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A Curious Friday, Indeed

Okay, as usual — I’m not sure what’s going on but things feel curious, indeed.

Ivana Trump passed away yesterday. For some reason, that strikes me as kind of curious. Not sure why. I thought I heard something about her having been poisoned the other day? I have no clue, at this point, where I heard that or if it was anything remotely true.

Regardless, RIP, Ivana.

This happened yesterday, too–

From Aquila:

Italian PM Mario Draghi announces his resignation after government loses backing of populist coalition partner
Breaking news from around the world.”

Then it was followed by this:

UPDATE – Italy’s president rejects PM Draghi’s resignation, asks Draghi to address parliament in order to gauge political situation.”


Then we had this from Whiplash347:

Breaking News.🚨

Estonian prime minister Kaja Kallas has just resigned.”


There were many comms from Mr Pool, a couple about the EBS, but then quite a few that seemed very upbeat and happy. Again — I cannot post them here, or even a link to his channel.


“Nancy Drew” reported that a lot of fencing and barricades in DC are now gone:

“I was pretty happy today. Seeing that all the concrete barriers which lined the streets and parking lots on the west side of The Capitol had been removed was a great sign. They would only remove those once things were completely under control there. They’ve been there forever it seems. Also, there were barely any DHS Protective Services Agents behind the SC bldg for the first time in a while now with minimal Capitol Police in the area. To me, these are 2 small victories which ultimately will lead to our Yuge and long awaited victory, CHECKMATE. Clearly, Patriots are in control!!🙌💥💯 Now we just keep an eye on all the fencing and see when they start removing it from The Capitol or the Supreme Court. I’d love to see the roads reopened, also.”


And I got a strange email (then, later, a text) from America First, saying that President Trump would be speaking in DC next weekend, and that I needed to register to receive the link for the livestream.

So I did, but I thought that was curious. Why not just send out a text to everyone with the livestream link next weekend?


Dan Scavino posted this — (Trump boarding Airforce One and returning to DC??):


And speaking of the Air Force—

Okay, I TOLD YOU SO, damn it!!!!!!!!! (This goes out to someone specific who will remain nameless but I begged him NOT to get the vax, but he didn’t want to stand down and so he got it.)

From DeSchlopes yesterday:

Judge Demands Answers from Air Force After Sending Its Vaccine Mandate Down in Flames
‘The Air Force now has 14 days to explain to the judge why he shouldn’t issue an injunction.'” [full article here]


From Ezra A Cohen — curious, indeed:

“Last name Kissinger.
First name Henry.”


Putin is definitely up to something big today–

From Aquila:

“❗️🇷🇺 Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for an operational meeting today with permanent members of the Security Council of the Russian Federation – Peskov”

“❗️🇷🇺 Putin is expected to make an announcement during this operational meeting.”

From Intel Slava Z:

“🇷🇺 At today’s operational meeting with members of the Security Council, Putin may make an announcement, information about which, obtained by US intelligence, previously caused an urgent appeal by the United States to its citizens with a call to leave Ukraine.”


Someone posted this curious photo to Phil’s channel — (this is the only fencing left around the Capitol, I think):

And Phil responded:

“I believe the photo has much to do with the EBS, and many happenings regarding many topics we spoke about in my recent Lives, including: SCOTUS overturning 2020 election, GESARA, arrests of congressmen, and martial law”


And then this was also posted on Phil’s channel:

And he replied:


Do you remember when it was said, “All 50 US States will decertify”?
Was it a guess?
A prediction?
A prophecy?
Or was it a [PLAN]?
Eyes on the Prize.
Trust the Plan.
[ALL] dominoes in their RIght[FULL] place, before we drop the First.
No mistakes.”


In case you didn’t know this, you’d better learn it, gang. This was no “ideology”. It’s about control and gold and depopulation and always has been. Wake UP:



There were some serious fires raging in both Spain and Portugal yesterday. I don’t know why.


COVID is now being called a BA5 variant. Please don’t be an idot and fall for this, okay?


And that’s it, gang. The rest is just the usual noise and hate-spewing chaos. Oh, and, yes, a TON of stuff about digital currency markets.

Things here are pretty good, btw. After an interesting phone call with my mortgage company, I filled out a bunch of paperwork online and it looks very promising that I will be able to get some help ASAP with the house. So that’s a big relief.

The insurance guy called to say that an arborist is coming out next week to make a report on (what’s left of) my tree. And from there, the lawsuit against me will likely be dropped. We shall see.

I had a great phone conference with Peitor yesterday, regarding Abstract Absurdity Productions and our current micro-short script, Lita måste gå! (Lita’s Got to Go!)

I also got a bunch of editing done yesterday, and I put a bunch of old stories, short memoirs, and screenplays up on the blog (From the Vault2).

And I studied my French on the Mondly App (now the highlight of my evening). And I hung out with the many cats and I watered the flowers. And, overall, yesterday was a very calm and productive day.

Try to have a nice Friday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!

“It’s A Hard Life Wherever You Go”

I am a backseat driver from America
They drive to the left on Falls Road
The man at the wheel’s name is Seamus
We pass a child on the corner he knows
And Seamus says, “Now, what chance has that kid got?”
And I say from the back, “I don’t know”
He says, “There’s barbed wire at all of these exits
And there ain’t no place in Belfast for that kid to go”

It’s a hard life
It’s a hard life
It’s a very hard life
It’s a hard life wherever you go
If we poison our children with hatred
Then, the hard life is all they’ll ever know
And there ain’t no place in (Belfast) for these kids to go
(This world)

A cafeteria line in Chicago
The fat man in front of me
Is calling black people trash to his children
He’s the only trash here I see
And I’m thinking this man wears a white hood
In the night when his children should sleep
But, they slip to their window and they see him
And they think that white hood’s all they need

I was a child in the sixties
Dreams could be held through TV
With Disney and Cronkite and Martibn Luther
Oh, I believed, I believed, I believed
Now, I am a backstreet driver from America
I am not at the wheel of control
I am guilty, I am war I am the root of all evil
Lord, and I can’t drive on the left side of the road

c-1989 Nanci Griffith

Global Ceasefire Coming Up!!

Wow, gang. Okay!

Yesterday was another miracle day — my state tax return finally appeared in my bank account! Just in the nick of time! Thanks for all your prayers!

I was able to buy all the cats all of their food. I could put gas in the car. Pay my water bill and my past-due electric bill!!

Yippee ki yi yay!

