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Now Would Be A Good Time to Pray to your Ancestors

Assuming, of course, that your ancestors fought in the Revolutionary War and have a vested interest in any of this.

And by the way, thank you T X: hash t*g we are the storm

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I’m not gonna mince words today, gang, because this is getting fucking scary.

I have been hearing for weeks now that as soon as Tr** p’s admin gets closer to closing in on the puppet masters who manipulated the el * ct* on, more severe social m* dia c* ns* rsh*p would get underway in the US.

Well, not only is T X suing WI MI PA and GA — yesterday, 17 other states got on board that lawsuit to the US Supreme Court. And Tr** p is planning to inter vene it as well (which means he has asked to get on board, as well.)

I’m guessing that by now, assuming you don’t live under a rock in the farthest reaches of a remote cave, you know what happened with Y* u T* be yesterday.

They pushed back. Hard.

And this is only the beginning.

If you’ve read the link I posted yesterday, you’ll know that the J* int C*n gr* ss*on*l Committee on Monday  failed to pass the resolution to acknowledge J* e B* d*n  as the Pr* s* d*nt – El *ct because of the continued law suits around the e*l *c t* on.

B* d*n declared himself the Pr* s* d*nt – El *ct  anyway. And now all of mainstream m* dia and certain key social m*d ia outlets (the ones owned by the Ch* n* s* apparently, since they also own B * d*n: F B , tw *tt *r, Y* u T * b*) are declaring B * d*n the new Pr* s*dent.

However, this is not true.

But if you try to say this is not true, Y* u T * be will remove you from Y* u T* be.

If you are not American, it is prudent to note that nothing in the US Con st* t* t*on states that electors must be chosen by Dec. 8 th. (also known as safe harbor) This is a F*d*ral tradition, a date made at the F* d*ral level, but it is not written in the Constitution. Nothing has been decided yet this year  because of the continuing law suits.

However, Ch* n* — through the US m* dia and US social m*dia — is making a determined effort to divide Americans through a continuing on slaught of dis in for mation

We are being warned that the closer we get to Jan uary 2 0 th, if B* d*n is not announced as the Pr* s* d* nt- El *ct, the more severe the c* nc* rsh*p will become, with a total m* dia blackout expected by Jan u ary 2 0 th — meaning all TV network news and cable news, and all primary social m* dia outlets will be blacked out.

If you use Y* h** e mail or g   mail, you can also expect your email to be blacked out.

You can also expect the Wh* te Ho* se to be in lock down and communicating from the Emrg ency broad cast system on your phone.

This is in the event of the worst case scenario. There are a lot of things still in play legally that could change all that, but I think it’s prudent to brace ourselves and continue to expect some sort of horrible violence, an attempt on Tr **p’s life, an attempt to over take the W H, and a m*d ia black out.

It might also be prudent to get yourself a more secure e mail provider, all things considered.

So that’s the worst case scenario.

But it is like living in a fucking Orwellian nightmare here right now.

Online, in non-mainstream m*dia outlets, there is nothing but continuing news about the law suits, the hearings, the witness testimonies, the S* nate committees, the sudden explosive report on Ch* n* s* esp ion age at the highest levels of our government (and at all levels of our government — case in point — that insane rant from a State Rep in MI yesterday! She has apparently been removed from some of her  capacities. But she basically stated, on video, that Tr*** p supporters better watch out because the Ch * n* s* are basically going to wipe us out. It is no longer difficult to see who the puppet masters are and what kind of financial promises they have made at all levels.)

However, the main stream m* dia is covering none of this, and maintaining that Tr**p has lost his mind, is having temper tantrums,  and that B* d*n is the new Pr* s* d*nt.

The mainstream m*d ia here is covering NOTHING about F*ng F*ng, for instance. Nothing about how far up the chain the Ch* n* s* have gotten here. How deeply entrenched they are in all of this (including, I’m guessing, the fake p* nd* m*c).

A tiny bit pf good news:

S* nate Committee Plans First F* deral Hearing on El* ction ‘Irregularities’

[…] “I am mindful that many of the issues that have been raised have been, and will continue to be, appropriately resolved in the courts. But the fact remains that a large percentage of the American public does not view the 2020 el* ct* on result as legitimate because of apparent irregularities that have not been fully examined. That is not a sustainable state of affairs for our country,” Sen. R* n J* hn s* n (R W*s.), chairman of the S* nate H* m * land S*curity and Governmental Aff* ir s Committee, said in a statement.

[full article is here]

And there are no less than 50 law suits underway in the US re:  v* t*r ir regular ities.

So there is still hope that the worst case scenario won’t happen.  But I’m feeling like the push back is already getting so severe that it is only going to get worse before it gets better.

Okay. Well. Much going on at the U S Supr eme Court today so this evening will be interesting.

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.

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