Early New Year’s Salutations

I won’t be around here tomorrow, gang, so let me wish you a safe and happy New Year’s Eve, wherever you are in the world.

Absolutely not much news today.

The Adam Tate “arrest” was a false alarm. Too bad those people who made the emergency call apparently have no respect for women who actually are sex-trafficked and raped.

From Charle Ward, by way of MJ Truth — link has brief video.


Pele is gone. (Allegedly he was fully vaxed, but alas he is still gone…)


From il donaldo trumpo:



An end-of-the-year “thank you” from US Freedom Flyers:

“[…] So, just what did the Freedom Flyers (USFF) accomplish this past year?

  • We were the first organization to file suit against the federal contractor mandate. You know…the mandate that strong-armed your employer into forcing an experimental jab into you? Thankfully, the Attorney General of Georgia took the Biden Administration to task and was able to achieve a stay. On December 19th, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals struck down the mandate in a 2-1 decision that upholds the lower court decision. Federal mandates, it turns out, are unconstitutional and illegal. The Federal government, any state/local government, and any corporation that pushed these mandates broke the law.
  • We assembled a large team of doctors and scientists who volunteer their efforts to develop protocols and solutions for USFF’s vaccine-injured members. Many of you are currently being treated by this world-class team of professionals. […]
  • We were instrumental in the formation of the Global Aviation Advocacy Coalition (GAAC). GAAC is a unification of groups like ours across the world. In concert, we have built an international research team to study the failures of aviation regulators worldwide (including the FAA) in preparation for litigation. We are also working with an international team to prevent the vaccine passport mandate that was announced at November’s G-20 meeting in Bali.
  • We partnered with FAA whistleblowers (see FAA Inspector Bruce McGray’s sworn declaration) to uncover the abject disregard those responsible for our nation’s airspace system have for the numerous men and women who have experienced life-changing after-effects from COVID-19 vaccines. Sadly, the FAA has chosen to ignore their constituents and their employees’ personal tragedies—and their safety concerns. This includes a well-documented concern letter co-authored by USFF in partnership with prominent medical and legal professionals to the FAA Administrator, DOT, DOJ, 5 major airline CEO’s, and all of the largest aviation insurance firms. To date, there has been no response—but we will not give up until we get one. […]” [More Here]


Perhaps the Adam Tate false alarm was used to take our attention away from this?? Hmmm…..

From Phil’s channel yesterday:

“JP Morgan Chase is trending….
For helping pay for Epstein’s


On a similar note…

From Shadow of Ezra — includes video:

“3 strikes”


From Rick Green:

“No nice way to say this… I can’t believe this many people are this stupid. We knew better from the very beginning, just based on common sense and the few studies that came close to the issue (since we’d never been stupid enough to test such a ridiculous and harmful thing)… but even for those with no common sense, 3 years later the simple observations should have cleared up the issue and now we have plenty of data to prove the point. But alas…here we are. And yea, democrats are of course more foolish so you expect that, but 1/4th of republicans too? Just wow.”

Poll shows Democrats still overwhelmingly support masking toddlersThe Blaze

[full article here]


If you want to be absolutely sickened, give this video 1 minute of your time:



From MythVision — The Apostle Paul vs James & Peter – What’s Their Beef? Dr. James D. Tabor (30 mins):


Okay. That’s it for now.

Stay safe and alert this holiday weekend, but also try to find time to enjoy yourself and celebrate that you have made it through one truly horrific year. Keep in mind that we are in the end game!

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


I have many versions of them doing this song live and it never fails to be fantastic. Here are Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Live at the Fillmore, 1997 — “Johnny B, Goode”.

However, this one from a 1987 live radio broadcast is my favorite! Absolute guitar & piano insanity! Play it as loud as possible!! Seriously. That’s what I do in my car… Okay. Enjoy!! I love you, guys!

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