Happy Halloween!!

I have to say that Halloween means absolutely nothing to me. But if you’re someone who likes to celebrate it, I hope you have a really great night!!

Here, the weather is cold but sunny. We had yet another killer frost all over the ground, the cars, the rooftops — and, yes, my petunias are still alive. They are just amazing, gang. They have almost bloomed themselves out, but they are indeed still alive.

I did get a chance to listen to the Licking Non-Vanilla podcast. Mostly, we talk about erotica — then & now. But if you aren’t interested in erotica, you can tune in just to hear how intense I always fucking am!! About absolutely everything…

It was fun and I will be doing a different podcast with M. Christian soon, on another show. I will keep you posted!

Well, I don’t actually have much to say today.  I’m really tired or depressed or something. I’m not sure what. But I still wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween. The one and only day that’s perfect for wearing our COVID masks! So have fun.

And if you don’t celebrate, then have a happy Saturday, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting.


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