A Good Day And It Isn’t Even Over Yet!

I guess pressure is good, gang. Knowing that I’ve only got about 4 more weeks now to complete this novel, because my play is going into rehearsals early, is forcing a whole lot of words out onto the page.

I got a lot written on Blessed By Light today and I’m still not done. I can tell more is coming – so much more than those 2 damn words that came yesterday and frustrated me so much.

I am almost done with Chapter 22, which is in 4 parts:

  • a. Sinners
  • b. Infidel
  • c. Compadres
  • d. Diamonds in the Fire

I’m just now starting part d. Diamonds in the Fire, which I think is going to be all-out sex. We can only hope!

I posted some of part a. Sinners, the other day.  Here is part c. Compadres. Approx. 2 pages.

[Excerpt from Blessed By Light, Chapter 22/c. His daughters have left and he's pissed off at them for trying to force him to oversee a memorial service for his best friend, George. He won't have any part of it because he knows it will just be a media circus if he does. Now he's back in the bedroom with his girlfriend, trying to get back to where they were before his daughters came over and interrupted everything. (Both men are/were older successful American musicians.)]



I know you liked him a lot. More than you let on. It’s okay, honey; he knew that, too. He did. Don’t cry.

We both knew where you were coming from in all this. We put you under a lot of pressure sometimes. And you were always such a good sport.

No - more than that.

Under all those shenanigans - the three-ways, the demons, the complicated stuff and everything we’ve been through together and then with George; under all of it, you are a really good friend. To me.

And he knew that. And he loved you for it. Because he’d been my friend forever. And he saw everything in you – how much you love me, honey.

So don’t you even think about crying.

He knew. All of it. He knew.


George said to me once, “You gotta watch yourself with all these girls, man.” This was back in the early days, during my first wife. And he wasn’t getting high-minded, or anything, because George knew his way around a Divorce Court, that’s for sure. He knew about getting served – all those process servers finding their ways to him with those divorce papers when he was least expecting it.

He was no saint in the bedroom, not even close.

But he warned me that I was gonna get eaten alive by girls if I wasn’t careful.

I was cute back then, you know.

Don’t laugh, honey. I was seriously cute. (And I know you know – you look at all the old pictures. You still google me all the time – don’t lie.)

He said, “Some girls will drain you. You gotta watch out for that energy. When you’re feeling drained by a girl, just get the fuck away. Because it’s telling you something important about that girl’s soul – it’s quicksand. And if she sets you on fire in bed – be just as careful, because that one’s gonna drain you, too, in the end. When you’re least prepared, she’ll chew your balls right off with her teeth, and then what good are you?”

Of course, he was right. I still learned it the hard way, but I did eventually learn that he was right.

Then he also said, “The ones you wanna find are the angels. They are the ones who are tough, and who will kick your butt a little bit, but they are gonna be there for you when that shit train comes – and, man, it will. It just will. I guarantee you, you live long enough, get rich enough, successful enough, the shit train comes and stops right at your door. At your very feet. The angel will get right onboard with you and ride that awful train until the world starts turning your way again. She will. And it will. The world, I mean.”

He said that. He was so famous; he rode a hell of a lot of shit trains. He found himself a couple of angels, too, over the years. And they kicked his butt in Divorce Court, because angels don’t like to be cheated on any more than regular girls do, I guess.

He thought my second wife was an angel. He saw that right away, even before I married her.

What he said about you was different, though.

He and I were out there smoking cigarettes by his car – after our first three-way with you. The night he told me that I was a fool for not seeing how much you loved me – he said, “She’s in the darkness, that one. She’s dark. But she’s got wings. I felt them flutter a little bit when I was fucking her from behind. But man, when she was fucking you – those wings were in full bloom. Full bloom, man. There is an angel in all that darkness. I guarantee it.”

And he was right. You’re my angel. For sure.
Come here, now. You come to Daddy, little angel.
Just come on over here and show me those wings.

© -2019 Marilyn Jaye Lewis

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