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Rainy Day in Crazeysburg

Yes, another rainy day here. After today, though, we have some really good-looking weather coming our way for the next week. I’m really looking forward to it.

It did rain yesterday so the Mexican sunflowers haven’t been planted yet. And I barely got any housecleaning done yesterday because I kept going back to bed and sleeping.

I’m keeping this brief today, gang. I need to get some more notes together on the new short story. Gotta turn it in this weekend.

The good news is that the a * d it s are bringing the house down. Absolutely everything is finally being exposed. And several other States are waking up to the idea that they might just need a forensic a * dit, as well.

Here it comes. The dominoes falling in that pretty cascading thing they do!

Aside from the a * dits and the entirely weird (fake) B * den trip to G 7 (is anyone at all thinking that this is guy is real?), the news that I found most interesting is down below.

Have a terrific Friday, gang, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


FYI: P * trio t str eet f ight er is still on the road. His live streams should be back soon. He gives daily briefs and updates on his t e l e g r am channel.

Below: Looks like the U K doesn’t like this guy. Sounds like it won’t be long before they slap him in the street, too (a la Macron in France) (59 seconds):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8; great updates on the a* d its (15 mins):

Below: Excellent info! Jean-Claude, J * co, and Tarot by Janine. If you’re ascending or want to be part of the new SSP don’t miss this! (non-PPV version) (1 hr 20 mins):

Below: David N * no Ro d rigue z update: Cyber attacks. Expect anything!! (15 mins):

Below: M * ch a el J * co update ( 43 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (48 mins):

Ever Onward, Gang!

Wow, am I tired today. Just exhausted.

I’ve been hearing from multiple sources that there’s a ton of volatile stuff going on either astrologically or with the sun, or the upcoming eclipse, or with the Ascension stuff, or with the Schumann Resonances, or I’m not really sure what. But we’re supposed to expect huge mood and energy swings right now.

And I have to concur, gang.

And I can attest to the fact that I am also just off the charts exhausted today.

However, I have chores to do around here that must to be done because there are seven feral cats living here who always, always, always promise to keep their fur to themselves and yet I still find cat hair everywhere

And even though they swear that while I’m away at the store, they’re here vacuuming and dusting and just tidying up in general, I always come home and — I don’t know. I hate to be hyper-critical, since they’re just cats, but not only do things kind of look exactly the same as when I left, often it actually looks worse

So anyway. I gotta clean today and do laundry. And at least get some notes on paper for the new erotic short story to write and then turn in this weekend to the kind folks in Sweden.

Another thing I need to do is a little gardening! Digging dirt, moving it around, putting it back. Yes!

The owner of the health food store where I work brought in several Mexican Sundance sunflowers that are ready to be planted in the ground. I got three of them! They are each about a foot tall already, and they are very interactive. Just full of life. The three that came home with me were actually holding my hand at the store so I couldn’t bear to part with them.

At first. my co-workers were laughing at me when I said that the plants were holding my hand. But when my [17]-following co-worker friend tried it — she put the top of her hand under one of the leaves of the plant and the leaf actually curled around her hand and “held” it — she said, “Oh my gosh, this one actually likes me! I’m taking this one home!”

The owner looked at me like I was from Mars, but one thing I feel absolutely certain of, gang: Mars is not where I’m from. (I don’t know where I’m from, I only know that it’s not Mars.) (There are beings out there who are now trying hard to tell my where I’m from, but: a.) I’m not 100% sure that I want to know; b.) I can’t pronounce it anyway; and c.) I can’t spell it, either.)

Anyway, I’m super excited to have these three new living creatures here at my house and they need to be planted in the ground. Today, if possible, but it’s looking like it will rain. We’ll see.

Eventually they will each look like the photo below and will attract lots of butterflies! (Meaning that each of the three plants will expand like this one below.)

Tithonia, Sundance | Gardens | Mexican sunflower, Annual ...

Okay. Melancholy: The Little Book of Lost Gloves is now available for sale over at CaveThings.com. There is a regular book (£45.00) and a special edition book (£145.00) and in all honesty, I do not have a clue how the Special Edition works. It seems to involve geometry, trigonometry, and all sorts of higher math, but the Special Edition involves choosing one Polaroid from 100 Polaroid photos of lost gloves and then somehow it becomes limited to “10”. To ten “what,” I don’t know. I do not understand and I have no idea why that means it costs an additional £100.00. I feel certain I am totally missing the point on how this thing works, but I can’t afford it anyway so it doesn’t matter. However, if you’re good at math and can understand the instructions and want one of the books, the link is here!!

Also, the official Nick Cave site announced today that there are now lyric videos for Carnage on YouTube. I’m guessing this is in preparation for the upcoming release of Carnage on vinyl and on CD, and also the Q & A with Nick Cave and Warren Ellis — all happening next Friday, June 18th.

Okay. Before I close this, I will post the following in the event it is of interest to you and you live in America. It comes with an official warning that this stuff could kill you, but there seem to be a lot of people who don’t think so and I’m just the messenger, gang. You are strongly cautioned.

$4.99 plus shipping; limit 100 per customer.

Okay. Have a nice Thursday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang!! I love you guys. See ya!


