One Phone Call Can Change Everything!!

That’s right, gang!!

You could maybe have three projects on your desk that you’re toying with at least the idea of pouncing on at any moment — then you wisely collapse on your bed for a momentary nap, which will undoubtedly help you to decide which of the three projects you’re actually going to decide upon maybe doing…

And then Peitor suddenly calls you, finally, from West Hollywood, where he has been deeply entrenched for many, many days trying to finish song mixes while in a renewed state of California-lockdown, and at long last he is ready to tackle Abstract Absurdity Productions business, and interestingly enough, he has quite a list of things that, if you could just organize it all  and get it to him before you speak to him again on Tuesday, it would help get things focused and you can then move forward simultaneously on a number of Abstract Absurdity projects quite quickly!

Yeah, so there you go. From a possible three things on your desk, to a sudden onslaught of seventeen things on your desk, needed before Tuesday…

All in one phone call!!

Of course, I don’t actually mind. I’m glad to have his attention again because we really have a ton of stuff to get back to. But it’s just funny.  My life has always been like this — 17 projects at once, which only makes me pine for the days of 5 minutes ago, when I only had 3 projects at once.

But life is good. I’m getting used to the treadmill, but it is still a rather intense little gizmo. I’m thinking it could take me at least a week or more to get back to the stamina I once had. I find it just sort of astounding — what’s happened to my stamina in these 4 months of pandemic/lockdown weirdness (not to mention that for nearly 3 of those months, I was actually dealing with the virus itself).

I had another meltdown yesterday morning, but I’m thinking (hoping) that’s going to be it for awhile. I spent two hours on the phone with Valerie in Brooklyn, as she talked me down from the metaphorical ledge and afterwards, I finally felt on solid emotional ground again. (Family stuff, business stuff, emotional-heart stuff.)

And directly after the phone call with her, all those things started to fall back into place in my life again, or at least in my head. And I finally felt sane.

I know that everyone the world over has emotional turmoil stuff related to COVID 19 and all that it has wrought, but the past 10 days or so, seem to have just piled stuff onto me that I couldn’t handle. At all. But I think it’s over now. I hope.

I also noticed yesterday evening, while I was out watering my many petunias, that those flowers are really growing like gangbusters! I mean, they were just bursting up and out and just so gloriously colorful and healthy. I’m going to have to remember to take some photos of them.

And I realized (once again) that even when I’m truly out of my fucking mind, seemingly for days on end, I am able to nonetheless give meticulous attention to living things like flowers and 7 feral but extremely healthy and happy cats.

I manage to take care of myself, too, actually.  Part of trying to rein-in the whole mental weirdness that ensues in me, is being so meticulous about what I eat and when I’m eating it and working out in some way. You know. Trying to hold onto a routine so that I don’t go completely under.

And yet, when I come completely out from under — I look around and think, wow, I can’t believe I remembered to do all this.  (Which is why people who know me, or see me, but don’t read my blog, have no clue that I am completely out of my mind.)

All righty!!!!

Well, I’m gonna get moving here. I hope you have a great Saturday, whatever you’ve got planned and wherever you are in the world. Yesterday, Bluenote Records released an album of previously unreleased tracks from Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers from 1959. If you’re a fan of Moanin’ then you will love this new album Just Coolin‘. I leave you with the title track today. So enjoy. Thanks for visiting, gang!! I love you guys. See ya.

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