No Real Post Today!

Sorry, gang. I overslept!! I have no idea why I’m so exhausted this morning.

The news is frustrating indeed. Since Biden has been dead since 2019, you gotta wonder what the “classified documents” hoopla is all about…. (I’m guessing we actually know what it’s all about. Optics.)

Apparently Bolsonaro was hospitalized in Florida on Monday but was released yesterday. Speculations about another assassination attempt, but obviously I don’t know.

More and more and more “died suddenlies”. I now have 2 close friends that, over the last 10 days, have had people close to them “die suddenly.” The circle gets tighter.

Anyway. There is so much going on out there right now and a whole lot of it is real and a whole lot of it is fake, yet a whole lot of lives are still at stake — on both sides of the war. It’s a little overwhelming, all this potential for death. (Maybe that’s why I overslept?)

I’m still hoping Phil will be live at 7pm Eastern tonight! Check his channel later for confirmation. Meanwhile, I will post again tomorrow!

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!

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