What’s Another 18 Years, Right?

I know it probably seems odd that I remember the anniversaries of the deaths of all my previous cats,  yet I do.

Yesterday marked the 18th anniversary of the death of Kitty, the stray kitten that had followed Valerie home one afternoon when Val lived out in Queens. Valerie had 7 cats and, at that point, I had none and so she brought the kitten over to my apartment in the East Village. Kitty lived to be 18 years old.

I thought it was kind of interesting that she lived 18 years and that, as of yesterday, she’d been dead for 18 years.

Gosh, I loved that cat. She was one of those cats that followed me from room to room, slept with me, was always with me. So unlike the feral cats I have now.

Anyway. Just more time, zipping past. I wanted to post a photo of her but the photos are all packed away. I couldn’t find them. But she was a sweet, tiny, mostly black cat with little patches of white. She was devoted to me. She truly was.


Work with Peitor was intense again yesterday. We seem to have reverted back to the original storyline of the script — for the most part. It’s really just taking us forever to write an 8 minute movie. But I still think it’s such a great script!!! Just so unexpected in every way.

Eventually we’ll finish it. Peitor’s already sort of casting it and also meeting potential cinematographers. So we are sort of moving ahead while trying to script it.  But it is indeed taking forever.  We’re still going shot by shot, and the set up for some of these shots will be very complicated when the shot itself might last for about 2 seconds of screen time. The whole film is like this. It literally is going to take us forever.

The next film we want to do will also last about 8 minutes — and the premise for that one is also absolutely absurd.  I’m guessing it’ll take us a year to write that 8 minute film. And then the next one will be about 15 minutes, and that one requires several locations so I’m guessing that film will take us 10 years…

Meanwhile. It’s still really fun. And I imagine that next year, I’m just going to be really busy.

Since today is Saturday, there was another one of those things on Instagram where they post approximately one minute from one of the Conversations with Nick Cave. Again, this one was from one of the Conversations in NY.

I really miss it — those Conversations. I think about them a lot. He has some more coming up in Europe in early 2020.

I can’t imagine being back in NY next year and not seeing Nick Cave talking… Ah well. As usual these days, life goes on.

I don’t  know about you guys, but I get the feeling that next year will be sort of momentous. During my morning meditations this last week, I have felt it in a pronounced way.  So many projects underway over here. Most of them likely to come to some sort of fruition in 2020, or at least be getting underway. It’s going to be so interesting.

All right, well, it’s sort of that time of year: mid-December makes me get very contemplative about life — the path I’m on and where it will lead. My mom said that in the Old Farmers Almanac, they predict snow for this Christmas. I’m not planning on traveling at all, so it will be nice to just be cozy at home, alone in all that snow. Well, alone with 7 cats. Think about life. Watch some movies. We shall soon see what the next year brings!

Kara has been in California, visiting one of her sons. She got home last night and I’m going to see her here soon, so I’m looking forward to that. I missed her! She’s pretty much my only local friend, and even though she’s originally from NY, she’s never heard any of Nick Cave’s music but she lets me go on and on about it and always acts very, very interested!! So, obviously, I’ve missed her!!

All righty, I’m gonna scoot. Hope Saturday’s been good for you! Thanks for visiting. I was listening to those old Robert Johnson recordings at breakfast today.  I leave you with one of my favorites, “I Believe I’ll Dust My Broom.” Okay. I love you guys! See ya!


2 thoughts on “What’s Another 18 Years, Right?”

  1. Thanks for this Robert Johnson video. Like Blind Lemon, he died young, curiously leaving Leadbelly, who should have died young, still standing. Love Leadbelly’s Boll Weevil (haunting) and Jean Harlow (very sad).

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