14 Free Seconds While I Drink My Final Coffee of Summer!!

All righty!! The Labor Day holiday is here! The last gasp of summer is upon us!

I noticed quite a few cars heading off to work this morning, around 5:30am. So I guess a number of my neighbors are working on this fine American holiday that’s supposed to celebrate not working!

Ah, well.

I’m working, too, of course! But yesterday, I finally finished that segment of the play that I’d been struggling with for over 2 weeks, sent it off to the director in NYC, and he really loved it. And I actually do, too.

I finally, finally nailed it. And it only amounts to a lowly 2  and a 1/2 pages (!!), but it’s a story arc that shifts us from joy into something dark and turbulent, and none of it takes place in real-time; it all takes place within a painting within a dream. So it just took me forever.

The next segment is tragic, but I have a grasp already on how I want it to play out. So I’m feeling really good. I don’t mind working my life away.

And speaking of working our lives away… this morning, Nick Cave announced a million more Conversations in Europe for January 2020 !!!

Or maybe just 8? Whatever the true number, more Conversations are coming in January.  However, I’m still not seeing Crazeysburg on that list of upcoming shows, and we are only a hop, skip, and a jump (and a jump and a jump and a jump and a jump and a jump and a jump and a plane and a bus ride) from let’s say, Germany… and there are at least 14 people here who would likely be willing to brave the January weather and make that 3-block trek in the ice and snow to our humble Town Hall… I guess 14 people will simply have to wait for Providence to shine upon them some other time.

Okay, gang. If you’re Stateside and having a cookout today, or going to the lake, or any of those really fun & cool things that I will once again not be doing, have a really great time!! Thanks for visiting! I leave you with what I was listening to this final morning of summer… a true heartbreaker, as we say goodbye to what we long for. But so very lovely.  I love you guys! See ya!!

“Que La Vie Était Jolie”

Que la vie était jolie
Près de toi au long des jours
Aujourd’hui tout est fini
Dans les bras d’un autre amour

Au matin s’en est allé
Celui que j’ai tant aimé
Et je pleure sans espoir
Sans espoir de le revoir

Je voudrai ne plus penser
A la joie à nos baisers
Malgré tout j’entends sa voix
Qui me dit tous ces mots-là

Mes amis ont essayé
De m’aider à oublier
Mais je reste sans désir
Je suis triste à en mourir

Une fille est à son bras
Y’a pas longtemps, c’était moi
C’était moi qui l’embrassais
Et j’y croirai à jamais

Que la vie était jolie
Près de toi au long des jours
Aujourd’hui tout est fini
Mais je t’attendrai toujours




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