Plus, I got a notification from the electric company yesterday that I might qualify for some financial assistance on the next bill, so I have to apply for that today. That bill is due in 2 weeks — so everything is really easing up around here.

In my opinon, that is all part of NESARA. (The electric bill help, plus the letter I got yesterday regarding possible help with my mortgage; and my heating/gas bill has been covered for the last 8 months already, and my student loans seem to be in a permanent holding pattern — and they’ve disappeared entirely from one of my credit reports. )

If our “government” is broke, then how come there’s all this assistance available, right? To me, that just feels like NESARA already in the background.

And then Phil’s livestream last night had some of the best news so far — a global ceasefire is underway, gang. That is definitely one of the terms of NESARA-GESARA: World peace.

According to Phil, troops worlwide are being withdrawn from wherever they’ve been and ceasefires are underway, all over the world.

Phil also added, after his livestream:

“Regardless of the intel dropped tonight (good intel and VERY good news), the SCOTUS has -still-overturned the 2020 election.

The announcement of a new “special election” that we spoke about tonight is simply the finality of the SCOTUS’ decision.

Think of it like having the General Election in early November, but waiting for the inauguration until January.

Same concept here.”

And here is the REPLAY of the livestream, in case you missed it. It is under an hour this time.

Phil drops a NEW piece of intel regarding the next moves for our country, and the rest of the people around the world. (52 mins — 10 mins opening music intro):


Aside from all that great stuff, there was this bit of interesting news from Whiplash347:

Italy’s government on the brink as 5-Star threatens to boycott confidence vote
Populist party says it won’t back cost of living package and could withdraw from fragile coalition” [full article here]

And that is really it for today, gang.

As always these days, there is a ton of stuff happening in the digital currency world, but I am really just in over my head with all that stuff. However, here’s this, which is always informative, if you can keep up with it:

Mel Carmine roundtable– QFS XRP XLM, State Nationals cannot VOTE? True or false? Neg-48, Gesara Nesara: Trolls Destroyed: (1 hr):

The rest of the news is the usual subterfuge, misdirection, and/or chaos, which you can easily find for yourselves if you want to look for it.

But here’s this–

Outdoor Chef Life reaches Alaska! (And they spend a night in a hotel!! They’ve been camping all the way from California up to Alaska.)

WILD SOCKEYE SCOTCH EGG + ROE?! | Trip of a Lifetime with Subscribers Prt.1 [Warning: Not Vegetarian, but beautiful lakes!!] (40 mins):


And that is it.

Today is another really gorgeous day here. I’m trying to take full advatange of all this great weather, gang, because next week looks like we will have a few days in a row of rain — but I should add that the crops look fantastic around here. The corn is so green and getting so tall. I just love seeing all that.

This evening, I’m supposed to have a conference call with Peitor, my partner in Abstract Absurdity Productions, as we get back to work on one of our micro-short screenplays. He is currently on the Mediterranean in the South of France and he posted some beautiiful photos on Instagram of the Bastille Day fireworks from last evening.

So today should be a peaceful day.

Have a great Thursday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys. See ya!

How’s that Quantity over Quality Working Out for You?

Happy Sunday, everybody.

I think that today is Phil’s birthday, so happy birthday, Phil! And he’s supposed to do another livestream tonight but, as alwasy, check his channel later for updates on that.

Simon Parkes had a great update last evening. Wherein he explained (among other things) how the Roe vs Wade announcement was needed in order to deploy the National Guard in all 50 states. (Meaning, potential rioting over the removal of abortion protection at the federal level would require the NG.)

If you can see past the histrionics of all this pro-life, pro-choice ugliness, you can see that a bigger storm is finally underway!!

Anyway — Simon’s update (1 hr 22 mins):

President Trump spoke at a rally in Illinois last evening, but I only lasted about 15 minutes. The unbridled lunacy over pro-life became too much for me. However, if you’d enjoy something like that, here’s the replay (3 hrs):

Again, I want to stress that I am in this fight to preserve our Constitution. And I agree that abortion doesn’t fall under the enumerated powers. And I believe it should be returned to the states to decide.

We are free to choose to live in a state where abortion is either illegal or legal. And travel to states that believe in one ideology over another.

However, the fact that few in the truther community seem to think that God is concerned with the quality of life over the quantity of it, probably hasn’t been reading that Bible they’re thumping, too closely. God was always quick to smite the enemies of the Israelites, or even the Israelites themselves. And they were alive… until God smited them. Hmmm. Quality? Quantity? God was always smiting everybody.

Or how about that Book of Jonah — a book that was important to Jesus of Nazareth and his followers. In 4:11, it states that God wants to save the more than sixscore thousand people in Nineveh and their cattle….

And I find it interesting that so many pro-lifers are not only meat-eaters, but also pro death penalty. So where exactly does the Bible come in? When it suits us?

I’m only bringing this up because both sides are approaching utter lunacy. And I’m guessing it’s because they want to keep all of us as distracted as Hell from what is underway right now.

From Ezra A Cohen late last night:


Posted on Phil’s channel from IET17:

ALSO this:

I saw this posted several places, but it is also on Phil’s channel (I don’t know if it really happened but it would be nice if it did):

And I thought this was interesting, but it has nothing to do with decertifying 2020:


And more that makes you go, “hmmmm…”

From the Gateway Pundit yesterday:

California, Oregon And Washington Create A West Coast Coalition To Provide Access To Abortions

In a statement released by California Governor Gavin Newsom, the states of California, Oregon, and Washington have come together to guarantee access to abortions for women in the U.S.” [full article here]

(The “hmmmm…” part relates to the fact that this coalition was announced by a Governor (Newsom) who already committed suicide a while ago because he was arrested for pedophilia, among other things, and was facing a military tribunal /death penalty.)


And more that makes you go, “you’re kidding? you mean they’re distracting us??”

From DC Clothesline:

HOW AMERICA ENDS: Putin announces new BRICS global reserve currency project to REPLACE the petrodollar

Although the biggest news of the week is undoubtedly the US Supreme Court overturning Roe vs. Wade, there’s another bombshell that quietly broke two days ago — one that will have a vastly more profound devastating consequences on the world than any decision coming from SCOTUS.

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that BRICS nations are going to roll out a new alternative to the US dollar’s global reserve currency status.” [full article here]


And from QTSR reagarding the return of Q:

“MASSIVE MSM attack on New Q post<

[DS] MAINSTREAM MEDIA/news and social MEDIA networks and (DS personalities) were very quick within 18 hours to dismiss the new Q Drops as fake and FALSE….//)/ Pertaining to trip codes.

