Saying Goodbye to October

Well, not a whole lot has happened since I blogged here last night, so I will be brief here. (By the way, that photo of the barn up above is just off the main road here, where the farms begin. All summer long, it is hidden behind tons of leaves. In fall, it begins to re-emerge.)

Mostly, I wanted to post a photo of the last of my impatiens. The ones on the kitchen porch bloomed themselves out several weeks ago, but the ones on my front step are still in their glory. However, over the next several nights, the temperatures will dip into the 20s Fahrenheit, so the impatiens will be gone.

The last days of the impatiens on the front step.

And since I was out there photographing the flowers (in the rain), I thought you might like to see what my sidewalk looks like — a tad bit leaf-strewn! And this is only about 10% of the maple leaves. Most of them are still on the (enormous) tree!

Leaves covering my front sidewalk.

You can see here just how close the front walk is to the windows in my family room.  So when people walk by in summer and the windows are wide open, it really does feel like they are inside my house! (This is why previous owners of the house never opened the front door, and why it is now sealed shut with decades of paint. I, however, would like to get that front door opened, also maybe even put in a screen door for summer because I don’t really mind having occasional people, and various dogs on leashes, suddenly walking through my family room. We’ll see!)

I’m in my second autumn here in the house in Crazeysburg, so I’m guessing that my neighbors know now that I won’t be raking any of these many leaves. I sort of just rely on Nature to disperse them (into everyone else’s yards, I guess). And then I rake up what little is left in the Spring! (In my own yard!)

That’s just how we roll around here — since I must always be at my desk and I can’t bring my desk outside with me while I rake, God knows…

Okay! This is feeling like a really good morning over here, so I hope you have a terrific day, wherever you are in the world!! I’m gonna get back to work on the play now.  I leave you with a photo from Halloween last year — early morning.  (This is the side of my house, outside my kitchen porch.) All righty. Thanks for visiting, gang! I love you guys. See ya.

Last Halloween morning on Basin Street — it wasn’t raining!!

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