Below: Latest update from Simon Parkes. June is looking really good, gang. (38 mins):

Below: Mi cha el J* co update. He concurs: June is looking really good, assuming you’re “awake.” ( 12 mins):

Below: Nuremburg 2.0. If you’ve participated in the scam demic or fake vax, GAME OVER in a big way. (5 mins):

Below: David N * no Rod riguez update (23 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine reveals some uncomfortable stuff about B * t c oin (14 mins):

Below: Super sad. “The joys of being tracked.” Do we have to keep saying it? Don’t get the va x (50 seconds):

Below: Ni ch ol as ven ia min and Jason [17] (43 mins):

Below: Both X *2 R* ports from last night (financial: 19 mins; political: 46 mins):

When You can’t Keep GOing, You Just Keep Going…

Do you ever feel as if you work even harder when you are asleep and dreaming, than when you’re awake and already working nonstop?

Do you then wonder why you even bother to sleep — except for the fact that you pass out from exhaustion every single night, so you can’t help but sleep?

I have been having several of those nights in a row, and last night was either the worst or the best — not sure how to phrase it. I don’t know where I was, but I was really, really busy and it seems like I was meeting a lot of — well, what do we call them? Certainly, it feels like a few of them were people. You know, terrestrial.

The rest of them… I am really just not so sure. I can barely remember any details. But they were there.


As one of the [17] drops assured us, o b * m * would reveal he was born in k * n y* when it came time to save his neck.

It’s looking like it’s time to save his neck.

I am one of those folks who never believed the h a w a ** birth cert ifi cate story. For a few reasons. One: Why did it take so fucking long for him to come up with any bir th cer tifi cate whatsoever? He was the Pres i d e nt of the Uni ted St ate s, for fuck’s sake. Two: why was he allegedly born in a hospital in H I that closed down in the late 1970s, so it could no longer be proven one way or the other? Three (and this is by far my favorite): Loretta f u d d y, the woman who finally made the H I bir th c er tifi cate public, was “mysteriously” killed in a plane crash off the coast of H I. And in the plane that carried 9 passengers, she was the only one who died.


In honor of “Who’s Going Down Now?” month, this is suddenly really easy to find:

And soon enough, it will also become really easy to find that the man listed as the father (the name-giver, as it were) was not his biological father.

And also, regarding the other guy who seems to be on the list to go down this month (the fake d r faux chi being in our primary spotlight), Disclose.tv posted an article yesterday, revealing that e l on mu sk “avoids” paying taxes….

Okay. Well. There were many, many interesting videos yesterday, gang. A lot is happening, all over the world and in those environs beyond it! I try to make my through as many as possible, and then distill it down here on the blog to the key “global” themes for you.

Yes, this is me: wake at 4am (look for photos of Nick Cave on Instagram….takes 3 seconds) then: check te le g ram; play videos if there are any. Move to bitchute. Play videos that came in during night. Check You Tube. play videos that came in during night. Browse rumble, but usually already found everyone on bitchute.

In car going to work, or running errands, or coming home: play longer videos that I haven’t listened to yet.

Throughout day, check Instagram for photos of Nick Cave. (Usually get tons and tons and TONS of photos of alpacas and Tom Petty instead — not together, though.)

Come home from work: check bitchute. Check te le gram. Check you tube. Play EVERYTHING while I prepare dinner, eat dinner, do dishes, shower, do yoga, collapse in bed… and text my [17]-following friend throughout, giving her links to the best videos, and she does the same for me.

As I fall to sleep, I wonder when the hell life will get back to normal so that I can start writing again.

That’s it.

Those are my days/evenings/nights right now and it’s been like this for well over a year.

And when folks come into the store, seek me out and quietly ask me, “When’s Tr **p coming back?” I say, “Really soon. Looking like August now.” And other customers come in, seeking me out, wanting to know how to make pine needle tea; how to get legal ivermectin without seeing a doctor; how to make hyd ro x y chloro quine; what can I do about Morgellons para sites? Do you have zeolite (yes), do you have diatomaceous earth (yes), do you have powdered charcoal (yes — but we’re sold out), “Oh no! what about this powdered charcoal toothpaste stuff? Can I take that instead?” (look at the ingredients: Yes! You can!)

Not sure when my life became THIS, but this is what it is. (And throughout it ALL, I dodge phone calls from collection agencies who want to know when they will be paid and, frankly, I’d really like to know the answer to that, too. I’m kinda super-duper busy for a gal who consistently has no money at all…)

It is officially called a “conundrum”.

Okay! Gotta scoot and start this all over again. Have a great Wednesday, wherever it takes you! Thanks for visiting, gang! I love you guys. See ya!


Below: David N * n o R od r iguez update (26 mins):

Below: m i cha el J * co update: (28 mins):

Below: We knew this was coming!! Tarot by Janine looks at the “new” royal baby. Plus, really disturbing shit about Pitt & Jolie (18 mins):

Below: Super Soldier Talk, future timelines (2 hrs):

Below: Coast to Coast AM, UFO reverse technology, U S locations (42 mins):

Below: UFO Man, massive UFO over Yuma (2 mins 35 seconds):

Below: Nich o las Ven ia min and Mel K; great news, mass global arrests and more! (52 mins): (PS: I couldn’t link to NV’s feed, so this is mirrored)

Below: Why the magnets in the m R N As? LISTEN!!!! (11 mins):

Below: X *2 R * port; more good news on a u d i t s (35 mins):

Onward and upward, You Groovy Cats & Kittens!!

Happy Tuesday, gang!

First, I want to say how excited I was yesterday when I got the official notification that I was accepted into Simon Parkes‘ international organization, Connecting Consciousness.

I had applied a couple weeks ago and it will still be a couple more weeks before the coordinator will be in touch with me, so I have no clue yet what actually goes on in my region. But I was really so thrilled to be accepted.

