As Always, Your Guess Is As Good As Mine

God only knows what just happened in Brazil. Well, I’m guessing that CIC Trump and Bolsonaro know, in addition to God. However…

What part of this is a show? It is so hard to say. Impossible, actually — at least from way over here. 400 Bolsonaro no-longer-peaceful protestors arrested, some of them shot by police? While Bolsonaro is safe in “Florida” (you know, that State where the CIC also lives…)

And even though the “rigged” election in Brazil (I’m not saying it wasn’t rigged, I’m just saying that everyone knew it was going to be rigged and it was) was basically calling out for a civilian uprising since late October, in order to bring in Martial Law. They finally got one last night — one where the military seemed to be supporting the people and drawing lines against the police. (?) But then that seemed to change when the civilians stormed the government buildings. And Lula went into hiding. Excuse me — ” went to a secure location”.

Meanwhile, Bolsonaro, who was safe in “Florida”, took to Twitter and told everyone to be peaceful…

Who does that sound like? What does that sound like?

It’s Jan 6th, Brazilian-style. (If this were the 1960s, this would be a movie starring Marcello Mastroianni.)

I don’t know what to say, gang, because it does look like some people were actually shot (not killed, but shot). And it did look like genuine pandemonium. But it also felt just like Jan 6th — a strange sort of set-up at the people’s expense.

(Remember how I was posting here in December and early January 2021, repeatedly saying do NOT go to DC on Jan 6th, it’s a set-up; it’s going to get violent? You can go ahead and quote me now.)

Of course, this is war and as we are constantly being told — in war there are causalities.

Still. I can’t help but think that if they would put this much energy into removing the MSM, worldwide, a lot fewer innocent lives would be at stake (or lost). Meaning: the war would be over because the normies would have no one left to listen to and would suddenly have the power of thinking restored to them.

(I realize that I don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes. Probably some lone remaining Rothschild has the worldwide water systems rigged with atomic bombs set to go off if CNN, or the BBC, or SINO Vision, or whatever else the fuck is out there suddenly “goes dark”…)

And did you happen to notice that CIC Trump posted to Truth Social that poor ashli babbit, a true patriot, was the only person who died on Jan 6th? Clearly, he didn’t get my memo…

(There was no ashli babit — she was an actress. And she didn’t die on Jan 6th. Of course, she might be dead now — maybe a one-way trip to Gitmo and a verdict of High Treason? I don’t know, gang. Your guess is as good as mine.)

Optics are so exhausting, gang. Often we know what not to believe, but we usually don’t know why.

The bottom line regarding Brazil — don’t forget to look at BRICS and what it stands for: Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa. All part of the Alliance.

Perhaps this chaos last night was the excuse to finally bring in Martial Law and “arrest”(remove) the puppet Lula? We’ll see.

Brazil’s Parliament last night
Buffalo guy at the US Capitol, Jan 6th

Meanhwile, just now from the Brazilian Report:

“🛑 THE END 🛑

Brasília, Brazil’s capital

Jan. 9th, 2023

It’s all over, folks.

Starting in October 31st, Brazilian patriots have fought with their hearts and soul against the obvious menace of the Foro de São Paulo.

They fought for 70 days straight, and today January 9th, 2023, the same people they asked for help are detaining them as terrorists.

The you know who from our Supreme Court ordered that all camping sites must be dismantled in 24 hours.

The Army washed their hands.

And as it is 10 AM here already, I’m about to have a drink 😁

Love you, guys.”


Meanwhile, as absolute chaos was underway in Brasilia, CIC Trump was posting to Truth Social:

NBC Execs Regret Paying Jimmy Fallon $80 Million Contract Extension As Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Beats ‘Tonight Show’ In Ratings


This seems a little more genuine, though —

From SGAnon just now:

Sweden to reintroduce compulsory draft to civil service (likely in response to the realization that Putin/Russia/WH Alliance will not allow any safe harbor for [DS] assets anywhere in the world).

No Nation will be untouched before all is finished.
Tunnel destruction must happen everywhere. DUMBs must be dispensed, imploded.
We will get them ALL.
Flood of Noah.
Information Instead of Rain.
From darkness to Light.”

And on we go.

Meanwhile, Soledar, in Ukraine, is a great big mess right now.

And a note from Phil to Derek last night:

“Sorry, Derek, but you’re wrong.

You have no idea how advanced this war is. You have no idea who some of us “clowns” really are. Just because someone was in the military, does NOT give them absolute authority over The Great Awakening.

You are off base. You’re good at what you do, but I strongly suggest you stay in your lane.

You’ll be shocked when you find out who has actually been talking to you here.”


So everything pretty much stayed the same since my post yesterday morning, but I did get my Christmas stuff put away…it did take hours. And today — back to work on the new play.

Stay safe, gang, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


From happier times (sort of):

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