Within a few short hours CodeMonkeyz was the primary target by the DEEP STATE MEDIA….. Claiming Ron was making the new Q post for political reasons.

You should understand by now
When the 4:30 am CIA MOCKINGBIRD daily TALKING POINTS were sent out to all MSM and SOCIAL MEDIA personalities > to ATTACK the new Q post as FALSE/FAKE and spin the story to Ron Watkins as the fall guy who created the post for personal Political reasons, was a PLANNED talking point by the [DS] ….
[THEY] are in PANIC!!!! As Q dropped the post and are quick to make a cover story…. Place Ron as a fall guy and divert new people from looking further into Q

You should understand by now not to FOLLOW MAINSTREAM CIA DEEP STATE MOCKINGBIRD NEWS …. Especially when it comes to their speciality and pretending to know Q drops<
I find it comical that alot of ANONS Patriots pick the side of MAINSTREAM MEDIA news story as true.. Pertaining to the Q drop yesterday and the trip code debacle//))”


There was another Q drop last night, too:

Jun 25, 2022 10:55:06 PM EDT
Q !!Hs1Jq13jV6
Jun 25, 2022 9:56:54 PM EDT
Who was “Jane Roe”?
How do you control generations of a populace?
50 years of conditioning.
50 years of propaganda.
50 years of lies.
Peaceful protests?
“Summer of Love” redux?
What happens when you corner an animal?
[D] power implosion.
Jun 25, 2022 10:17:04 PM EDT
Establishing comms.



However, then QTSR (read it at that link if you wish to) goes on to blame the Roe vs Wade decision for, bascially, ALL the civil unrest in America in the ensuing 50 years…

If you believe that, you never read Freakonomics; The Hidden Side of Everything. (It all comes down to the quality of life over the quantity of it, gang.)

Oh — and here’s something about 50 years of ensuing abortions “killing 63 million lives”: Wonder why we have that word “embryo”? Could it be because an embryo (cells dividing for about 8 weeks) is different from a fetus (baby forming for 7 more months)??

Hmmmmm…… (anybody remember term limits for abortions? We used to have those — 6-8 weeks. Now it can be 8-9 months. Anybody see where some of the actual atrocities are occurring?)

As I said, unbelievable lunacy on all fronts this weekend, gang. Don’t get distracted, hard as it may be.

Focus on this instead–

From Michael Jackson’s channel:

“What an amazing omen.
The end of Trump’s speech was cut short by a coming lightning storm.
It’s almost as if God is giving us a sign of what’s to come.”


And in much more interesting news.

It apparently rained last night in Belgium, where Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds were yet again giving an amazing show!

And don’t forget!! Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds will be in Cologne, Germany tomorrow, June 27th!! Buy tickets here.


And that is it for today, gang. I will be working on those revisions for the “Lita” script (Abstract Absurdity Productions) and sending them off to Peitor later today!!

Enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are in the world!!

PS: As always, I don’t necessarily agree with everything in the videos today, but you might and I don’t want to decide for you. Come to your own informed decisions. It’s what freedom still means here in America….

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!!


Gila Jed: I Finally Understood The Mission (9 mins):

Against All Odds Episode 30 – Overturning Roe V. Wade (7 mins):




Only thing that makes sense today–


Restored Republic news updates (26 mins):

X22 Report Spotlight Interview: Gregg Phillips – How Do You Catch A Criminal? Build The Pattern Of Life, Map The Cheaters (44 mins):

We Are Trying!

Okay, gang.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been doing extra meditation sessions around here. I can feel a noticeable amount of tension, anxiety, foreboding in the air. Coming from all sides, but I cannot pinpoint it on any of the channels — aside from markets collapsing around the world, and Ukaraine still refusing to admit defeat and that horrific HAARP thing they unleashed in the Midwest (including here in Ohio — that weather on Monday night was unlike anything I’ve ever seen here in Ohio. Ever. I haven’t even posted here what I actually saw.).

It isn’t helping that Phil keeps going silent and has not done the livestream. Nothing from Simon Parkes corner of the world, either.

So on we go. Trying to somehow return to our regular lives in some way, while also staying as alert as possible.

Peitor, my long-time friend and co-producer in Abstract Absudity Productions, texted yesterday. He is ready to move forward in some way with our screenplay, Lita måste gå! (Lita’s Got To Go!). (Absurd, very, very dry humor — micro-short video.)

I’ve been waiting for him to get back to this project for a few months already — he’s been busy producing music in the South of France — so I was really happy to hear from him about this yesterday.

I began re-reading the script, which I hadn’t read in 2 years. Wow. Insane, people. We were very close to getting funding for our production company right before the fake pandemic got underway. The feedback we got on this little 20-page script, from producers in several different countries, was really fantastic. But now we are back to square one, post-pandemic.

Anyway. I’m excited. The “Lita” script and the play, Tell My Bones, both back on my plate this summer.


Nick Cave sent out a Red Hand File yesterday that really astounded me. In a good way. While he has that sort of “non-American” stance on Freedom of Speech not necessarily being a God-given right (when you don’t grow up under the US Constitution, that kind of idea is more prevalent), he does an incredible job of explaining why he believes what he believes. In part:

I support free speech, not so much because I think it is a right, but rather because it goes some way to validate our specialness. I am genuinely concerned by its alternative, the fearful flattening of ideas through the suppression of our individual natures, something that has become all too evident in almost every institution I can think of.”

He also said some powerful things about Jesus, the man. Again, only in part:

“…Christ was cancelled upon the Cross. These impossible, dangerous ideas – to love your enemy, to love the poor, to forgive others – were terrifying and unconscionable and forbidden in His day, but became, in time, the better ideas that underpin the society in which many of us are lucky enough to live today.”

You can read it in full HERE.

And don’t forget! Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds will be in Zagreb, Croatia tomorrow! Buy tickets HERE.


I’m guessing you already heard about Dr. Simone Gold’s sentencing for having given a peaceful speech under the rotunda of the US Capitol, after having been invited inside, like everyone else, on Jan. 6th. Her sentence was so unbelievably unjust and repugnant that it is hard for me to even imagine it will happen. (Her sentence includes but is in no way limited to ” 60 days in Federal Prison.”)

She is a believer in the rights of Physicians to Free Speech and she was one of the first doctors in this country to speak out against the lies about COVID and the dangerous vaccines. (For that, her home was raided and she was arrested – 2 years ago.) In her statement last week, she said:

“I am a victim of selective prosecution. I am being legally attacked for speaking the truth about COVID-19 and vaccines.

I remain committed to activism for physicians’ free speech. As George Washington said, ‘If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.'”

Her legal fees are coming out of her own pocket, but she is asking everyone to keep supporting America’s Frontline Doctors while she is in prison.


Okay, so, even while we’ve been told that, behind the scenes, States are decertifying their election results, TX seems to be the first to do something publicly.

From Whiplash347:

“🚨 Texas GOP officially rejects the certified results of the 2020 Presidential election

Let’s gooooooo”


More indicators that the Commonwealth is, essentially, gone. This time, the news is coming from the UK.

Queen heartbreak: Two Commonwealth nations most likely to cut ties when Monarch dies named
THE QUEEN has been warned of the two Commonwealth nations most likely to sever ties with the monarchy once Prince Charles takes over the throne. (Jamaica and Australia).” [full article here]


I think everything is from Whiplash today.

NEW 🚨 Macron loses parliament majority in stunning setback”

“Yes Macron & BidAn come out Simulataneously”

Far-right sends shockwaves in France after electoral breakthrough
France’s far-right scored a historic success in legislative elections on Sunday increasing its number of lawmakers almost tenfold and cementing party’s rise from fringe status to the mainstream opposition.” [full article here]

“European stocks muted on French election, inflation jitters
European stocks were flat on Monday as investors weighed the impact of tighter monetary policies on the global economy, while French stocks lagged after Sunday’s vote saw President Emmanuel Macron lost an absolute majority in the country’s parliamentary election.” [full article here]



Cancellations of thousands of flights, worldwide. Allegedly because too many pilots are too ill to fly, but I’m not so sure about that, gang. More than likely, they want to keep people from easily moving around while the military is out & about. (!!)


Heathrow cancels flights affecting 15,000 as it battles baggage backlog mountain
HEATHROW has demanded that airlines cancel 10 per cent of flights today – affecting around 15,000 passengers.’

(That is in addition to massive rail strikes in the UK this week.)

Many airlines have already cancelled thousands of flights for the summer season, including Southwest Airlines, which cut nearly 20,000 summer flights.

Delta is cancelling 100 daily departures from destinations in the U.S. and Latin America, affecting travel from July 1 to August 7.”


More from Whiplash347, but on a different topic.

“1st typed “FIREWORKS”
Think Currency.
Queen Death = Currency Change.

You have more than you know

Then Delta for Monday 6/20th Q1573
Tells you to re-read Q302
What does it say?

Then look up DELTA’s
Has a hidden set of Green Lights.

Then 6/22
Digital Warriors Ready
Memes Prep
Music Prep

St John hey 🤣
Happy Father’s Day.”

“Stock Market Crash to 0 will be this Friday?
Prepare for ZERO DAY [Massive Cyber Attacks to SHUTDOWN EARTH]
Apache, Ghidra, Log4j
St John’s Day – Fireworks.
Remember Remember The Fifth Of November.
11.4 & 11.5 are together, right after one another.
Think Cyber then Booms.
5 Planet Alignment
Birth of Freemason’s

Stock Exchanges will all blow up
Mr Pool – Bull Photo = NYSE
Stage Is Set
All kinds of reports & Queen/Pope ready to drop.
Evergrande [Titanic] ready to bring them all down.


I believe Ghidra will burn your computers from the inside.
Only hard drives with your photos etc will survive.




“Unusual activity at the Vatican as reports break that Pope Francis may be about to resign.”

(FYI: the pope was already executed a long time ago for horrific crimes against humanity — especially children.)


A little about that TeraHertz wand that I get to use for a week!! (5 mins):


Also, this was great! No shortage of conspiracies throughout all time, gang.

James Tabor: Was the Oldest and Most Significant Dead Sea Scroll Mistakenly Declared a Forgery in 1883? (47 mins):


And that’s it for today, gang.

Something is definitely happening out there, but I’m not sure what. I’m hoping it has to do with the Supreme Court and Trump’s PEAD. We’ll see.

Meanwhile, wait for Phil to reappear and hopefully do a livestream. This is his schedule, for now:

“next LIVE schedule:

  • Tuesday, June 21st 8PM Eastern
  • Wednesday, June 22nd 7PM Eastern
  • Thursday OFF
  • Friday OFF
  • Saturday, June 25th 9:30PM Eastern”


Enjoy your Monday. I’m praying that my neighbor’s insurance company will finally send someone out to begin dislodging that enormous part of my tree from my neighbor’s house… it’s only been ONE WEEK already!

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Restored Republic news updates (20 mins):

X22 Report: Patriots Are Going To Turn The Tables On The [DS], Think Mirror, It’s Almost Time (55 mins):

So that’s what they meant by ‘live long & prosper’…

Oh, people.

It does seem like they reserve late Saturday into early Sunday for just tons and tons of declas docs and videos to hit the hubs.

I have been at it for over 6 hours already and it is only 9:30 in the morning now! (I even accidentally texted a video link to a friend at 5am, without realizing how fucking early it was for most people in my time zone and she texted back with a smiley face and said: “did you make a note of what time it is right now?” Ach. Point-taken. It’s fun to know me.) (I’m guessing that if you do know me, it’s better to just keep your ringer off.)

I’m not really that interested in the g  a  m  e  s  t  op upheaval, even though it is truly clogging the hubs, because none of that surprises me at all — even though it serves as a really good “awakening” tool for people, in general.  And what the “e   l  it   e ” of W street did reflects so perfectly what they also did during the fake e l * c t * on. So that’s a good thing for folks to see if they are teetering on that fence of wanting to maybe, just maybe, take that fucking red pill already…

Anyway, I have been watching/reading more declas stuff about [D] e  e  p [U] n  d  e  r  g  r  o u nd [M] i  l i  t  a r  y [B] a  s  e  s; UFO’s; the always delightful r  o  c k  e  f  e  ll ers; the Mandelbrot Set; more atrocities around  s  * x  t r a  fff * cking of the way under-aged and (heart-breaking) children…

And, just fyi, there are still people out there claiming without a doubt that fancy-nan was indeed a  r  * sted back after the fake ca pi t al bldg at t ack, as she was frantically trying to escape the U  S after her laptop had gotten apprehended. And that this deranged one we sometimes see now is fake. So, I don’t know, gang — I say we just go ahead and put those party hats on and keep them on.

(And, FYI, she — or someone just like her — was indeed referring to Tr ***p just this past Monday in the hallowed halls of c  o  n g  r e ss as “the Pr  *  s  * d ent” , and our fake B * den did the very same thing this past week.) (I don’t know — if you were P  r  * s * den t, would you accidentally refer to someone else as the P  r  * s * den t? Seems weird, right?)


Last but not least, however, tons more stuff about the truly repugnant crap surrounding a  d  r * n*   c  ^^ h r * m* is getting declassed.  Some of the truly sickening docs are basically “menus” from companies in the  u    k , with lists of the c  a  p  ti  ve children’s names, their ages, how likely they are to commit suicide, and if you want to place an order of “a-c” to be extracted from any of them for the weekend.

The horror of all this is not only unbearable, but almost impossible for a loving and humane mind to process.

A long-time friend of mine who has worked at NASA forever — a brilliant man with a PhD in geology — convinced me decades ago that “a -c” was not real; that it was a myth. Eventually, I shifted into believing him. Now it is almost impossible to un-believe it because my mind simply can’t fucking imagine it could ever be that important to anyone on Earth (or its surrounding planets, both near & far) to remain in the Physical.

WTF, right? You know, potential aliens aside, what is it about people needing to be so rich and stay so young that the t* rt  ure and m*r  der of defenseless children becomes a viable pathway?


But the sheer volume and wide variety of docs and videos being declassed now, along with the utter outrageous ridiculousness of the current “ad min  istr  a  tion,”  just makes it feel undeniable that we are on the road to the revelation of full-on m * l i tary control and that eventually everyone we can possibly imagine will be under a  r  * st. If they aren’t already. And then the unveiling of the genuine R e  p  u b li c will be close at hand.

Today is actually a big day for [17] followers. “Done in 30.” And also tomorrow — “Freedom Day” here in the U  S. We shall see.

Whatever happens or doesn’t happen this weekend, it is clearly just a matter of time. Because the only thing that makes sense right now is that this is being done on purpose.

So I would suggest, sit back, get the broad view, take in the big picture, and don’t focus so intently on the tiny details of what’s being so obviously shoved in front of you.  Because the bigger picture brings the utter insanity into focus. It becomes easier to step aside and just witness.

(And is it just me, or do those weird people who keep acting as if life right now is simply “normal” and will just continue on this way for the rest of the year seem incredibly strange? Man. Like, what universe are they actually living in? What some people won’t do to just avoid that red pill at all costs…)


Okay. If I’m not mistaken, today at 1pm EST, cir st en w and the p* tr iot stree  t f ighter will be on a live stream here. I’m guessing that you won’t want to miss it, gang. And then p* tr iot stree  t f ighter will be on his usual Y  * t * b* live stream this evening, as well. (After taking the weekend off for the first time in, like, forever.)

And, also if I’m not mistaken, my friend and partner in Abstract Absurdity Productions, out in West Hollywood, is supposed to be calling me later today, for the first time in about 6 months. We’ll see if it happens and, if it does, how it goes.

I am starting to feel as if I can finally make some brain-space to tackle writing those new erotic short stories that were targeted to be delivered to the kind folks in Sweden in January. (You might note that today is January 31st…) Oh well. Just very strange times. But I do feel as if that light at the end of the tunnel is shining so brightly now that it is completely overtaking the tunnel. I truly feel that, gang. So hang in there. Keep the faith. Hold the line.

And please note, that the h * sh tag: b* den lied is already trending on tw *  t t *r, veritable home base of the mind-controlled. So we’re making progress.

I am not able to get the r  u  m  b  l  e  videos to play right now on the laptop (!!), so I encourage you to visit the various podcasters on your phones and see if that works today. Hopefully, it will get straightened out as the day goes on.

Okay. I’m gonna scoot. Have a great Sunday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I leave you with a medley from a huge album from my wee bonny girlhood: David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs (1974):  “We are The Dead/1984/Big Brother/Chant,”  which feel alarmingly fitting all these decades later. (Lyrics included in video.) Listen, reflect, ponder. I love you guys. See ya.

It Looks Real, Feels Real, But…??!!

Okay, gang. The best I can say is that it is ALL still in play. Try to remain calm, pull back, get the big picture.

If things are not making sense, pay attention to that feeling of doubt, give it credence, and don’t jump through hoops, trying to convince yourself that what you’re seeing is “real.” It’s mostly optics, even though job loss, money loss, arr * sts of the innocent, v *ol ations of rights are still going on. The movie will be over soon.

A very interesting legal doc has resurfaced at this link (through K O — see video below). This is re: the many upstanding American politicians who were involved in orchestrating nine one one. You can download it as a pdf.  It is a 13-page legal document and it details the involvement of, among pothers,  our beloved h  i  l  l a r y and even our  worst p r  e s i d ent ever, O  b * m*.

One nice thing — A  sh  c r of t, while apparently still alive as of right now but facing charges of high t  r  e  a s   o n, was also involved in nine one one and it was under his admin as U S a  t t y gen e r a l that I found myself in federal court, with many other high-profile “pornographers”, looking at prison time and hefty fines for my online publishing company, The Erotic Authors Association Signature Series. (I am grateful to the U S C o n s t i t u tion and the A  C  L  U  every single day, folks.)

Anyway. That document will make you sick, however, I suggest your read it.

Some good news:

Here in Ohio, SB 175 was signed into law yesterday, making Ohio one of the growing number of States that is a Stand Your Ground State. (Which means you have the right to stand and defend yourself if you are being attacked, including the use of legal firearms. In most States, you are required to run away, otherwise, if you hurt or kill your attacker, you are liable for criminal prosecution, fines, and jail time. There are still areas of Ohio infiltrated by L *  ftist thinking, but most of Ohio, especially the wide expanses of rural areas, is definitely gun country and not for “pussies”.)

Cats Are Making Australia's Bushfire Tragedy Even Worse | WIRED

Important: Okay. If you have children and notice anything similar to this written on your car, mailbox, etc: G1 B 3–  and it matches the sex (girl/boy) and number of children you have, you are being stalked for possible kidnapping of your children. Stay alert.

In the United States alone, between 400,000 to 800,000 children go missing every year.  This does not include the children born underground without a birth certificate. And, very, very sadly– we know what has been happening to all of them.

Which brings me to P   a  t  r  i  ot  S t reet  f ighter’s video from last night: An interview with ci  r  st en w and  g ene  d e code regarding the [D] e  e p [U] ner g r oun d [M] i lit  ar y [B] a s es that are now being destroyed worldwide.

If you recall, about 3 weeks ago, I posted that video about all the many earthquakes going on that were not being covered in the news and how these were likely the destruction of DUMBs.  (The video interview below goes into the details of all of that; and the stuff about all the children who are being rescued is good news but still really, really sad.)

Of note: Visit this link to see the jaw-dropping list of notable people who have already died this month. World wide. Lots of political /military figures peppered throughout. (This doesn’t count the many people who have likely been liquidated by m* l * tary tr i b* nals and we don’t know about it yet. But it is happening, folks, so sit tight. The m * l i t  ar  y is in control. The fake B * den is fake. The fake W  H  is fake. Don’t panic. Resist the urge to convince yourself that any of  this is going to go on for much longer.)

More good news!!

Nick Cave’s CaveThings.com announces a new cashmere sweater designed by Bella Freud with the famous saying from his mum! It’s only £450 (plus shipping) so, you know, hurry and get yourself one!

Okay. That’s it for now, gang. I gotta scoot. The videos below should be watchable on your phones again. Thanks for visiting!! I love you guys.


Link to Cr. Ch* r l*e W * rd and Nich o l a s  V e  n  i a min video update. Another suicide weekend upon us? (In English, from Spain)

Below: K O update 1-29-21: “Everything is crazy and it’s difficult to tell what’s true. I’m trying to vet information as best I can but realistically I’m hearing conflicting reports about most things so it’s pretty hard.” Plus Q &A. (43 mins)

Below: P 8 t r * ot  street fighter: 1.29.21 PSF Sc * tt Mc Kay & G* ne De C*de Discuss Deep Underground Military Bases… With Cirs ten W – (when this is deleted from Y** t * b*, I will post the r  u  m  b  le  link here.)

Below: Ep. 2391b – Marker [KC] 11.3, The Elite’s System Is In The Process Of Being Exposed – “[**] had his sentencing today, no ja  il time for changing an email to get a F * S  A warrant, instead he received probation, market 11.3. Is this just the beginning. The people are waking up to system that the [**] created, it is being exposed for all to see.” (20 mins)

Formosa, Mon Amour!

I believe it’s coming, gang. The storm of all storms. Buckle up and stay safe.

First of all, if you’re on a computer  — go to desk top.te  le  gr am.   org and download the app to your desktop right now.

You can also try to download the app to your phone but a   ppp  l   e   and g  ** gl * pl  ay are banning the t e l e g r am app. It might not be there anymore

If you already have the app on your phone, immediately go to:

    1. settings
    2. screen time
    3. content & privacy restrictions (toggle to ON)
    4. iTunes & app store purchases
    5. deleting apps (toggle to don’t allow)

Remember to follow:   w  e  t  h  e  m e  d   i  a ,   and then go from there.

Also,  a   ppp  l   e   and g  ** gl * are making it impossible to watch certain r u m b l e  videos on your phones! If you have trouble loading them: get the d  u  c  k  d  u  c  k  g o browser app on your phone. Then visit  r u m b l e dot c om dire ctly  on your d *ck d*ck go phone app and search for the podcaster’s name in r  u m  bl e and then select the titles listed below. You can watch everything on your phone that way.

All right.

Astounding d i pl o ma  t  i c  in tel drop last night on P ^ tr * o t S ttreet f i gh   t   er. You have to watch it, directly below and give it some serious thought. At least watch the first 20 minutes or so. You will know when you are hearing it!

(also, join: https://www.   inkd    soc   ial.    net/ on phone or desktop, and keep an eye on the c  i r  s t  en  w  page.)

I have been essentially speechless since hearing this intel last night.  Some reasons why I think it is credible:

    1. Lt. G*n Fl * nn’s brother, Charles, was just made the head of U  S  A rmy Pacific
    2. N* val fleets/carriers are already out there  protecting  t  a * w  *n and j*  p * n, i n  d  * a, etc.
    3.  tens of thousands of c  h  *  n *  s * tr **ps are on our borders in c  *  n *  d  a, and m * x  * co — they won’t get back home in time
    4. P * t in and G * r b  a ch* v have been making pro- p^  tr  i ot statements publicly.
    5. P * tin had N   a  v a l ny brought back to m *  sc  * w and “a  r  * sted” — but was that just optics for perhaps a new gov  ern ment? Is he being hidden somewhere besides ja  il?

If this is accurate intel, gang, this is the most astounding thing that could happen in my life time.

Below:  P  a  t   r  i   o  t   S  t r  e e t f igh  ter: Watch this immediately: 1.28.21 #38: “MASSIVE INTEL DROP: C* P takedown operation on mainland  c  h  *  n *, Arrest in D  C, G* m* stop short s*ll debacle”

All right, folks. That is it for now. Much to think about.  And try hard to not lose hope over the outright insanity going on here in the U  S .  Think “optics.”  It is ALL in play.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys See ya.

Again, if you have trouble viewing any of these embedded videos, visit r u m b l e dot c om dire ctly  on your d *ck d*ck go phone app and search for the podcaster’s name and then select the title listed below.


Below: Keyboard Operator January 29 : Additional Data Points About Various Strange Happenings  “This video is loaded with content links to hopefully assist in digging into matters I’ve been talking about. Primarily regarding weirdness in the B * den Ad min istra  tion.” (16 mins)

Below: Keyboard Operator: January 29  Viewer Submitted Content Q&A Part 2 — “Pay special note of the 2 corrections. I hope I got this out quickly enough to stop the spread. ” (26 mins)

Below: R  e  d  p i ll 7  8 : January 28: AZ Vote Audit Led By D*m* n  io  n Tied Sh*ll Companies, Red  d  it An  * ns Strike Back – “Today we hear about the direct impact of B* den policy changes on an American K* ystone X  L employee, the most likely fr* ud  ul  ent upcoming audit of Mar * copa County’s 20 20 el * ct * on by D* mi n  * on tied shell companies, changes to Virginia v*  ting laws and an update on r/W  * llSt  ree t  B * ts, h  * dg  e f * nds are going to lose tomorrow.” (34 mins)

Link to X * 2 R * port. January 28 :  Ep. 2390b – The World Is Watching, “We Haven’t Finished Yet” Tr*** p, Think Mirror — “The people are now watching the B * den admin istra  tion, everything that was promised the people see the opposite happening. Think mirror, everything the [**] threw at Tr*** p is coming back to them. C* vid is mysteriously disappearing, cases are dropping like a rock. Tr ** p was seen a golf course and he said we are not finished yet.” (23 mins)

How Do We Get Back There?

First, I want to say once again that I love Instagram. I really do. The degree to which I despise Facebook is the degree to which I love Instagram. And beyond.

People — total strangers — on Instagram are so kind. The same young man who has that page that quoted Neptune & Surf the other day, sent me a meditation download early this morning because I’d had a terrible night — mostly because of pain in my leg where I fell the other day, but also just stress. And this afternoon, I’m being interviewed on one of M. Christian’s podcasts, and we’ll mostly be talking about The Guitar Hero Goes Home.

And all the pain and lack of sleep and stress left me feeling remarkably brain dead. And not in the best shape for an interview.

So the guy (he’s very private so I won’t say too much about him), sent me this wonderful MP3 file to help me meditate and get in better mental shape for the interview. It meant so much to me, you know.  He is always so kind to me, and I’m easily old enough to be his grandmother (okay, well, maybe a really young, youthful, incredibly vibrant grandmother with a seriously bruised thigh…).

And we’ll probably never, ever even meet because he lives far, far away. In the Middle East, in a country where American Jews (by birth, anyway — I don’t practice it anymore) are not likely to ever travel to anymore. Ever. Such is politics.

Anyway, his constant kindness means a lot to me. Especially on this particular morning, which is the anniversary of my friend Paul’s death. 21 years ago today. I miss him so much. He was my best-est friend in the whole entire world, from age 17 on. He was always there for me, always had my back, never ever once fucked with my head or played any fucked up games with me.  And he was also the first in line to let me know when he thought I was going down a bad road, or making a bad decision, or being bitchy. He was always just totally honest with me.

And he was so fucking funny. I miss all of it, so much. There is no one in my life who has come close to taking his place.

When we first found out that he was dying, I began spiraling downward immediately and didn’t come out of it for years.  It took him 7 years to actually die. He deteriorated slowly. But I started in with bourbon immediately. Bourbon in my coffee in the morning, bourbon in the afternoon, cocktails at night. And I started smoking with a vengeance, too. And I hardly ate. And I lost a ton of weight, even though I wasn’t overweight when I started. But I only behaved that way when he wasn’t around. If he was around, I tried to act like I was totally brave, you know?

He lived in a beach house on Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. And toward the end of his life, he and I walked along the beach one winter morning, and he wanted to make sure I was going to be okay when he was gone.

Of course, I lied. I wanted him to feel okay about dying. But I knew I was never going to be all right.

Well, I take care of myself. I survive. I go on. I create, etc., etc. But in all honesty, it has never been the same.

And this is not the frame of mind I want to be in before an interview you know?? I don’t want to go on record saying that life sucks…

So I am trying to get myself together here today.

Well. Blixa Bargeld released a video discussing his upcoming writing plans.  You can watch it on his web site. Or here:

And you can also support his many projects by being a contributing supporter. (€10 a month.)

Also, Nick Cave sent out a Red Hand File today, wherein he discusses catastrophe, suffering, the pandemic, creativity, life on Earth and trying to survive it. (I am greatly paraphrasing. You can read it for yourself here, though. It was quite sobering.)

Okay, so. I need to go over some extensive notes Peitor sent me from West Hollywood yesterday, as we get ever closer to resuming production/writing for Abstract Absurdity Productions. And after the interview for the podcast (it’s being pre-recorded — when it is available to download I will let you know!!), I will focus on trying to make some significant headway with “Novitiate.” (My new erotic short story, in progress.)

And I really, really hope I can salvage this weird, weird morning. (Plus, I am once again trying to come to terms with a decision I have to make — that is only going to break my own heart. But I feel like it’s the right thing to do.  But it is hard enough to keep the color in my world as it is. But onward…)

Okay. Have a really good Thursday, wherever you are and with whatever you might be grappling with out there in the world.  I leave you with the song that helped me survive yesterday. (I take it one day at a time, most days.) Even though it made me miss everybody who has passed away, including Tom Petty, it still helped. “Keeping Me Alive” (1982), from off of his posthumous An American Treasure album  (2018). He is so full of life here. All of it was still ahead of him. So enjoy.  All righty. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.

“Keeping Me Alive”

They said love was a thing of the past
That these days nothing ever lasts
This old world is moving too fast

Well sometimes we ride around
She plays her radio up loud
If I was sad, well, I’m happy now

And it feels so good to know
I got you where you belong
Here in my heart, right by my side
Honey you’re getting me by
Yeah you’re keeping me alive

I got a job, I work hard
These days the money don’t go very far
It’s hard enough keeping gas in the car

But sometimes we ride around
She plays the radio up load
If I was sad, well, I’m happy now

Yeah and it feels so good to know
I got you where you belong
Here in my heart, right by my side
Honey you’re getting me by
Yeah you’re keeping me alive

And it feels so good to know
I got you where you belong
Here in my heart, right by my side
Honey you’re getting me by
Yeah you’re keeping me alive
Yeah you’re keeping me alive
Yeah you’re keeping me alive

© 1982 Tom Petty

A Foggy Little Morning In Crazeysburg!

Yep, that’s a 1954 powder blue pickup! I guess you can tell what I’ve been doing nonstop around here — writing that novella! (1954 Powder Blue Pickup)

It is now at 20,000 words, and I won’t say that “there is no end in sight” but there is still a lot to get down on paper, so I’m thinking it could be 30,000 words by the time it’s finished.

I just find this all so fascinating. I was well into writing the new novel, Thug Luckless: Welcome to P-Town, when I suddenly began writing 3 new erotic stories in a row: “Score,” “Half-Moon Bride,” and now  1954 Powder Blue Pickup — totaling 37,000 words (so far).

That is quite a sudden deluge — to break away from a novel and have all that stuff start pouring out. I’m not complaining, though. It has been so much fun.

And just as an update — Abstract Absurdity Productions is still on hiatus. Not just because I’m suddenly writing all this other unexpected stuff, plus still trying to get the final print edition for The Guitar Hero Goes Home to look right, but also because Peitor’s been dealing with horrendous weather conditions in Los Angeles (horrible wild fires, which also cause smoke and smog, and a heat wave hovering around 115 degrees Fahrenheit), plus he has a whole crop of new records and new singers that are getting released, and he’s gone down to Laguna Beach to try to get a break from all of it.

But as soon as life gets sort of back to something that feels like normal, we will resume production.