Mostly because I have a pesky 3.6 seconds each day with nothing to do. And now that problem will be solved!!

Sort of just kidding, but sort of not, obviously.

Anyway. I’m really, really happy to have the chance to be involved at a grassroots level with everything he is doing to usher in the new quantum systems, the New Earth, the new consciousness — and, notably, the intergalactic nature of all that he does.

I also want to take a moment to wish my very best friend on Earth a happy posthumous birthday. Paul would have been 62 today. I know he’s thriving and digging the heck out of everything, wherever he is now. I miss him everyday. This photo of him is from around 1981, or so. I was already living in NYC and he was getting ready to move to Washington DC, where he would be the set designer for the Woolly Mammoth Theater Company.

All righty.

I can’t go into too much detail because I don’t know what actually happened — but I can say I’m not 100% surprised. Pa trio t S tr ee t f ighter has officially left the “Arise” national tour. And there is some sort of retaliatory shit going down now because of that.

I’m guessing certain ex- c i a people are proving to be a little less on the “ex” side and a little more on the “c i a” side. That would be my guess on that.

Okay. Yesterday, it was made clear far & wide that the following main stream newspapers and magazines in the West are (or were) in the pocket of the c c p:

Full List Of Western Media Outlets Participating In C h * n *se C* mm un ist Propaganda Events

• Vox
• Slate
• Boston Herald
• Boston Globe
• Huffington Post
• The Atlantic
• Fox News
• New York Times
• Newsweek
• Los Angeles Times
• Baltimore Sun
• Chicago Tribune
• The Guardian
• The New Yorker
• The Financial Times
• Foreign Policy
• The Philadelphia Inquirer
• New York Magazine
• Yahoo Finance
• National Journal
• Washington Post
• Forbes
• Bloomberg
• Minneapolis Star Tribune
• U.S. News & World Report
• San Francisco Chronicle
• Philadelphia Inquirer
• Harvard Business Review
• The Hill
• Chicago Magazine

This is evidently a list from a few months back, but it was circulating widely on te l e g r am yesterday, so I’m posting it here. And also adding that there are some M S M online news outlets that were/are experiencing outages this morning, oddly enough:

From te le g r am:

“Major global internet outage ongoing. Reddit, Twitch, CNN, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Financial Times, and many more are down….”

“CNN and France’s Le Monde also started showing error messages that appeared on the websites at around 10:00 GMT.
Separately, Amazon.com Inc’s retail website also seemed to face an outage. Amazon was not immediately available to comment.
Britain’s Guardian newspaper said its website and app were being affected. Sites of some other British news media were also not immediately loading.”

The error seemed to be located with Fastly, “a cloud computing services provider”. And they are “fixing the problem.” Well, hmmmmm…..

And also, apparently due to remarks made by the previous, current & future pres of U S ( Tr ***p) regarding b it c oin in his speech in N C on Sunday, bit c oin is now tanking. (His remarks underscore some stuff ju an o s a vin also made a few weeks back, which had everyone up in arms.)

So I guess it’s a good thing I had no money whatsoever to invest in any of the cryptos….let’s just wait and see what happens with the whole Q F S thing, right?

Well, on a personal note — those kind folks in Sweden have requested another erotic short story from me (gay male erotica), so I’m super excited! Hopefully, I can get that written before the week is out. (Another good way to use up those spare 3.6 seconds I have each day…)

But, honestly, I am really excited. And the stories they buy are always really short, so it’s not difficult for me to get one of those written in a couple of hours.

Nick Cave sent out a really wonderful Red Hand File this morning that I just loved. It was about getting old. It really was great — what he had to say about being in his 60s now. You can read it here.

(I just love Nick Cave!! Most people don’t know that because I keep it very well hidden….)

All righty.


I’m extremely upset about this new edict from a State Representative in the state of O K. He is offering a bounty of $3 million for the “safe” capture of a Bigfoot.

It makes me so sick, the idea that human beings think other beings are meant solely for financial gain and for curiosity exhibits.

Here are some famous audio files made by Ron Morehead a few years ago, in the event you are interested in hearing what Sasquatch (Bigfoot) sound like when they are communicating with each other. The first is 4 mins;, the second is about 3 mins.

And it is followed by a current discussion yesterday on Coast to Coast AM, regarding the Sasquatch creatures and their superior physical strength and their sophisticated way of communicating, etc. (27 mins.)

Okay. I better scoot. Thanks for visiting, gang. Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world!! I love you guys. See ya!


Below: M * ch ael J * co galactic star seeds chat (1 hr):

Below: M * chael J * co and Ni cholas Ven ia min chat (51 mins):

Below: Ch * r lie W * rd and Mel K Monday update (28 mins):

Below: Dr. Rei ner Fuell mich: European pension funds are completely broke and EU is completely broke. Theya re hoping the vax will kill off the people before they find this out (58 seconds):

Below: X *2 R* port : Prepare for Zero Day and cyber attacks. Patriots are in control if power goes out. (Kind of odd, considering what happened this morning with all those news outlets online.) (39 mins):

A Tiny Sunday UPdate

There was not a whole lot of news this morning, so I’ve sort of been hanging around, waiting for podcasters and broadcasters to release some stuff….

The main news in the U S, anyway, was Tr ***p’s speech last night in N C.

It was something like 2 hours long.

I didn’t feel like he said much that he hasn’t said before, but I did get the feeling he was gearing up (with that speech specifically) to sort of hit the campaign trail. Meaning the upcoming rallies this summer.

