Yay! The Heat Wave Finally Broke

As promised, the thunderstorms came through last night in a big way and the intense heat wave finally broke.

Even though it’s grey here today and likely to keep on storming for most of  the day, it is only 72 degrees Fahrenhiet right now, gang, and I can think!! And I can breathe!! And I’m not sweating like a Tropical Fuck Storm!!

Yay! Because I have a whole lot more to do on that play and I must do it TODAY.

And it is indeed my birthday today.  And I would much rather spend this special day thinking and breathing and not sweating!!

Even though I had to cut the day short yesterday because of the intense heat, I did get some really good work done on the play early on and I was so incredibly happy with it.

I was forced to stop at an intense juncture, though, because I honestly just couldn’t think anymore. It was so fucking hot. And I seriously needed my brain in working order.

It’s a part in the play about a segment of Helen’s life that was very, very important to her and to what came later for her, but the way it is written now — the director didn’t say it in so many words, but he finds it boring. Non-theatrical. And so I must find a way to “theatricalize” it!! Because I can’t leave it out. I not only owe it to Helen to keep it in, but it lays the groundwork for the most important elements of Helen’s private life.

Yes, it’s days like today that I miss easy access to illegally obtained prescription medications! The kind that make your brain seriously focus!

I guess I will have to rely on my regular brain, instead. And coffee.

That said, I really gotta scoot.  And get focused. And spend my day as my dear friend Kara advised in a text to me during the wee small hours of the stormy night, “celebrate the day of your birth with your words.” So I’m gonna do that!

Have a great Monday wherever you are in the world, gang! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

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