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When the Cat’s Away, the Mice Do Indeed Play!!

Perhaps you recall that, last Christmas, my birth mom was here and I was exceedingly happy about that.

Above is a photo of my bed last Christmas — I made my bed every single morning while my mom was here.  When I saw this photo this morning, I realized with awe and amazement, that I haven’t actually made my bed once since she went back home.

That means that I have not made my bed in a year, gang!!

I used to be so neurotic about it (I can hear you gasping — I know; it’s hard to imagine me being neurotic in any way…). I used to make my bed the moment I got out of it every morning. I honestly did.  For years.

So I guess it’s good to know that I have broken those chains of conformity at the lofty age of 60. Finally. So weird, though, right? Who among us hasn’t made their bed in an entire year??

Okay. Anyway.

I’m exhausted, how about you?

For all the potentially good news happening here and around the world (more peace in the Middle East in time for Hanukkah — video below); more and more v* t* irr* gul* rit*ies coming to light; H* nt*r B* d*n garbage coming to light; P*l*si appearing to lose her narrative in a huge way due to Ch * n* (thank you, Ch* na*); and the recall of CA G* v* n* r N*w s*m is gaining serious ground.

And the c i a is facing some HUGE changes, leaving them sort of “without backup”. (Methinks it could be getting harder for sinister types to take over the W H and kill, say, a Pr* s* d*nt…)

And the UK has decided to lift some tariffs on the US, going rogue from the EU  (aka the N*w W* rld Order, the great reset, etc.).

And I couldn’t help but notice that now 18 States have now joined the T X law suit against WI PA GA and MI,  hash t*g we are the storm:

Texas Flag Inside American Flag Vertical Poster 4th Of July Poster Gift For Patriotic

However, I also couldn’t help but notice that now 20 Democrat-led States have filed against  T X.

And Ohio, whose G* v * n*r still has 12 Articles of Imp*echm*nt pending against him (wherein one of those Articles accuses the G*v of meddling in the Primary El* ct*on), but Ohio is sort of going rogue, backing neither Party but saying:

the court should still resolve the fundamental question posed by the Lone Star State: Does the Constitution permit state courts and state officials to alter election rules enacted by their legislatures?

[full article here]

But then there was other truly disheartening stuff.

This one was so fucking sad, gang, but we saw it coming a mile away. (Punishable by life in prison.) (You are out of your fucking mind, gang, if you are NOT fighting to preserve the US C*nst*t*tion.)

H* ng K* ng Media Tycoon J* mm * L* i Charged Under B** j *ng’s National S* curity Law

And this one, that I have so many complicated feelings about. I, personally, do not take vaccines anymore. But we need vaccines right now, if only as a symbol to break the stranglehold of the fake p* nd* m*c. The FDA approved the Pf* z*r vaccine yesterday in a 17-4 vote, but as an emergency vaccine only.

However, the Pf * z*r clinical trials data is coming to light:

[…] The FDA said it’s aware of the reports of anaphylactic reactions and will continue to monitor the situation…

[…] Pf* z*r’s clinical trials also revealed that four participants had suffered Bell’s palsy…“Symptoms appear suddenly over a 48- to 72-hour period and generally start to improve with or without treatment after a few weeks, with recovery of some or all facial function within six months… In some cases, residual muscle weakness lasts longer or may be permanent.”

[…] The most common side effects reported in Pf* z* r’s clinical trials included injection site reactions (84 percent of people), fatigue (62.9 percent), headache (55 percent), muscle pain (38 percent), chills (31.9 percent), joint pain (23 percent), and fever (14 percent). Reactions were more severe after the second dose and in participants under 55 years.

And our most favorite statement re: vaccines here in Marilyn’s Room:

[…] Vaccine manufacturers are immune from liability for any adverse reactions.

[full article here]

And the UK is now having some questions about the Astra-Zeneca vaccine.

Plus, there are still people in this country — if you can even believe it — who have not figured out yet how to switch the channel on their TV sets. Nor have they figured out how to turn the TV off completely and get online to ferret out some actual news. Meaning, there are still people out there who believe B* d*n won… Who believe that m* sks work, or that there is even a reason left for the average person to fear the virus…

Stuff like that.

However, I did still manage to have a wonderful little morning here in Crazeysburg, listening/singing/dancing to Sam Cooke’s Greatest Hits, while having my breakfast and while the Christmas lights were twinkling in the kitchen and the many cats were merrily eating their 9Lives canned cat food.

Simple pleasures. You gotta grab them while you can, gang.

So, play the first video below really loudly!! You will indeed feel better. Guaranteed. (Works better than a vaccine, I think.) Okay.

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.

This would be really amusing  — if it weren’t so fucking REAL:

This was so mind-blowing, I watched it twice in a  row. Then sent links to my friends in NYC, who are Dems who still watch mainstream m* dia… (sigh):

Still more peace in the Middle East. (N* t*n y* hu might not want to call B* d*n on the phone again just yet….)

Watch this interview again, lest you stop being outraged by all the stupid fucking m* sks we still see everywhere… (Merry Christmas, my fucking ass.)