He was certainly well received by the crowd. However, the crowd did not include the ten people who voted for (the fake) B * den, which could have perhaps made a difference.

(Just kidding.)

For me, the most interesting news is not really news, but it concerns our beloved Pastor Bob Joyce, at the Household of Faith Ministry.

Is he or isn’t he, gang??

In my opinion, he doesn’t look like Elvis. Although I haven’t actually seen Elvis in something like 44 years. And Pastor Bob is completely silver-haired, including silver beard and mustache, so it’s hard to tell. And of course, there is the option of surgery to consider…

Elvis Presley Alive, his allergy betrayed him, and ...


If you listen to the short stream on the website, or any other of the recorded hymns, it sounds totally like Elvis. Unbelievably like Elvis. But of course the media says that he is just an “Elvis impersonator.” Why an Elvis impersonator who looks nothing like Elvis would be a pastor in the Deep South who sings exactly like Elvis, is sort of. Well. I don’t know.

The thing that makes me very curious indeed is that my [17]-following friend from work texted me last evening. She worked yesterday, and I did not. She said that a woman came into the store who has been to that Household of Faith church, and she has seen and heard Pastor Bob in person, and she claims it is Elvis. Without a doubt.

And she also claims that Pastor Bob will be singing at Tr ***p’s upcoming inauguration. (??)

Like everything else on Earth (and beyond) these days, I guess we will eventually find out!

But at the breakfast table this morning, I was sort of connecting the dots. M * ch ael J * ckson is also allegedly not dead. And M * cha el was married to Elvis’ daughter.

And M J and Tr***p were good friends.

Elvis was apparently more than just “acquainted” with Nixon; they were friends — or closely associated somehow.

From Pearl Harbor to Elvis: Images That Endure | National ...

And Nixon and Tr **p were also closely associated and that Tr **p knew that Nixon had a Tesla free energy machine thingy that we were given by non-terrestrials — and there is, naturally, a whole other narrative about Nixon that we were never told about. And that what happened at the Watergate was nothing close to what we were told.

Then media allegedly led us to believe Nixon was a crook and basically nuts. (Was he?)

The media did a similar thing to MJ (MJ was allegedly a p*do. Was he?) after MJ told the world that T. M a tt ol a was the Devil (and then ended his speech with the phrase: “The best is yet to come.”)(26 seconds):

Remember that I s a a c K * ppy said he believed MJ was murdered by a S pe il b*rg connection?

Anyway. I have no idea who would want to murder Elvis or why, but that murder “intent’ is what all the other famously-dead-and-now-maybe-not-so-dead people have in common. (Even J*m M * rr * son has the possible murder “intent” connection through his high-ranking m* litary father who was involved in a serious false flag that “started’ the Vietnam War….)

We could go on and on with this, right?

And in other weird fake news….

Apparently Prince H * rry and the fake Meghan had another fake royal baby. This one, a girl, named Lilibet “Lili” Diana Mountbatten-Nazi-Windsor.

Wait, I don’t think that word “Nazi” was actually in the birth announcement…

And I do think that the maybe-not-dead-Diana is more real than her quasi-namesake is…

And didn’t Tarot by Janine say recently that in some way, on June 6th (6/6 — just shy of the c a ba l’s favorite number: 666) we should watch for some sort of announcement about another fake royal baby???? (The baby was allegedly born on June 4th, but announced today: 06/06/21?)


We’ll add all that stuff to the “we’ll see” department, as well.

Meanwhile, I leave you with a couple videos. Enjoy what is left of your Sunday, okay, gang? Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: U K Doctor quits after too many deadly lies about C * vid and fake va x (8 mins):

Below: Guess who is still the Pres? (1 min):

Below: Montreal rally shouts “USA” and “C*vid Fake” (43 seconds):

Below: Oops! New cellphones don’t have 5G chips. So why all the 5G cell towers in Canada??? (HINT: it’s for chipped (aka: vaxed) people) (58 seconds):

Below: Tarot by Janine. Hmmm. So maybe juan o s a vin really is j fk jr… (17 mins):

Below: Last night’s live stream with UFO Man. I really enjoy listening to their live streams on an otherwise quiet Saturday night. (1 hr. 22 mins):

Fake Man, Fake COmpany, Fake Life? Oh, Baby! You decide!

Okay, folks, now who’s going down??

6 minutes of your viewing time spent below could help you answer that! PS: It’s well worth 6 minutes. I’m super serious about that. (Let’s watch it all crash & burn now, baby. Okay!!)

A very brief tr i b u nal update below — 1 min 45 seconds!! All your U S favorites, facing probable death sentences in the next 4 weeks. (PS: You will note that this is the third time in a week that T o m H an ks and wife are being referred to as in U S m i li t ary custody but still alive.)

Also, it’s important to note that the current and upcoming a u d its are not just going to bring back the legally el * c ted U S p r e s id ent, but the a * ud its will also determine who legally won seats in the s e n ate, and all positions “down ballot.” (below: 4 mins).

(HINT: If you’re not already enjoying the sun at git mo or on Tierra del Fuego, give up that stolen s e na te seat and pack your bags, baby!! All expenses are paid!! The trip’s on u s.)

Wow, okay, gang!

It is a really, really stunning Saturday here in Crazeysburg. And by some miraculous blessing, I have the whole day off! Yay.

To celebrate, I stayed in bed until 6am. And when I finally did get out of bed — cats were gently walking all over the comfy summer comforter that I lay beneath, wondering if I had forgotten something that comes in a can and is kept in a cupboard down in the kitchen — the incredibly beautiful sun was rising, and the whole house was filled with fresh air.

