passed away yesterday.


Happy news from the Brazilian Report:

“This is the first baby born in the Patriots Camp of Brasília.

João was born yesterday (Dec. 11th) and his parents were staying there for 30 days already.

This little boy’s heroic mom was following her husband even in such condition.

This is a beautiful thing to see! They really love each other and they love their country.

The mother’s name is Regiellen, and actually I don’t remember the husband’s name 😁

These folks gave everything for our freedom.”


From il donaldo trumpo:

“STOP IT!!!😂😂😂”


The new @Kash podcast explains everything you want to know about Elon, Twitter, Jack, James Baker, FBI, Perkins Coie, russiagate, etc:

Play It Here


From Derek Johnson:


“Nancy Drew and I finally got to meet 🙏🇺🇸”


From Marco Polo:

“Secure your copies here:

72% sold out.”


From a few days ago–

Amazing Polly — Ye Reveals the Method: NWO Synthesis between New Age and Technocracy (42 mins):


Russell Brand — “We Don’t Live In A Democracy” Matt Kennard (10 mins):


I’m gonna leave it there for today, gang. I have a ton of absolutely final tinkering to do on the play, because Sandra has a conference call with them tomorrow.

Prayers for me, gang, as I head off alone to Muskingum County court on Wednesday morning, to explain to the Judge and the lawyers for one of my creditors, that I live primarily off of my Social Security retirement checks… (more about this later in the week.)

Okay. Thanks for visiting!

I love you guys. See ya!


James Tabor — Weeping and Mourning Through Easter–How, When, and Where Faith in Jesus’ Resurrection Really Began (17 mins):

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