Feeling the Burn, Yes-sirree!!

Yes, I woke up this morning fresh and happy!! And I thought: hey, why not do my taxes today? Get all that out of the way. Get my refund sooner rather than later. Let go of 2019 and move fully into 2020!!

And so I got out of bed, fed the cats, fed myself. Took my cup of coffee back upstairs. Did the meditation, the Inner Being dialogue thingy. Went and sat at my desk.

I was focused. All my paperwork was in its handy tax-paperwork file thingy next to my desk because, for some weird reason, throughout every entire year, I keep all my tax stuff in one specific file and filing my taxes has become sort of a breeze. Sort of. All things considered, you know. (For a long, drawn out reason that I won’t go into on the blog, I co-own government-subsidized property in Maine.)

But anyway. So there I was. Ready. Then suddenly, I was sitting and staring.

And then suddenly I was thinking about the new Booty Core workout (online) class that I’m doing and how great it’s going. And I began wondering if maybe continuing to feel the burn in my quite comely behind (okay — for a gal who’s almost 60, it’s quite comely…still) — I wondered if maybe that might not be way more fun than doing my taxes!!

And it was!

So I’m thinking that maybe tomorrow I’ll do my taxes!! (As they used to say back in Queens, NY, 30 years ago: Yeah! That’s the ticket!!) So tomorrow it is, then. (And I think this might be the last year that I’ll be able to get away with doing my taxes myself. Which is nice & inexpensive. Not that I don’t actually love my accountant in NYC– I do. But, still. Well. Anyway. I think it’s going to be a whole different kind of year than it’s been for the past two.)

And you know, this Booty Core thing has already made a noticeable  difference in my core muscles, which were actually kind of worrying me after I had that episode in December where my legs gave out and I couldn’t get out of bed. So, for whatever subconscious reason that I decided to suddenly switch from yoga to something more Pilates-oriented — I think it was a really good idea. Plus, it’s fun.

I don’t think it will actually replace yoga for me, because it doesn’t have that spiritual element to it that yoga has, which calms me and centers me and uplifts me. But I think that when this 21-day program is over, I’ll keep doing it sort of part-time.

Well, today is the day that the director will be reading my new version of the Tell My Bones script and I can’t wait to hear his comments. Plus, I think he’ll be able to tell me exactly what’s missing from that closing chunk of dialogue that I don’t think is really working yet. The language of the dialogue is good, but it doesn’t feel emotionally anchored to me. Something’s missing.

And then, you know, once that whole thing is tackled — another trip back to New York!

It is really sunny and beautiful here today. And I’m just feeling sort of dreamy & happy. Like all I want to really do is lie around on the bed and look out the window and just think about life. So that’s probably what I’m going to do.

I spoke really briefly, yesterday, to a female friend who completely surprised me and said she was thinking about maybe moving out here to Crazeysburg and finding a house to buy. She’s in her late 40s, gay, divorced, with 3 grown kids. I just love hanging out with her. Even though it might prove super distracting to getting my work done, man — I would just love it if she were sort of one of my neighbors!! She drinks & smokes, of course. And she’s actually an ex-hooker with a heart of gold (before she realized she was gay). Truly from the really poor side of the tracks, as they say (in her childhood, anyway), but she is this amazing and compassionate and funny human being. And we actually have a lot in common, underneath all this glamour of mine. So we’ll see. It’s a huge transition from city life to Crazeysburg.

Okay, then. On that note. I’m gonna get down to laying around in bed and staring out the window!! And await word from the director re: Tell My Bones.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday, wherever you are in the world! Enjoy the Superbowl, if that’s your thing!! Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.

A couple of white-trash chicks in Crazeysburg, sitting around, talking…

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