It has at long last become warm enough to have all the many windows open!! It was really just a perfect start to a perfect morning.

And I had had the most interesting dream, just before waking. It really was sort of astonishing, in its detail and symbolism. I won’t go into it here because I still don’t know what it meant. I want to mull it over. But it ended with this guy I know in real life, named Aaron, who had arranged to have my entire town covered in pure, white snow. I had opened my backdoor and everything was covered. It was more snow than I had ever seen. And I immediately thought of the Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds song, “Fifteen Feet of Pure White Snow.”

The song is rather sinister in real life, and in the dream, I couldn’t figure out whether all the snow was a good thing or a bad thing. But I did feel for certain that Aaron had arranged it because he thought it was a good thing.

Anyway. So far, it’s been a really interesting morning.

I’m going to try to get more work done on my own writing today (and tomorrow). But I am also studying the 12 cell salts (also known as tissue salts). I find it really fascinating, but it takes a lot of concentration. It’s one of those healing arts that takes years to learn and I am, truly, just starting.

The Importance of Cell Salts | Hyland's Homeopathic

Okay. I’m going to get the day underway here. I hope you have a terrific Saturday, wherever you are in the world!! I leave you with the breakfast-listening music from this morning — still on the incredible Nitty Gritty Dirt Band album from 1989, Will the Circle Be Unbroken, Vol. 2. This time, John Prine is on lead vocal with “Grandpa Was A Carpenter.”

Since all the windows were wide open in the kitchen, I’m hoping my neighbors enjoyed the song as much as my 7 happy cats and I did!! A truly upbeat, fun song. Worth listening to relentlessly…

Okay. Play it loud and enjoy — until your neighbors tell you to” knock it off already, it’s only 6am!!” And thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: Ch * rlie W * r d, A. Van der st **le, P * trick B y rne, S a cha S tone, Scott M c Kay. Q F S and e * lec tion integrity (43 mins):

Below: Di gi tal Warr iors. Political Wipe-Out . U K/ S pain. (36 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 Friday Afternoon Chat with Zak! (1 hr):

Below: David N * no Rod ri guez chats with a dying breed, retired Navy SEAL Shawn Ryan. (39 mins):

Below: Okay, I hate this subject with every fiber of my being, but it was a good video. Tarot by Janine and Ashley do a deep dive on Notre Dame fire and the clone of Jesus Christ (17 mins):

Below: 2 videos from Coast to Coast AM’s Beyond Belief, on U S government involvement in UFOs and non-terrestrials. (41 mins. and 35 mins):

Below: X *2 R* port : A week to remember. (Indeed!!) (52 mins):

Gone, Baby, Gone!

This is going to be a quick one, gang, because I am running late again here.

Mostly, I wanted you to watch the 7-minute video below, regarding Day One of the m i li t ary tr i * bunal for ja me s c* m ey, former director of f b i. The horrors of o b a ma’ s pre si de n cy were simply boundless.

Many months ago, I posted an article about some deliveries that were intercepted but that were supposed to have been made to an AFB here in the States. Somewhere in the southeastern area of the country – I think. I’m not real certain about where all the AFBs are located, gang. (I do know that there is a major one here in Ohio — Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.)

Anyway. The intercepted deliveries came from c h * na, and were allegedly SMART guillotines. To be used on A m er ic ans and developed during the o b a ma a d min stration.

They were “SMART” because they could allegedly recognize members of the d **p s t * te/ c a b a l and block any accidental use of a guillotine on one of them.

The guillotines were meant for the FEMA camps. The FEMA camps were meant for Americans who opposed o b a ma ‘s terror regime.

So, please watch that video above and make up your own minds about its potential veracity. It is only 7 minutes of your time.

(On my old blog, I used to post constantly about my loathing and outrage over o b am a and most of my readers thought I was a delusional, overreacting conspiracy theorist. I’m still not so sure…) (And just FYI: I don’t post half of the stuff I uncover on a daily basis around here because a lot of it is really just too disgusting and/or heartbreaking. I don’t want it living on my blog.)

On another yet sort of distressingly similar note: This morning, for the first time in well over a year, I saw the headlines from a national newspaper here in the States, USA Today.

I was absolutely astounded by it, gang. I never see mainstream news anymore, nor do I have TV service, so I don’t watch any M S M news, either.

What are the words for how appalling it is? Holy shit, right? The lies, the misdirections, the misinformation. They even still have a stupid Kardashian making headlines in the news!

Anyway. I gotta scoot. Thanks for visiting, gang. Make it a good day out there, okay? Stay alert and protect the children. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: Several from UFO Man. The anticipated government UFO Report will be 16-17 pages long and “underwhelms” (3 mins); a UFO sighting in Holland (1 min); UFO sightings in North Carolina (2 mins); UFOs are NOT from Earth (1 min):

Below: An expansive Ch * r lie W *r d update (43 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 78 A * dit updates (15 mins):

Below: More help protecting yourself from v ax shedders (19 mins):

Below: Short documentary on modern day slavery. (And here’s a helpful hint: Stay the fuck out of Tripoli…) (20 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * PORT: The hunt is on (46 mins):

Ah, Yes! The Good Old Days!

When liberty used to cost only 5 cents! Unlike now, where the potential cost of it is the modification of your DNA…


Here is something that will be very handy for Americans — since I think we are the only country in the world that has made hy dr o xy chl or i qui ne illegal to sell without a prescription. Why not just make it at home??? Turns out it’s super easy! (So easy, that it only takes 58 seconds to tell you how to do it!!)

