Please! At the Very Least, Know How to Spell!

Okay, well. I have officially un-joined yet another extreme dating site. I had truly an endless number of men writing to me, even  though my profile clearly stated that I was looking for a female and the only female who did write to me lived about 800 miles to the south of here and could not spell!!!

You know, if you don’t know how to spell, there is this thing called spellcheck. If you use it, I will never know if you can spell or not; I will just assume that you know how. I don’t ever give any sort of surprise spelling tests or anything. Once I assume that you can spell, then we’re usually good to go and your ability or inability to spell will likely never cross my mind.

But, man. This female simply could not spell and that was just the final straw. And the specific words that she couldn’t spell were just ludicrously simple. So I got fed up and I quit the site.

Oddly enough, I got invited to a sort of party last night. Just a sort of “come over and drink with me because my daughter has a sleepover at a friend’s house ” type thing.

I thought it was so cool that I was invited. Most people— pretty much everyone except my friend Kara — do not ever invite me anywhere, least of all into their homes. But the woman is way too pretty and her boyfriend was out of town. And mere moments before she asked me if I wanted to come over and drink with her because she had the house to herself, I was thinking that she was very sexy in an over-the-top kind of way and that it would probably be really fun to have sex with her. I was even going to ask her if there was any chance she might be bi. She does not seem like someone who can spell very well, but I’m thinking there’s probably never going to be a reason why she would ever need to write to me. And obviously she drinks and I don’t anymore. Plus she smokes and she eats meat. But I was still thinking, man, she is fucking sexy. And, honestly, I don’t usually find myself thinking that these days. Plus she was really nice. She just really appealed to me. However, as soon as she said that her boyfriend was out of town… oh well. Best to leave it alone.

But Jesus Christ, right? The entire universe seems to be wanting me to just mind my own business right now. So I will. I guess, put it all into my work instead.


It is a gorgeous day here today. I am in this really good headspace. Sort of daydreamy. Not too intensely focused on any of my usual stuff, for a change.  Nick Cave has a Conversation in San Francisco tonight, then one last one in LA and the US tour will be over. So fucking weird how fast that went. I can’t get over it.

Oh that reminds me, I came across this photo from forever ago that I just love!! Long time ago now, right? Jeez. (And let me just say here that boys like these never lived next door to me! If they had, I would never have moved all those many, many times!!!)

Ah, well.

This idea that life goes on is something I have yet to fully grasp. The older I get, the harder it gets to understand— where time goes. And how it manages to go there so quickly. Wherever it goes.

Okay, I’m gonna scoot now. Thanks for visiting. You know what? I know I did this just the other day, but I’m gonna leave you again with “Shivers” by the Boys Next Door. Okay!! I love you guys. Have a great Sunday. See ya!


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