Ah, Those Carefree Non-Pandemic Days of Summer!!

Well, to be honest, around here, the lockdown is as good as over. And by June 10th, pretty much everything will be open again, but social distancing is still going to be required.

(Oddly enough, June 10th was the day I graduated from high school — 42 YEARS AGO!!!!)

Honestly, I don’t even understand that number…

Okay. Well, I did a little bit of laundry here this morning. And I sort of looked around the various rooms of this bonny house of mine and decided that, without a doubt, everything needs to be vacuumed again.

The cats are on some sort of mission right now to shed as much as they possibly can. I told them, pretty plainly, that it’s not funny anymore and I brought out the vacuum cleaner and left it in the middle of the family room floor for them, as I always do. And they barely even glanced at it and then went and sat in the windows to watch the birds, as they always do. So we’ll see who breaks down and gives in first… Here’s a hint, though:



All righty!!

Actually, the main reason I hate vacuuming is because it scares the bejeezus out of all the cats. Even after all these years, they are still absolutely terrified of it. They dart everywhere and knock things over, and hide behind the dryer, which disconnects that big hose from the dryer vent, and then I have to move the dryer and reconnect it…

Stuff like that. Every time I vacuum. So, sometimes, I look at all the cat hair starting to accumulate again everywhere and I look at all the cats lounging around so blissfully, and I just sigh and say “fuck it.” But eventually, you know. Someone’s gotta do it. After all, I’m allergic to cat hair…

Yesterday, though, I ordered one of those little Black & Decker high-powered dust busters. You know, just flick it on and off, and not worry about having to constantly wheel that vacuum cleaner out of the hall closet and send everyone scurrying.  So we’ll see if that helps. Because, honestly, allergies aside, I am a bit of a cleaning freak. But I’m such a huge softy when it comes to not wanting to upset the cats!

All righty.  I heard from the Amish guys last night. Next weekend my new barn door will arrive!! I’m so excited.  A whole new era in living here will get underway. 24/7 access to my barn. How cool.

You know,  usually, on the rare times when I can get access to it, I am really reluctant to spend too much time in that barn. I don’t want to say that I sense spirits or energy everywhere I go, but I am sensitive to accumulations of energy. I think we all are, actually, but I just pay a lot of attention to it.

For instance, when you go house-hunting, you can just tell when the energy inside a house repels you. I always wait until I walk into a house and feel that rush of joy, that feeling of “home,” and then nothing will change my mind — I have to have that particular house.

I totally felt that way about this house — I wanted it from the moment I set foot in it. there are energies all over this house; really joyful, happy energies.

But the barn itself has like a sort of accumulation of energy. Intense. Not bad, or anything, but I always feel like I’m intruding on someone when I go in there. It’s very noticeable to me. I’m thinking that if I can spend more time in it, I will get more used to that feeling and I can finally have my gardening shed!

Well, okay. I guess I don’t really have much to say today. I need to get back to my writing. It’s just a really lovely day here. I’m looking forward to just sort of enjoying it.

Oh, before I forget, there was an alert yesterday from Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds that, starting in July, they’ll be uploading fan-made videos to the Bad Seed TeeVee channel. Submission guidelines are here.

Okay! I hope you have a happy Saturday, too, wherever you are in the world.  Thanks for visiting, gang!! I leave you with one of my favorite scenes from the old Walt Disney movie, The Aristocats — “Everybody Wants to Be A Cat.” You need to get at least one minute in before it really starts swinging!! It is quite jazzy!! All righty. Enjoy. And on that note, I love you, guys. See ya!

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