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Into the Newness of Life

I woke up this morning and everything felt just a little bit better. I had a lot of complex dreams during the night, although I don’t remember any of them. But I just felt on firmer footing, emotionally, when I woke up.

It’s still dark out here, but I’m getting ready to go.  Remembered to pack my high heels and stockings at the last minute,  I won’t have to wear Skechers to the funeral, with my pearls and my black dress…

I leave you with the song that was in my head when I awoke at 4:30. I got the feeling the man was visiting me in spirit again. It wasn’t as pronounced as I felt it the other day, but I felt him and he made me smile. So I played this song at the breakfast table, and watched the cats eat happily, and I  thought about life.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys.