Yesterday! Who Needs It ??!!

Man, I won’t say that yesterday totally sucked, but a great big bunch of it did.

I like to think it was the full moon because I refuse to think that my life just suddenly starts sucking for no reason.

I need the cause to be celestial and wholly beyond my control.

I am, of course, mad at myself because I got no writing done on Blessed By Light. Every time I looked at it yesterday, all I saw were the current pages that were not working and I felt completely incapable of understanding how to make them work. And so, after quite a few hours of that kind of frustration, I focused on something – and someone – else.

My good friend Iris in NYC has another new book out. This one titled, Shame.  I prepared a Q &A with her to post here later this week, most likely.  So at least I managed to do  one thing productive yesterday.

Btw, Shame has just been short-listed by North of Oxford as one of their Top Reads for summer. Loyal readers of this lofty blog no doubt recall that Iris writes poetry, flash and microfiction. And even though she is one of my closest friends, I am serious when I say that she is an incredible writer. And not just because she’s my friend.

I had a lot of chores I needed to do yesterday, but I put all of them off, thinking that I needed to focus on the novel. So by last evening, I was just really pissed off. No writing got done and no chores got done, either.  All I’d done was studied Italian and watched episode 2 of Endeavor.

And that means that today I have to get out there this minute and run all the fucking errands that didn’t get done yesterday. And hopefully make headway in the novel today.

So I’m gonna scoot now, gang. But I will likely post again later this evening, when (I hope) my mind clears and my frustration subsides.

We’ll see if folks in London post to Instagram tonight. Honestly, it looks like only 2 people posted from Birmingham on Monday night, so this might be the new trend.  (I am of course talking about the Conversations with Nick Cave, if you’re new to the blog and thinking I’m out of my mind…) (I am out of my mind, but it has nothing to do with people in London or Birmingham and their Instagram habits…)

Meanwhile, have a great day. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys.  I will see ya later!

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