Re-Evaluating, Re-Defining, and Life Goes On

You know, it’s one thing when people illegally print & offer my books for sale and then pocket whatever profits they might make. But when they offer my stuff for free — meaning no one makes or spends any money at all, just: HERE, download it! It’s free!

It just blows my mind. Like, this concept that I might want to earn a living just eludes everyone? Or, since it has sex in it, I didn’t spend a long time sitting at my desk, writing it? Trying to make it the best story I could?

And people who do this are impossible to trace. So I don’t even try. And then I’m reduced to feeling like, well, it’s an old story and it’s nice that people still want to read it; guess I just have to write something new…

The Internet can be so frustrating. You know, they steal my entire website and mirror it somewhere in India — beam it out to the whole freaking world. And they upload all my stuff & make it available all over the place, too (if you’re diligent, you can find it, with or without a price tag). And yet the Internet is also amazing; it is my friend!! It brings the world to me!!

What I do try to do is at least keep up with it, you know? So now, as much as I would rather not do it, my erotic BDSM novella Ribbon of Darkness, from 2006, is now posted (for free) up there at the From the Vault link.

Ribbon of Darkness is a partially fictionalized account of what my life was like back when I first met my birth father, in 1989. I wrote it specifically for (the now deceased) Michael Hemmingson, who published it in 2006.

It is graphic, eroticized BDSM sex, with scenes of questionable consent, and will not be suitable for most readers. However, if it’s suitable for you, please read it here and don’t patronize the thieves!!!

AAAArrrrgggghh!!!!!  grumble grumble grumble

You can read it here. Thanks, gang.

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