And here’s another very interesting update on the m * li tary tr i bu nals. Turns out that Git mo is full, gang! (Oh, and I learned yesterday that the tri bu n als cannot put anyone on trial for Crimes against Humanity — only for military crimes, like treason — which is likely why a d a m s c h i f f has not (yet) been found guilty of ch i ld s ex / mur der in places like the Sta n dar d H o tel in L A.) Crimes against Humanity get tried in places like The Hague.) (Are there places “like” The Hague, or is there only The Hague??)

Some of the info below contradicts other things we have heard about entertainers and movie stars who were said to have already been e x e c ut ed (i.e., Gaga, Hanks) …. but it is still very interesting info about Tiera Del Fuego. Worth 3 minutes and 24 seconds of your time!

And there was another quite interesting a rr est whose time had come! (Recognize scarf-lady?) (Don’t cry for me, Argentina, or anything like that…)

Also, U K podcasters caution you to disbelieve M S M statistics that tell you hundreds, or even thousands, of people joined the anti-l* ck d*wn protest in London over the weekend. The actual number was closer to one million protesters…. (that’s just a photo, so don’t try to “play” it!! kekekek)

And there was lots of great information in yesterday’s Di gi tal War rio rs update (U K/ Sp ain):

And before I go off on a veritable Nick Cave update spree… I want to mention a very interesting, albeit extremely sad, update.

Remember how certain airlines were saying you could not fly with them until you were vax xed??? Oops!! Since it turns out the vaxes cause life-threatening blood clots, and since folks who are at risk of blood clots are not allowed to fly in airplanes (don’t know, yet, about flying in TR-3Bs)… Well, turns out, vaxxed folks will now be banned from flying in airplanes, too.

Darn. And here they went and altered their DNA and filled their bodies to the brim with na no bots that will severely shorten their life expectancies in order to fly to Tiera Del Fuego. Oops! I mean, um, Ft. Lauderdale or someplace like that.

Okay. It’s actually not funny. At all. But who will the airlines be ferrying at this point? The unvaxed can’t fly. The vaxxed will likely die even sooner if they fly so now they can’t fly, either… And non-terrestrials have much more efficient modes of air transportation. Who is left???

On a more somber note — I spoke with my ex-husband in Seattle yesterday. He was feeling very blue about the vax situation because everyone is pressuring him to get it, but he refuses. He said, “I will be 65 in 3 weeks. I didn’t live to be 65 just to get a blood clot and die.” However, he told me that his entire family back home in Sing a p ore have had the c* vid PCR tests and the fake vaxes because it is mandatory in that country. An entire country. It is so sad. His mom is 86. Chances are high that she could pass away from that vax (or anything else, really) before he has a chance to see her again. (And not just because of the forced vax — but to visit Sing a pore right now mandates a forced vax on the visitor and a 3-week quarantine-hotel stay, at your own expense.)

This stuff does indeed keep me awake at night, gang, because it is so tragic. His entire family, forced to be vaxxed. So I continue to thank the entire universe for my CBD oil, otherwise, I would never sleep.

Okay. For some mysterious reason, I have neglected to post my many Nick Cave updates from this past week!!

The announcement that I found most disheartening was this one: In honor of Carnage finally being released on CD and vinyl on June 18th, there is going to be a live, online Q &A with Nick Cave and Warren Ellis about Carnage, on Friday, June 18th, at 7PM BST. (Info on how to submit your question is here.)

Sadly, this is the very same time when grown-ups in America who have jobs in health food stores actually have to work…. So that fucking sucks.

Also, Cave Things announced that you can now listen to “Letter to Cynthia” on YouTube! Which, oddly enough, you will find directly below!!

And, also last week, Nick Cave put out a Red Hand File that was really just amazing. Some great advice about how to get over yourself and just keep on living… (I am paraphrasing hugely. What he said was much more compassionate.) You can read it here.

All righty.

One more (sad) video. If you hadn’t kept up on this trend, there was at least one orphanage/convent in Canada where the remains of babies and children were dug up from mass graves. Very, very fucking sad.

Tarot by Janine looks at this sad situation this morning:

And then last night’s UFO Man Saturday night live stream:

Okay. I guess that’s it for this fine Sunday morning in cold and rainy Crazeysburg.

And in keeping with the holiday weekend, I leave you with “Stars & Stripes Forever” — a John Philip Sousa favorite from yesteryear!! (Listen at your own risk! Once this gets in your head, you will not get it out!!) All righty. See ya, gang. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys!!

The BAd News Is Not So bad

Actually, the only bad news so far today is that it is going to be rainy and cold here in Crazeysburg for most of the upcoming holiday weekend (Memorial Day).

The good news is that on Monday, when the holiday actually takes place, it will be sunny and mild.

And the other part of the good news is that I was able to buy two pre-planted pots of petunias to set out on my front porch this summer. This is perhaps 1/100th of the amount of flowers I usually have on my back step, my two porches, and around my barn all summer, but they are at least flowers. And they are healthy, so I am happy.

I had a very interesting “download” during my post-breakfast meditation this morning. In fact, during my Inner Being journaling at the breakfast table, they told me it was coming — this download of information. (I tell you, gang, even my daily Inner Being Dialogues are changing, becoming more revealing; everything in the entire world is changing and becoming more revealing…)

Anyway. I won’t go into the whole download thing, but the most intriguing part, to me, was that: indeed, as you may have already heard, many of the new babies being born all over the world now are in fact “star seeds” and they are coming into this world brand new, never having been in human consciousness before, yet fully equipped to handle the New Life & Light that is arriving here on Earth already; and that millions of people, who are not able to “tolerate” or (I don’t remember the word they used) handle, or who don’t wish to experience the New Light that is arriving, will remove themselves, and are already removing themselves from the experience of the New Earth.

