The Snow is Melting!

And in honor of that, my roof has sprung yet another leak! (This makes 8.)

However, I am now applying for a loan from the Muskingum County Community Development program to try, yet again, to get a new roof. We shall see!

Meanwhile, not a lot of news. The biggest was probably Phil’s livestream last night, where he went over in detail a lot of the information that Derek Johnson has been posting about for months — the Continuation of Government, the military, Trump is Commander in Chief.

If you missed the nearly 3-hour live, here is the replay:

Phil re-enforces a strong message, often overlooked in the 2 years since January 20th, 2021 (2 hrs 41 mins):

And from Derek Johnson yesterday:

“HIGHLY recommend this read 💯🇺🇸” (find out more HERE)

They Be Pirates, Matey by Graywolf

A message from the author:

In 2020, for many Americans, the realization that being confined at Home, under 24 hour surveillance by their phones and home appliances, and the expectation from the State to total obedience to Rules, not Law, forced people to wear masks for a non-lethal (to most) cold virus for the common good of humanity, in violation of Rights under Constitutional guarantee, by Officials under Oath to protect those rights, all, the hallmarks of Nazism and Communism, have now become common features of every country in the world, including countries and their people, that once were willing to lay down their lives to defeat the Nazis, and the spread of Communism, in bloody battles to the death, to stop its spread to America and around the Globe.

The Communists goal, now as then, is to eliminate 90% of Global population, eliminate our Constitution, steal our wealth and enslave the remaining population of the world in the chains of economic slavery, under a One World government, One World Religion and One Global Banking system, under Communist control.

In this writing we will cut to the chase and bypass the Subterfuge and expose who the real Hidden Domestic Enemy of America is and how they have seized ultimate control, not only over the United States of America but the World as well.{…]”


Posted to Dr. Reiner Fuellmich‘s channel – (complete substack article is HERE):

The Kingston Report:

School Boards Are Willing to Risk the Physical Injury and Death of Children Because They Can’t Be Charged per HHS Memo
September 28, 2021: Excerpts from the email I wrote and sent to San Diego Unified School District Board


Great news from Rick Green and Front Porch:

“Just a quick message tonight from the camp fire in the exact location of where the Front Porch will be on the new campus!” (5 mins):


Donate to BLEXIT!

“The BLEXIT Foundation is empowering Black communities, spreading our shared values, and defeating the culture of victimhood in America. 

…we have big plans for expanding next year, including: 

  • 8 additional Chapters, so we’re in every state plus D.C. – a total of 51 chapters!
  • 12 BLEXIT Talks Live Streams (one per month)
  • Expansion of the BLEXIT Leadership Academy- with hundreds of training and onboarding sessions, professional development courses, and workshops for our more than 100+ Chapter volunteer leaders
  • 1,272+ Grassroots Chapter events across the U.S. (two per month per chapter)

And much more.


Restored Republic news update (37 mins):


Too funny!

Awaken with JP – President Trump – The Interview You Thought You’d Never See (8 mins):


And that’s actually it for today!

On a personal note– in all honesty, gang, this is a GREAT album!! It’s knocking my wee bonny little socks off! It is just terrific!!

Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers LIVE at the Fillmore, 1997.


Have a great Wednesday, wherever you are in the world!

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys! See ya!

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