Not Free & Not Legal

I feel like Friday is now my day to want to scream at people.

Neptune & Surf is not in the public domain or anything close to it. Even if you are an Asian gaming site currently offering free downloads of the alleged “Blue Moon” version of this book, it is not legal to do it.

I know that used copies of this specific edition currently cost anywhere from $45 to $125 — and who wants to pay that? Actually not me –however, it still doesn’t mean that the Blue Moon edition is legal to download.

Neptune & Surf, Blue Moon edition

While Barney Rosset is indeed dead and Blue Moon was shuttered many years ago, the rights to Neptune & Surf are controlled by Hachette UK, and if any of you gentle readers have not read Neptune & Surf yet, and feel the irresistible urge to read it immediately and cannot afford the 99 cents  (or whatever paltry amount the Kindle edition costs) in order to download it legally; if it’s a choice between a humble bowl of soup and a lowly crust of bread, or legally buying Neptune & Surf — just contact me for godssakes.

This is getting really annoying….

Please do not patronize pirates. I’d really appreciate that, gang.

Thanks for visiting. See ya.

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