Mostly, the meditation download was about not having fear; that there was no cause for fear. And that those of us who will flourish in the New Light, came here for this purpose in the first place — to be part of it.

I have lots of thoughts about this, but I won’t go on and on about that right now.

Mostly, I wanted to address two specific (non-related) things today.

The first one being the general reactions, yesterday, to Romana Didulo. Some people, like Ch * r lie W * rd, are saying that she chose herself to be Commander-in-Chief of the Sovereign Republic of Canada.

Some are even saying that she is a d**p st*te plant, but that makes no sense whatsoever, if you actually listen to her and/or read what she is encouraging Canadians to do. Meaning: empower themselves; to take off the m*sks and burn them; to gather in groups; don’t get vaxed; c*vid was a lie; Canadians’ lives and freedoms come first; the big corporations will be liable for crimes against humanity and will face the death penalty.

That’s just not how the d **p st*te plants talk…

Whether or not she appointed herself, or was appointed by the allied white hats– we shall have to wait and see. In the meantime, I really like her, so it will be engaging to watch.

I’m also still hearing that a lot of the vaxes out there could be placebos at this stage, gang. Let’s just pray that is true, okay? Maybe, the way the c a b al made up those horrible death totals about c * vid to scare us, but which weren’t true — only a fraction of those numbers were actual deaths. Well, maybe the white hats are now doing the same thing with the vaxes, to scare us into not getting it? Saying that all these millions will die from the vax within 2-3 years — but that it’s not really true?

Don’t put your hopes into that, or anything. I’m just tossing that thought out there because I’m wishing it turns out to be that way.

The other thing I wanted to bring up — I will post the video below. Ni ch olas Ven iamin chatted with a woman about biofeedback, and she stressed that this was the only way to rid oneself of invading nano bots from those who are vaxed, and that pine needle tea and alfalfa baths do not work… at first, she actually called them “bullshit.”

However, she did back-pedal a bit as the interview went on and stated that these things were not strong enough to fully work, and that only biofeedback would work completely — but that none of anything would work on those who were fully vaxed.

While I love the idea of biofeedback — and I even felt some of the benefits of what she briefly did for Ni ch olas with biofeedback in the video — I can personally confirm that the alfalfa bath worked for me. It fully restored my hearing in about 10 minutes, among other things. (I was also doing the ionic detox footbaths, too, which I believe also helped, based solely on how it made me feel, before, during and after.)

She is offering 14 free days of biofeedback through an app you download to your phone or tablet. However, I don’t know if you have to then purchase a full program, which I think starts at about $2000. I honestly don’t know if it’s simply free for 2 weeks, or if there is a catch. I checked the web site on my phone and I could not proceed without giving out personal info, so I didn’t proceed. (However, I did notice that on my laptop, the site is blocked. Only a chat bot comes up.)

Whatever. What I really wanted to say was that I found her viewpoint on people who are vaxed to be utterly horrifying. She believes that all vaxed people are already basically zombies (the true walking dead and that their actual souls have literally been switched off) and that they should be put into the FEMA camps and have their heads cut off. (To get the nano bots to stop spreading.) That nothing is going to stop the vaxed from spreading the c a b a l’s depopulation agenda in to us and so the vaxed have to be, in essence, shipped off to concentration camps and exterminated (my words).

You can only guess how I feel about that idea.

You have to come to your own decisions, gang. But I’ll remind you of this: Jesus not only walked among the lepers, but everything Jesus really believed in, taught, or did has been censored from us for 2 thousand years and counting. So I’m guessing he was more powerful, more influential than we can even imagine. So I’m not going to fear walking among the vaxed, nor will I ever get behind any attempt to exterminate anyone for anything.

Put on the full armor of God, people, and you will receive the guidance you need. Maybe it’s biofeedback, maybe it’s pine needle tea, or alfalfa baths, or Med Beds, or something incredibly mind-blowing that we haven’t even dreamed of yet.

As frightening as life on Earth (and beyond) can sometimes be, “exterminating people” is never the answer. Ever. I honestly believe that God has opened doors for us all over the place, and it is up to us to tune in to where those open doors are and fucking walk through them.

[Well, oddly enough, I can no longer find Nicholas’s interview with the woman re: biofeedback, so it is not posted below… – Ed.]

Okay, so!

The Republic of Canada is clearly on track to something or other, but whatever it is, it’s interesting as fuck.

The U K is seriously overrun with white hats now. I think that’s kind of obvious. (M S M, B B C, Ma t t Han cock, Princ e H a r r y or whoever that really is, and the return of Di an a on the horizon.)

And here in the U S, the M S M seems to be highly infiltrated by those white-hatted rascals, too; with the idea of “arrests” and “crimes against humanity” being sort of force-fed, by way of f a u c i’s clone, into the remaining few who still can’t seem to wake the fuck up…

UFOs all over the place, too.

Oh — and here’s something to ponder. C i rst en W said yesterday in a round table video, that j u an o s av in is a complete fraud. She says he is some rich guy named Wayne or something like that, who lives in a houseboat in W A State.

I don’t believe she has ever met him. I think maybe she has spoken to him on the phone once? I think that’s what she said. So it’s curious that others who have met him in person — Da v id N *no Ro driguez, Mich ael J*co, P * triot Str eet fighter — think he’s the real deal.

