As Evening Comes

It’s been a really lovely day here, gang, but kind of sad.

My dad and I have birthdays one day apart: mine is July 22nd and his is July 23rd. We were supposed to have a big family gathering this July,  to celebrate the fact that my dad is turning 90 and I’m turning 60. Plus it was a way for everyone to be together again for something a little happier than my stepmom’s funeral (which was back in January.)

Anyway, today my dad canceled the party because of the pandemic. Nursing homes and their surrounding “assisted living” residences are still under tight lockdown and might stay that way through the fall.

So it’s frustrating and sad.

I did vacuum the house, though. No help from the cats, of course. And oddly, after spending so much time with that first page of the new segment for Girl in the Night, I was working some more on the second page today and then realized it was actually the first page of the  segment and wound up totally deleting that whole other first page. (This is for Letter #8.)

I sure wasn’t expecting that, but it’s okay. The Letter has taken on a whole new tone.

The day is indeed over and now the evening is just so lovely. So quiet. But I still feel a little sad.

The sun is still on the horizon. I’m going to watch yet another Charlie Chan movie— another one that I’ve seen before. I’ve seen most of them many times! Anyway, they’re fun and I don’t really have to think, which is what I want right now.


Hope your Saturday was good to you, gang. I love you guys. See ya!


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