Meanwhile, I’m just enjoying the uninterrupted hours and hours and hours of working on the new story while I can.

And that’s pretty much all that’s going on right now. So I’m gonna get some yoga done here and then get back to the new story.

I hope that you have a thoroughly terrific Thursday underway, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning — in my opinion, it’s the best song Dwight Yoakam has ever written, even though he has written a lot of great songs. But this one is my favorite: “Buenas Noches From A Lonely Room” from his massively popular album of the same name from 1988. And featuring the amazing Flaco Jiménez on accordion.

Flaco Jiménez is one of the true  mainstays of Tejano music and was also a member of that incredible super-group of Texan musicians, The Texas Tornadoes!! I loved those guys.

(In fact, I will add the incredible version of “Across the Borderline” that  Flaco Jiménez recorded with John Hiatt back in the early 90s, on his album Partners, just for your listening pleasure!) (The song was written by Ry Cooder, John Hiatt, and Jim Dickinson, sometime in the 1980s, and you probably know it because everyone imaginable has recorded it but Flaco’s is, hands down, my favorite version.)

Okay, and I will also add a delightfully dirty little Tejano song by The Texas Tornadoes, “Who Were You Thinking Of When We Were Making Love Last Night?” from the late 1980s, as well.

Okay, gang. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!  I love you guys. See ya!!


“Buenas Noches From A Lonely Room”

She wore red dresses
with her black shining hair
She had my baby
and caused me to care
Then coldly she left me
to suffer and cry
Oh, she wore red dresses
and told such sweet lies

I never knew him
but he took her away
On my knees like a madman
for vengeance I prayed
While the pain and the anger
destroyed my weak mind
She wore red dresses
and left the wounded behind

I searched til I found them,
then I cursed at the sight
Of their sleeping shadows
in the cold neon light
In the dark morning silence
I placed the gun to her head
Oh, she wore red dresses,
but now she lay dead…

© 1988 Dwight Yoakam

Perfect Treadmill Weather!!

Yes, it is the most beautiful Sunday morning here in Crazeysburg, gang. 60 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny!! And going up to 80 by this afternoon!

So I indeed got on the treadmill this morning (see yesterday’s post re: 98% humidity…) and you know what else? The first 2 minutes felt endless, but then suddenly I had actually gone over the allotted time without even knowing it.

With me and this treadmill that is unheard of!! I don’t know if I ever mentioned that not only does the treadmill get you off and running walking at  a brisk and often unwelcome 3.2 miles an hour, but it is also set on a permanent incline, so regardless of anything, you  are always walking slightly uphill. Always. I think that’s the hardest part of this treadmill. Because usually, I really enjoy treadmills. But this one I now have — it just always makes you fucking work.

Anyway! It’s done!!

I forgot to mention the other day that there is another new poster available at CaveThings.com — it is “Ink and Solace,” the image being used for his current exhibit in Copenhagen, including the cover for that great book that is the companion to the exhibit (Stranger Than Kindness). The poster is £10 plus shipping.

You can purchase it here if you so choose!!

Yesterday got us ever closer to completing the new erotic short story, “Half-Moon Bride,” however, I did run out of printer ink and loyal readers of this lofty blog no doubt recall that I hate that! For some reason, it is much easier for me to catch typos, as well as get an overall feel for a page of text, by printing it out.

It’s by no means the end of the world!!! I can still read straight from the computer screen, it just makes me feel unsettled to have to do that. But the ink won’t get here until Tuesday…

However, on we go!!

So no, I’m still not done, but we’re getting there. I have decided to have the new erotic stories not only available for download on the upcoming MarilynsRoomBooks.com website (which will be processed by Lulu, which accepts Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shopify, and CC);, but also (free) on Kindle Unlimited, and then also on Smashwords, which offers pretty much every eReader format there is. All short stories will be .99¢ everywhere (basically the lowest price you’re allowed to use), except for Kindle Unlimited. obviously, which is free.

I will post free excerpts here, so you can find out beforehand if you want to read the whole story. And when the stories are really short, I will offer 2 or 3 in the same download.

So that’s the plan for the new erotic short stories!

And any moment, the new novel, The Guitar Hero Goes Home, will be ready for its test print!! So we are most definitely moving along.

Well, not much is actually going on here right now, besides phone calls with Valerie, and then spending hours at my desk, working. The new script work for Abstract Absurdity Productions is on hold until I can at least get the new novel out in the marketplace (which also means setting up that new Marilyn’s Room Books website). (I know — I always have 1700 things on my plate at once.)  But, you know, it’s the end of summer here and things, in general, are slowing down. Ab Ab Pro will pick up again in September.

All right. Well, I hope it’s as beautiful where you are today as it is here in Crazeysburg. Enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting. I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning, “This Game of Love” (2020), a stunning song from Mark Lanegan’s Straight Songs of Sorrow (2020). He sings a duet with his wife, Shelley Brien, on this one. It’s beautiful — hypnotic. Okay. Have a good day, people!! I love you guys. See ya.

“This Game Of Love”

Don’t let me burn like this
Save me from the fire
I know the art of loneliness
I see straight down the wire
I see straight down the wire
See straight down the wire

Free my soul of emptiness
I know the taste of sorrow
Tonight I am delirious
I live to play tomorrow
Live to play tomorrow
Live to play tomorrow
I live to play tomorrow

I came in to this town
No comfort or peace of mind
Just as the rain came down
I swear I don’t wanna lose this time

Gonna take my rightful place
In the sun high heaven above
Or there’ll be hell to pay
Am I gonna lose this game of love?

Now I lay me down to rest
Cold ground up against my back
Time and again I failed a test
As painful as a heart attack
As painful as a heart attack
As painful as a heart attack
As painful as a heart attack

Don’t make me burn like this
I know the art of loneliness
Free my soul of emptiness
Pull me from the fire

I stepped down off the train
Not looking to do no harm
Just book a room someplace
And hold devotion and warmth in between my arms
Devotion and warmth
Devotion and warmth
Devotion and warmth in between my arms
But the to and the fro
The wrath and the sloth
The back and the forth took my world apart

Lord I’ll take my place
In the sun high heaven above
Or there’ll be hell to pay
Am I gonna lose this game of love?
Am I gonna, gonna lose
Am I gonna lose this game of love?
Am I gonna lose
Am I gonna lose this game of love?
Am I gonna, gonna lose
Am I gonna lose this game of love?
Am I gonna lose
Am I gonna lose this game of love?

© 2020 Mark Lanegan