The Durham Report!

Okay, gang. It has all, at long last, come down to the Durham Report.

Click here for a 316-page PDF

Also– Phil is planning to do a livestream tomorrow afternoon, Tuesday, May 16th, at 1PM Eastern.

From Kash Patel on Truth Social:

“NewsFlash: Durham Report out: it says the exact same thing @DevinNunes and I put out 5 years ago… the Truth. No justification to launch, fbi n doj lied, clinton paid for it n fake news mafia the biggest coconspirators”


From Phil just now:

“You wanted arrests, right?

You have arrived.

Time to wake up the other 28%.

We intend to capture about 15-20.

The rest will just have to deal.”


One thought on “The Durham Report!”

  1. What a most dishonest assessment by a narcissist in denial about clear misuse of gvt by gvt employees looking to misuse their offices to deny the people of their constitutional voting choice while defaming a plethora of innocent people, including Trump.

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