I’m not crazy about what he’s been saying this past month, but I found it curious that she went so far as to say he was a fraud… (she does tend to badmouth other podcasters, so I’m not a huge fan of hers. I guess, like everything else, though, we will see.)

Okay, gang!! I just looked out my window and that much-promised rain has arrived! I hope you’re having a nice Friday wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting!! I love you guys. See ya!

(Oops!!Breakfast-listening music below!! Enjoy!! Even though the song is about nighttime!!)


Roundtable: Street fighter, Jaco, Nino, O’Brien:

Below: This was awesome! Multi-dimensional time travel:

Below: Nich o las and Ch * rlie:

Below: A little more info on Romana:

Below: Ni ch o las and Alan F ount ain:

Below: X *2 R * port:

Time TO Re-Group

Well, gang, I guess it’s a good thing that I haven’t been able to seriously focus on the new writing for a couple months now, because my new (and most favorite) publisher closed up shop yesterday.

Went out of business and closed. Gave everyone their rights back. It was for political reasons.

So, if you’re new here and on a computer (not a phone) — ignore the links on those erotica book covers at the right side of the page: Half- Moon Bride and 1954 Powder Blue Pickup. They will take you nowhere!!


Hopefully, I will have time on Thursday to re-format the manuscripts and publish them to Smashwords and Kindle. And just move on. (Assuming the books don’t get flagged for pushing too many boundaries of “questionable consent.” The new (ex-) publisher specifically focused on taboo erotica, which is getting harder and harder to publish anywhere else, so we’ll see.)

This means that I won’t be publishing a Volume 4 for The Muse Revisited. I will try to restore the links above for “Necessary to her Good,” and “Asleep in the Dream of Life.” And I will likely make the new story I’m working on, “Novitiate,” into a longer novella adn self-publish it, as well.

Okay, so!

In the event you hadn’t heard, now the (fake) government lawmakers who suck up to big ph * rma are trying to make the sale of certain supplements illegal without a prescription. These supplements would be basically anything that cures C * vid or acts as a natural v a c c ine against it. First and foremost on their list is N A C, a supplement well known for helping people to breathe:

They are doing this solely to force people to go to a doctor to get a prescription — and pay a fee to see the doctor, as well as pay for the prescription to be filled, as well as most likely be forced to have a c * vid p c r test jammed up your nose to push nano bots into your brain, as well as be pressured into getting the m R N A fake deadly vax, which the doctor gets a bonus from big p h * r ma for subjecting you to, and then you get to die in 2 years….

There is a list of about 6 common supplements that are next in line, including choline chloride, the main supplement needed for making MMS (which, in all seriousness, cures just about everything).

Hydroxychloroquine, the notoriously effective cure for c * vid, used to be legal here in the US, too. Now, however, a doctor must prescribe it because f a u c i knew a long time ago that it was the cure for any co r o n a virus. (These guys here will give you a prescription, though.) (When they aren’t under arrest by the f b i , that is.)

And in the event you don’t recall this, or never even knew: C l in ton made quinine illegal in the U S. And conveniently enough, a tiny germ of malaria is part of the fake c* vid m R N A. And quinine is the cure for malaria… If you have any doubt in your mind that the c l in tons weren’t far more evil than h i t l er could ever have dreamed of being, well… I guess, just take today off and think about it.

Anyway, I guess I don’t have to tell you how angry we are about this at the health food store — where we are notorious anti-m*skers, anti-vaxxers and all about the natural supplements that are affordable and keep you healthy.

Yesterday was a difficult day.

But today, the sun is shining. T r **p is all over everywhere, smiling and promising to be back momentarily…. States all over the Union are joining the push to have the 2 0 2 0 v*tes audited and finding —oops! — that a whopping bunch of d e m o c r a t s cheated (beyond belief).

The rest of us, though, solely as a precaution, are dying our flags black and loading our guns with ammunition. (Yes! Even at the health food store! Personally, I don’t own a gun, but one of my co-workers, a 50-year-old mom of 4 from Alabama, owns two AK 47s… I find this extremely amusing because, until yesterday, I didn’t realize I even knew one person who owned one AK 47.)

Okay. More and more and more news of note is coming to light, gang. I leave you with several very interesting videos below. Notably:

Arrests are being made, sentences are being carried out.

As many as 60,000 d **p st * te culpirts have been a r es t ed so far, world wide.

Israel is finally going to be free, beginning June 11th (!!)

Tr ** p is basically already back.

All righty. I’m gonna scoot. Thanks for visiting!! Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world, gang. I leave you with my breakfast- listening music from this morning — a malt shop favorite from yesteryear!! “Come Go With Me” by the Del-Vikings! Enjoy. I love you guys. See ya!! (Oh, and PS: still hearing that J f k Jr will be the new V P when Tr **p returns as the 19th Pres under the restored 1776 Con st i t uion. We shall see!!!)


Below: Tarot by Janine; Awesome news about Israel!!! (16 mins):

Below: J u an O S a vin chats with Brice Wat son and Tom Num bers (1 hr 27 mins):

Below: David N * no R od r iguez : The next distraction (24 mins):

Below: Satanic p e do ph il e, ex-c i a director, br en nan : guilty (6 mins):

Below: Awesome chat! N ic h olas Ven iamin and Michael J * co (1 hr 12 mins):

Below: Pr o j ec t V er i tas strikes again! ( 4 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 78 News (22 mins):

Below: X *2 R * port (44 mins):