Dear Diary, People Just Crack Me Up…

Okay, you guys.  You honestly make me laugh — I’m not being facetious, either.

Even  bludgeoning you with free literary stuff does not deter your desire for  — I don’t know, what should we call it: porn? (I hate to call it porn.)

Anyway. You continue to avoid free downloads of Twilight of the Immortal like a plague, and still go straight for the (intensely old already) early erotica and Freak Parade — at 60% off. (See this morning’s post.)

Honestly, when I saw that, it just made me laugh. I tried so darn hard to entice you! But it’s all good — because I wrote all of it.

Anyway. The BIG news is:

Peitor and I finally finished the script for “Lita måste gå!” (aka “Lita’s Got to Go!”). I am so serious!! It’s done!

It comes to 19 and a half pages, and will run between 8 to 10 minutes, and took us 15 months to write. But it is done. And I think it’s going to be beautiful and confounding and absurd.

And I hate to have to admit that I got a little testy toward the end there today, but I did. And I really, really tried hard not to go in that direction, but there was a shot toward the end that I really wanted — that we’d discussed last year sometime — and it looked like it was going to bite the dust.

I don’t usually get adamant about any of the shots. But once in a blue moon, a shot will just feel really important to me.  So at least for now, it’s in the script. It might not actually work on film, but we’ll see.

And in the meantime, it is done!!

So next, we do the synopsis and then the pitch deck, and then we wait for the entire world to come out of quarantine…

I’m still working on the new web site. The basics are there, but a lot of the actual information has to be typed in. So it’s still kind of on schedule, even though there’s no urgency right now, because of the virus.

New topic.

Luckily, today it rained really, really hard for quite an extended period and when I went into my downstairs bathroom, I discovered a good deal of the ceiling down on the floor. Along with a great big bunch of water.

Stellar homeowner that I am, I went straight to the cats and told them to fix it…  It quickly descended into chaos so I might have to fix it myself. We’ll see.


I’m gonna go get on zoom now and listen to those new plays on Fresh Ink, coming out of Toronto, Canada. Have a wonderful Friday night, wherever you are in the world, gang, okay? I love you guys. See ya!

Me, getting testy…

2 thoughts on “Dear Diary, People Just Crack Me Up…”

  1. Hello Marilyn,
    Georges Brassens du constat que , lui aussi, était cantonné dans un style par ses auditeurs, producteurs, en a fait une chanson – «  Le pornographe » en 1958.
    Belle journée à toi

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